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Mail From My Siege Daughter. 1-31-16

  1. Hello Father, Love you!♥
    Aunt and Uncle send their love. Rather busy these past two days here on Siege. The day before we were told of a special meeting at the EM Hall by the Luna Town Crier. So I made sure to be there early.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Our wait was short as EM Hawker appeared. He wanted to speak of the Cities Minoc and Moonglow, as both were, in his words, “the poorest towns in the land”. Minoc has only 15-17 million gold with the city treasurer, while Moonglow is a bit better off with 25+ million. With a suggestion from EM Hawker, we all left for Minoc. As we arrived at the Minoc’s bank, a young girl comes running up yelling, “Ben, Ben where are you Ben! Have you seen Ben?”. Of course we had no idea as to whom she was speaking to nor who Ben was. After a few questions with answers we found that her name was Sue, and Ben was her dog and had slipped away. She was searching high and low all over the Minoc area. The last place she saw him was deep in the wood to the south of Minoc.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Of course we all had to go help this young lady to retrieve her pet. Off into the deep dark woods we go, she yelling, “Ben”, all the way. Well we found “Ben”, with a Hell Hound! Now I am not sure if the Hell Hound was looking for a easy snack or worst yet a mate, but that Hell Hound took it personal that we were trying to stop her from getting Ben. Her fur was hacked up across her back and she fought like the demon she was to get past us to Ben. Its a good thing I was not alone on this little trip, as I am sure that beast would have eaten me. Once we rescued the little darling we all returned to the Minoc bank where we received word to meet the EM outside Moonglow. I also saw a pretty white Kitty!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Not a easy thing to do since the city of Moonglow was VVV at that moment, so we had to go though a moon gate to Moonglow Island, then run up towards the city gates, where we were flagged down by a young mage. We found that his name was Ben, and that he need our help in getting a bag back that had been stolen from him by a pack of Ratmen. He had been running to the city gates to get the guards to help, but seeing us decided that he be better off asking for help from us than the city guards. No doubt they would have laughed at young Ben for losing his Bag of Reagents.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Father please note that at both cities the EM had vanished, leaving only messages in the wind for us, strange how these lesser gods play us, still it was fun, Of course being who we are, we rushed to help this young man retrieve his lost bag. Now these Ratmen were by far the easiest to handle and we quickly finished with them. It was soon after this that I left the group.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you know Father I came into some gold recently and like any other person, it was burning a hole in my purse. So I went shopping. Of course shopping here is nothing like shopping on the Normal Shards, we cannot “recall” to vendors, as strong magic block such travel, and must gate to locations nearby and then walk in. So shopping at some places is a risk when alone and far from help. But I had heard of some shops I wanted to travel to and mark runes for later. While at some of these locations I did in fact purchase several items for Aunt Vixen and Uncle Zardo. Uncle Zardo says we going to redesign the house because of that as well.


    One item I purchase for me, besides new LRC, was a new dress to wear to the Governor’s meeting today. Its well worth the risk of getting to this vendor and I will be sure to thank her for such low prices when I next see her.

    The Governor’s Meeting

    Roll Call:
    HRM King Blackthorn
    Governor Morgan Ironfist
    Governor Sarah
    Governor Talia
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Today was the Governor’s meeting. Far to few were there, but this did not stop HRM from conducting his meeting with his governors and the citizens of Siege. The first order of business was the appointment of a governor for Minoc. When the citizens were asked if there was anyone present that wished to assume this position of leadership, one citizen dashed to her feet like a cat, Lyssa. However she could not take this seat today as she first needed to become a “Citizen” of Minoc. HRM thanked her and let her know he would be contacting her in a week or so.

    The next item of business HRM wanted to cover was the incident of Fred Sweet and the warping of time. He was still out there and there had been reports. He needed to be brought in as soon as possible.

    Next order of business was the reports from the governors presents. Each gave glowing reports of their city, only citing those areas that needed the King’s attention. We hope that those areas get the attention they need.

    The last order of business was HRM asking if there was anyone that wished to address the council. Carrick McGee stepped forward. It seems that one of the previous lesser gods, EM, was going to assist with quests so that Gilfane could get a healer’s hut and stables. However this never happened and he was wondering if HRM could seek answers about this. The King said he would look into it, but could not promise anything.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The meeting was over then and we all left for home. I made sure to hang my new dress up as I am going to wear it at every Council meeting. Thats all for now Father. Give my love to mother!

    Sealed With Love♥
    Kimi Mori

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