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Grizelda The Hag Report, 10-14-15.

By Drakelord, Oct 15, 2015 | |
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  1. ,.Attention Commander Cameron:

    Sir, as requested by the King, I conducted a recon of the area near and around Grizelda the Hag "Residence". Nothing was to be found during this early trip this day. 'Mlady' Grizelda was not to 'come forth' with any information and kept asking to see the Commander or the King. I assume she had no wish to speak to me by her constant asking for one or both.
    *Serpent's Hold War room*

    (Commander Cameron)
    I am please to see you all here. We need to do a favor for the king. The "crazy" hag Grizelda has been complaining about the forest near her home is haunted. While we know there are some overland beasts that roam the area this may be something else. It is curious. She's never complained before. She's lived there a really long time.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    What worries her my lord.

    (Commander Cameron)
    So we should bring our sharpest blades and our most trained pets just in case.

    Did you not say she was a crazy hag?

    (Commander Cameron)
    I believe it may be a rouse for the attention though. With the new lands that have been discovered I think the old woman may just be lonely. Never the less we will investigate. You know... Just in case. 'chuckles'


    (Commander Cameron)
    Now would be good yes. I will open a portal. Let us go outside so the pets are included.

    *with a leap off the stage, the commander quickly strode outside near the stables, while others sought the attention of the stable master to retrieve pets left in his care, the commander open a portal.*

    *Area above Grizelda's*

    *Stepping through the portal, we found our self in a small set of ruins above Grizelda's, this was the lich spawning grounds! We had no time to look around as we were attacked from all sides!*
    *A hard battle was fought, pets and members of the guard died this evening, thank the gods for healers near by. Final the last demon from this hell spawn fell at our feet, all were gasping for air from this hard encounter, many were tending small wounds on them self and others. Healers near by were still rezing the fallen heroes of this night. The call went out, a portal was set for Serpent's Hold.*
    *Serpent's Hold. War Room*
    (Commander Cameron)
    'wipes the blood from axe'
    Well the Hag wasn't wrong! We should keep an eye on that area.
    *Something my wife, "Tadriendra", echos as her home is just below this area*
    (Commander Cameron)
    Try to find the source of the undead. I suggest regular patrols of the area. Report any unusual findings.
    I will gather you all again next week. We will see what everyone can find out!

    *A shout from the group*
    When is the next promotion?

    (Commander Cameron)
    Promotions will be in January.

    Good eve and be safe! I look forward to your reports at the Reward Hall. Goodnight Guards!

    *With those words we were dismissed to return to our everyday lifes. My wife's concerns of this bed of evil so closes to her doors runs through my mind. I hope we discovery this source and put a stop to it!*

    Thus ends my report!

    Sergeant Drakelord

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    PROS - well written, great pictures and story.
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