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Cattle Drive From Vesper To Cove A Success

The recent cattle drive from Vesper to Cove was a rousing success.
By Riyana, Aug 18, 2015 | |
  1. Reports had abounded that the frontier town of Cove was in need of food and supplies, and the citizens of Chesapeake answered the call. On Monday, August 17th, citizens of Sosaria gathered at the Ironwood Inn in Vesper for a cattle drive to Cove.

    Upon arriving, participants were met with a makeshift hay cattle pen and a motley menagerie of cows, bulls, pigs, and a cattle dog.​

    The organizers were very punctual, and as soon as the designated time arrived they began herding cattle and volunteer shepherds alike down the road out of Vesper.

    The journey was remarkably peaceful, with only a single skeleton emerging from the woods to harass the caravan. While herding the cattle proved relatively simple, the organizers found that keeping their shepherds together was more like herding cats. Fortunately, with the help of the hard-working cattle dog, strays were quickly rounded up and returned to the group.

    The caravan headed off the beaten path into the woods toward Cove. Here it became even more difficult to keep the group together, and while some stopped to rest and let the animals drink, others forged on ahead.​

    Eventually they all met up in Cove. They led the animals to the dock and were met by the self-appointed governor of Cove, Lady Ashlynn. At first she was more concerned with whether the group had brought bananas for the hungry Covians, but when the requested bananas were produced she seemed satisfied with the gifts.


    The group then gathered near the center of town for a few rounds of cow-tipping.


    And some interesting comments were made by the "governor" of Cove:


    and the governor of Yew, Lord Tehan:


    The remaining shepherds then proceeded to the neighboring orc fort to wear down the local orcs and discourage them from attempting to steal the newly replenished Cove food supplies. (This action was presumably unrelated to the Yew governor's dietary predilections.)

    With the supplies secured and the orcs defeated, the group dispersed. Thank you to organizers Ozog Giantfart, Niva the Savage, and Mr Clean for a job well done!

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