If you’ve got a real passion for EVE Online, then you may be interested to know that Stratics is asking community members to join the team! 


The Stratics Team

The Stratics teams are a host of industry leading volunteers that often get employment in the very gaming companies they write about. Becoming a team member could very well be the first step to becoming an employee for a gaming company. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the list of former staffers and decide for yourself!


Video Editors

TGN EVE has partnership status with Youtube and is part of a very large video community which guarantees plenty of views. We’ve recently had a Youtube show approved and we’re looking for creative directors to produce videos for the show. The show can be found here. The aim is to bring both new players, and experienced players informative and entertaining videos, but we need your help!

This is an easy way for you to profit enough to fund your gametime through the partnership status with youtube. Last year, TGN paied out over 25,000 USD to their video editors – join in now!



If you prefer writing, the EVE Stratics! portal is looking for writers to make regular blog posts, articles and participate in planning of interviews with community contributors and CCP Employees. Due to the EVE Stratics! forum having a section which updates with the latest Dev Blog, we are looking for article writers, and less so news reporters. Reporting updates not mentioned in the Dev Blog is quite allright though, such as the AT9 or recent alliance/playerbase trends and covering player events.

We also offer Alliances and Corporations to bring their Recruitment Ads, as payment for written quality articles, guides or reviews. Get in touch to learn more!



We’re looking for webdevs that can assist in creating tools  for the EVE Online playerbase. We’re hoping that the developed apps can be a contributing factor to the playerbase and can increase revenue for the portals, making the positions paid in some form.



If this sounds like your kind of thing or you’d like to find out more, send an email to vince@stratics.com. If you are applying feel free to include examples of your previous experience e.g. videos, or articles. Stratics is a 14 year old network, and as such we expect professionalism and maturity from all our team members. Finally a reminder that all positions are volunteer positions.


Managing Editor of EVE Stratics!


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