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The Healer Comes To Town.

By Drakelord, Jan 28, 2016 | |
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  1. At the Last Council meeting, King Blackthorn had told all to be ready in a week and a day. That was 16 days ago. Would we be called forth this evening for that mission he spoke of, or was this to be another meeting for a different mission?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    While waiting for whomever was going to brief us on this mission, I found there were two EM Event channels as well as our normal General, Help, Trade chat. Asking in General Chat which channel we were to use, I was answered.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Our wait was short. From the shadows HRM "King Blackthorn" strolled across the stage to brief us on our mission tonight. It was short and to the point. We were to meet this great healer, "Bloodstone" , in Trinsic, at the docks, and get him to the castle. It sounded easy, but when is it easy for the Royal Guard?
    A gate was waiting for us outside the War Room of Serpent's Hold, entering it we found ourself standing just outside the lower Trinsic Bank. Quick as Hounds chasing the Fox, we dashed to the Docks, searching high and low for this "Great Healer". There before us stood an indivdual in a brown robe, bare feet touching the wood of the dock. He identified himself as Bloodstone, a healer sent for by HRM. We quickly informed him we were to escort him to the castle right away, but he, "Dropped the other shoe", stated we would need to get a very special ingredient and that it would be very dangerous. "BOOM".
    The ingredient we needed to get was the unicorn horn of the Mystical beast named Mattasse. Now was this to be a snatch and grab of the horn, no nothing that easy, this beast had "guardians". Of course, why not, "Guardians". Ney, no longer an easy mission this was becoming a real SNASU. (situation normal, all screwed up). The Healer, "Bloodstone" asked that we get him to a moongate. Here was the first mixed up, we all went to different moongates it seemed, but in the end we finally made it to Ilshenar, "Spirituality".
    From here we scouted the area from the gate to the sea, looking for these so called "Guardians", it did not take long for "THEM" to fine us. And with that we fought, fought, fought and fought. Till finally the "Beast" appears. And we fought some more, this was by far the hardest of them all, it seem to know we were after its horn and it was not about to give it up easy, "No Way Jose" could have been its battle cry as it fought us all.
    But in the end it felled to the attacks of the Royal Guards. And Bloodstone was able to get his "special ingredient" for the cure that was affecting so many at Blackthorn's Castle. Once he had it the word was passed to fall back and regroup at Castle Blackthorn. Quick like rabbits, we did so, there to get a look at the prize we had sought this evening. And a promise that a cure would be ready in hours and the town criers would let us know.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    With those words we were dismissed and sought word on our companions as to their health and well being.
    Note: There was 15 drops of this horn, one is locked down at the reward hall, if you like to see it, in person, just recall off the rune at the Luna bank.

    Thus ends my report
    Sergeant Drakelord.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Fun read, great pictures
    CONS - None
    I always enjoy your articles. They recount how fun the event is. After reading them, it makes me wish I had been there. :thumbsup: Love your pictures.
      Drakelord likes this.
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