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The Tinker Situation

By Drakelord, May 26, 2016 | |
  1. The Tinker Situation

    Theresa, Drakelord, Cat Musique,Vixen
    Word had come to meet at the Serpent’s Hold War Room. Thinking it might be something nasty like “Food Poisoning” ;) I sent Theresa to scout the situation.
    Commander Cameron: Greetings!
    You see: Commander Cameron
    Theresa: Hail
    Hail: hail
    Commander Cameron: I am pleased to see the turn out tonight!
    Hail: hail
    TOTO: Hail
    Charly Dont Surf: hail
    Commander Cameron: We have a
    Commander Cameron: *clears *throat**
    Chief: we are here to serve
    Commander Cameron: situation
    Commander Cameron: There is a tinker
    Commander Cameron: who thought he might do some of his own research
    Commander Cameron: and created some
    Commander Cameron: well, for lack of a better term
    Commander Cameron: robots
    Commander Cameron: At this time we are unsure of how bad it is
    Commander Cameron: We need to clear the town and then do some research
    Theresa: town?
    Theresa: where?
    Commander Cameron: we need to find out how and why
    Commander Cameron: we have the who
    Commander Cameron: I will gate us at a safe distance
    Commander Cameron: TAKE CAUTION
    Commander Cameron: Do not run ahead
    Commander Cameron: Running ahead is death
    Commander Cameron: plain and simple
    Commander Cameron: Stay together
    Commander Cameron: and we will defeat these "robots"
    Chief: stay alert, stay alive
    Commander Cameron: If you run ahead we will all surly perish
    Theresa: * Starts takes odds on who will be the first to run ahead
    Commander Cameron: I will gate us at a certain distance from the tinkers
    StinkyPinky: heheheheh
    Fisner: faith and honor
    Commander Cameron: Wait for everyone to go through before we venture forth!
    Commander Cameron: This is your only warning
    Queen Mum: *I know of at least one that won't* :p
    Chief: ugg and me without hiding
    Theresa: Tamers and dragons go first
    Commander Cameron: We will meet a council member on the other side of the gate
    Commander Cameron: I will gate outside for those wishing to retrieve pets
    Theresa: send the bat squad next :p
    Well Theresa was not sure if the Council Member was there as all she saw was a automatron (Guardian) that was trying to wipe the floor with all of Royal Guards right away.

    Daphene: Guards! They're killing people here!
    Daphene: Guards! Murder is being done!
    Daphene: Guards! Make haste, 'tis a murder!
    Daphene: Guards! Hurry, 'tis a murder!
    Daphene: Guards! Help, a murderer!
    Daphene: Guards! 'Tis awful! Death! Ah!
    Daphene: Guards! Vile murderer!
    Daphene: Guards! Hurry, 'tis a murder!
    Daphene: Guards! Where are the guards! Help!
    Daphene: Guards! Where are the guards! Help!
    Daphene: Guards! Vile murderer!
    Daphene: Guards! A scoundrel is committing murder!
    Daphene: Guards! A crime! A murder!
    Daphene: Guards! A murderer!
    Daphene: Guards! I pay my taxes, and no guards?
    Daphene: Guards! A crime! A murder!
    Daphene: Guards! 'Tis awful! Death! Ah!
    Daphene: Guards! A scoundrel is committing murder!
    Daphene: Guards! 'Tis awful! Death! Ah!
    Daphene: Guards! 'Tis awful! Death! Ah!
    Daphene: Guards! Help! Murder!
    Daphene: Guards! Help! They're dying!
    Daphene: Guards! 'Tis awful! Death! Ah!
    Daphene: Guards! They're killing people here!
    Daphene: Guards! Protect me!
    ImageDL8.jpg ImageDL10.jpg
    You see: Jeremy the Town Councilman

    They seen the Council member but everyone was a bit busy with everything else all around us.

    Jeremy the Town Councilman: I am glad you all are here!
    This one he did not need to tell us as it was plain as the nose on our faces
    Jeremy the Town Councilman: Look out for the robots they are everywhere!

    TOTO: All Kill
    Beastslayer: Sic em!
    Kara: all kill

    OCC After Theresa 2nd death and no Stick to retrieve the body under the mass of pets and people, I sent in Drakelord to pass his stick to her. Once she was up, I change up and replaced Theresa with Cat Musique, then Vixen.
    3,843 gold has been removed from your bank box.
    You are dead.
    I am sending my dry cleaning bills to the King. X2 for Theresa.
    You see: Mechanical Anomaly
    You see: A Mechanical Abomination
    You see: Mechanical Safety Device
    Theresa: really no fair cannot cast summons here to fight them
    Hulk Hogan: You can on bridge
    Blood Rayne: ya couple earth ele's and bring em in
    Pearl: ya I go on bridge make earth
    Dreadnaught: what happened? where did everyone go? we are being overrun now
    Demonix: tamers aren’t fighting lol
    Dreadnaught: pets don’t do much to the valorite elementals
    Dreadnaught: and their reflect hurts others bad
    Demonix: I hate em too
    Jeremy the Town Councilman: you may want to back away from the security drones
    Now he tells us.
    Through out the entire battle all you could hear is this old man over near the Tinker’s shop shouting to all around him.
    Renold the tinker: I'm so sorry it was an accident!
    Renold the tinker: They are out of control!!
    Renold the tinker: They were supposed to obey me!
    Renold the tinker: Help me! I don't know what to do!
    As the last monster fell Vixen turns to the old man and says.
    Vixen: hope you have learn your lesson sir
    Renold the tinker: I'm so sorry it was an accident!
    And with those words Vixen turns and enter s the gate to the war room on Serpent’s Hold.

    EM Willow: A little bit of pure chaos for the end of the month
    EM Willow: Tried something a little different this time.
    EM Willow: Thank you guys for coming! I will be posting June's events over this weekend

    Vixen: I am sure the King will have the Governor check into this

    EM Willow: It will be on our Sonoma website
    EM Willow: and on the calendar on uo.com
    EM Willow: Sorry about the governors meeting I was really ill
    EM Willow: We will get into a new event arc soon!
    EM Willow: Thanks guys have a great night!

    And with those words Willow vanished for the night.

    Thus ends this report.
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