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Site Updates And New Premium Member Goodies

Stratics has added several new features for Stratics Premium members to enjoy. These are great tools for customizing y
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  1. Stratics has been working away to provide you with some awesome updates this week. We hope you enjoy!

    • By popular demand, we have darkened the Blue Steel background. You have probably notice this already unless you are using UO Classic.
    • We've updated the Guilds feature. The result is a more user friendly and better looking experience. Users can create a private, public, or closed member group. They can create rules for their groups, assign moderators for their group, participate in a forum, post to a group wall, share media, and organize events. This is really a great feature with a lot of uses. Premium users are able to create an unlimited number of Groups/Guilds! Standard users will be limited to one Guild.
    • We've also added a Video Stream embed. You can now watch other people play Ultima Online, or submit your channel to Stratics so we can watch you.

    Stratics has added several new features for Stratics Premium members to enjoy. These are great tools for customizing your Stratics experience! If any of these features interest you, you can become a subscribing member for only $3/month. We will keep adding new features for our Stratics Premium crew in the future. Thanks for your support of Stratics!

    • Meet Stone, a new premium theme using a black background and the Ultima Online logo.
    • Meet Ember, a new premium theme using a burning Ankh background.
    • Express your identity using Profile Covers! Upload an image that is displayed for all users to see on your Profile Page. Just click on your name in the upper right portion of the screen and then select "Profile Cover". Collect praise. Too easy...
    • The Blue Steel background was darkened by popular request, but you can continue using the Ad-Styler options to change your font and background texture.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Flutter
    PROS - I get Goodies!
    CONS - Other people get goodies too making me feel less special.
    Made me sign up! Where's the paypal link?
    *goes off to look for how to sign up*
      Ron Bron likes this.
    1. Ron Bron