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Dead Orcs And Dark Days

Ork Magus Kipu's call for assistance was answered, but his plan did not go as expected...
By Riyana, Jan 14, 2016 | |
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  1. Amidst abounding rumors that the ghost of the slain orc Chief Crak'Trizh was haunting Yew, Ork Magus Kipu (Deputy of Yew) put out a plea for assistance, and citizens from around Sosaria answered the call. The motley party of volunteers included Governor Murdock Redbone of Britain, Governor Naitch of Minoc, Governor Phoenix of Trinsic, Governor Ivy of Vesper, Lady Brooke, Lord NANOC, Lord Victor II, and self-styled goblin "king" Ozog Giantfart.

    The would-be ghost hunters met at Governor Tehan's office in Yew. There they found the governor in a flustered and worrisome state. He had a book about getting rid of daemons (which he quickly hid when questioned) and seemed to have little time for the gathered volunteers. After a few rambly and unenlightening words, he recalled away.


    The group was quite concerned with Tehan's unusual behavior, particularly Kipu. While most of them were at a loss for what to do next, fortunately Kipu had an idea of where to start... Chief Crak'Trizh's grave.


    Kipu speculated that the root of the alleged haunting was the improperly disposed-of remains of the late orc chief... and he believed he had a way to sever the ghost's connection with the world. First some supplies had to be gathered, and Kipu knew exactly where to find them...


    Interestingly, Governor Tehan had both the Datura Toxin and explosives required for Kipu's spell unsecured in his palatial Trammel home. The volunteers found the items while Kipu distracted Governor Tehan, who swung by briefly but quickly left again. With the Governor gone, the group gathered outside to discuss the next items Kipu needed... which would be much more dangerous to acquire.


    Kipu needed his tools, which he'd left in the possession of his uncle Tof'Bakh in the orc mining cave. Despite the tentative truce between the Yew orcs and humans, the miners in the cave would no doubt see a group of humans as invaders, so Kipu asked that the group disguise themselves. They did so, and proceeded to the orc mining cave.

    They found Tof'Bakh deep in the mine. He was immediately suspicious of the group and quickly saw through their disguises. Despite his concerns, he recognized Ivy as the person his nephew Kipu had spoken well of--the Vesper governor had fed Kipu when he was held captive and starved (by none other then Governor Tehan of Yew) and had insisted on his humane treatment. Tof'Bakh gave Ivy the toolkit and sent the group back to Yew to meet Kipu.



    Assembling back at Crak'Trizh's makeshift grave, the group watched as Kipu began his mysterious spell. It quickly became apparent that something was wrong...


    Kipu fell to the ground dead, and a ghostly apparition arose...


    ...and drained Kipu's soul, restoring his own body!


    Chief Crak'Trizh returned to life in front of the dismayed and astonished group. He summoned a vile harbinger from the ether and fled while the group scrambled to defend themselves.

    Upon defeating the harbinger, the group gathered once more to discuss the evening's events--and assign blame.

    Several fingers were pointed at Ivy for the trust that the orc Tof'Bakh had shown toward her and alleged collusion with the orcs. She in turn suggested that Governor Tehan had manipulated Kipu into his disastrous actions in order to justify cancelling the treaty and once again engaging in open war with the orcs, whom he is well known to despise.


    The inevitable fallout of these events remains to be seen, but if past history is any indication, the future of human/orc relations promises to be bloody and grim...

Recent User Reviews

  1. TehanChesapeake
    "Awesome ! Just slightly biased.."
    PROS - All characters exist, places were correct, and most events were recorded on a correct timeline.
    CONS - I firmly oppose to the insinuations that I intentionnally led my former Deputy to perform acts that would lead to his loss.
    Excellent review, great paintings of the events. Dramatic events, but at least we know Kipu's demise started with a good intention. But you know, no good deed goes unpunished as they say..
      Tamais, Murdock and Riyana like this.
    1. Riyana
      First Li, now Kipu...
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