Sally Forth in LOTRO – Episode 13a

NewPodcast144x144 This is a short episode announcing my move.  My apologies for doing it this way, but there’s not easy way to move a podcast to another feed in iTunes (at least the way I set it up).  I’m still awaiting iTunes approval for my new show “Sally Forth in Middle-Earth” but until it gets approved you can add the feed manually by pointing iTunes to my RSS feed ( for the podcast.  I’ve added all the previous shows to the new show so you won’t loose any content by subscribing to the new show.

I will have another episode up this afternoon on that new feed so make sure you hop over.

Sally Forth in LORTO – Episode 13


This episode is pretty heavily focused on the news as there’s just been a ton of it lately.  Also, please feel free to let me know if there are any topics of specific interest and I’ll try to get those covered.


Topic – Legendary Item Experience

  • Forum Thread I mention
  • Viable IXP Options
    • Skirmishes
    • Esteldin Bounties
    • Dolven View Instances
    • Crafting Instances
    • Lorien Dailies
    • Mirkwood
    • Enedwaith
    • Nar’s Peak

LOTRO’s Fourth Anniversary

The events have already started as Sapience posted today and run until May 2nd so you have plenty of time to get enough tokens.  So far they’ve announced the following:

  • Double XP weekend from April 21st until the 24th
  • The Beer Battle is back!
  • Bree-land and Shire Horse Races for a new Anniversary Horse
  • Return of the Anniversary drops in-game that can be bartered for various rewards

If you’re curious about the new horse and the requirements, take a look below:


Sally Forth in LOTRO – Episode 11


This episode is a little different in that I primarily just cover the news and my takes on the Echoes of the Dead update.  I should be back on a normal schedule and will get back to my normal news and topic format.  Feel free to let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for a topic.

Also, during this episode I do reference my interview with Aaron “Rowan” Campbell, so if you haven’t listened to that I suggest you take a listen as I do have a bit of a different take from others.


Echoes of the Dead Update:

New LOTRO Legendary Relic Options

With the Echoes of the Dead update, Turbine revamped all the Legendary Item Relics and provided a whole host of new options.  I’ve been going through trying to figure out which are best for my classes as thought I’d share my thoughts on it.  In this, I’m making one key assumption that you’re not considering any of the old relics.  Now I will admit, I did save some of my old tier 9s but for the sake of the post I’ll ignore those.

First up, all the options available (I’m just going to show the Tier 6 and Extraordinary ones):

  • Tier 6
    • Gold Setting of Clear Thought
      • +22 Will, +650 Offense Ratings
    • Gold Setting of the Abyssal Depths
      • +22 Might, +650 Offense Ratings
    • Gold Setting of Precision
      • +230 Morale, +650 Offense Ratings
    • Gold Setting of Grace
      • +210 Power, +780 Outgoing Healing
    • Adamant Gem of the Crags
      • +22 Vitality, +520 Crit Ratings
    • Adamant Gem of the Precise Eye
      • +22 Agility, +520 Crit Ratings
    • Adamant Gem of Lore
      • +22 Fate, +520 Crit Ratings
    • Subtle Rune of the Fortress
      • +1040 Incoming Healing, +520 Block
    • Subtle Rune of Readiness
      • +114 ICMR, +520 Parry
    • Subtle Rune of the Sun
      • +114 ICPR, +520 Evade
  • Extraordinary
    • Extraordinary Setting of Stability
      • -5% Item Wear, +260 BPE, +1300 Incoming Healing
    • Extraordinary Setting of Beginnings
      • +650 Melee Defense, +114 ICPR, +22 Vitality
    • Extraordinary Setting of Endings
      • +7.5% Dev. Mag., +520 All Crits, +114 ICMR
    • Extraordinary Gem of Faith
      • +10% Partial Parry/Block Mitigation, +520 Block, +22 Might
    • Extraordinary Gem of Charity
      • +640 Tactical Defense, +780 Outgoing Healing, +210 Power
    • Extraordinary Gem of Hope
      • +260 Crit Defense, +230 Morale, +210 Power
    • Extraordinary Rune of Courage
      • +10% Partial Evade/Parry Mitigation, +22 Agi, +520 Parry
    • Extraordinary Rune of Power
      • +650 Ranged Defense, +520 Offensive Ratings, +22 Fate
    • Extraordinary Rune of Wisdom
      • -2.5% Attack Duration, +520 Evade, +22 Will

The Tier 6s are obtained just like the rest of the relics, but the Extraordinary ones are obtained through the new Melding system by combining specific Tier 6s and shards to make a new relic.  It is a bit overwhelming at first, but play around with it a bit and it makes more sense – also to note when melding, you are given a choice of which relics to use so you don’t have to worry about it the game picking the wrong one (just yourself picking the wrong one).

One thing I really like is the flexibility in that things like ICPR and incoming healing are available in multiple slots, and there are many other buffs that were previously very rare like partial mitigations.

To talk about these, I’m going to break up in terms of the main classes I play and best understand.

Warden (Tank)

Setting – Extraordinary Setting of Stability and/or Beginnings seems pretty clear cut here and I will most likely use one of each.

Gem – Extraordinary Gem of Hope and/or Faith.  I’m a big fan of the Hope gem on my Warden as crits are pretty rough for them and since there’s no cap on partials Faith is also very nice.

Rune – This one’s a bit trickier as there are a number of situational ones.  Fortress is nice if you’re not capped on either of those stats, Sun is nice for the ICPR, and Courage is quite nice for the Partials and parry boost as it is the rarest of mitigation bonuses.


Setting – I’m all over the place on this one as it mainly depends on how you play.  I’m going for more of a hybrid Captain and not necessarily focused purely on healing so I may not be the best guide for everyone.  Pretty much all the Tier 6s are nice depending on what you’re trying to build up or lacking.  I would probably lean more towards the Beginnings or Ending Extraordinary Settings as Captains shouldn’t worry about block and for me incoming healing and item wear are secondary worries.

Gem – I like all the Tier 6 Gems as criticals for Captains are great for healing and damage (defeat responses).  Charity to me seems like a great Healing Captain Gem with Hope being nice for a more well-rounded build.

Rune – Sun and Readiness are nice from the Tier 6s as regeneration and mitigations are always nice.  For me, the Wisdom rune is intriguing to get more damage output but Courage is probably better for a defensive build.

Minstrel (Tactical Classes)

Setting – this will really vary if you’re playing a DPS or healing spec.  For healing I think Grace is the clear cut best but many are nice if you’re running more of a DPS build.  This will be a bit tricky for me and I’m probably going to put the appropriate setting on the healing/dps items as appropriate.  Running a War-speech minnie, Beginnings is quite appealing as are all the crit/offensive boosting ones.

Gem – Charity is probably the best healing Gem with the others being situationally viable for DPS specs.

Rune – Sun and Power are probably the best options regardless of the spec.

DPS Classes (Hunter/Champion) (I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a bit here)

Setting – Precision or Endings are probably the best for damage, but others might be helpful if you worry about being a bit less squishy.

Gem – Any of the Tier 6s for pure offense or Hope to help mitigate the nasty one-shot attacks.

Rune – Sun for the ICPR (if an issue), Courage for Defensive buffs, Power for damage, and Wisdom for attack speed.

Based on all these options, yes there may be a bit of a step back from previous tier 9 relics but even with those I’m still slotting the new ones in place of the old ones.

LOTRO PvMP Design Intentions

There have been quite a few tweaks to the moors lately and today we also met another member of the team working with Orion on the on-going attention being paid to the Moors.  Kelsan put up a pretty short post on the forums talking about the plan as well as a short introduction.  The ideas are rather vague but certainly a good swath of things to look into.

  • Revitalization
    • Improve the underlying systems!
      • Reduce or remove restrictions (example – recent updates to Creep intros)
      • Reward Structure
        • PvMP Exclusive rewards
        • Enhanced PvMP Advancement
        • Rewards for zone control
      • Encourage play during off-peak hours
    • Balance (He admits this is very challenging)
      • Skill rotation audits
        • Balancing purpose, effectiveness, and cooldowns
        • revise existing skills instead of adding new
      • Close the gap between melee and ranged, but not totally nerfing ranging into oblivion
    • Unify the goals of the freeps and creeps such that it is a more cohesive system
      • examine the purpose for ranking on both sides
      • examine the reasons and rewards for zone control

Certainly a good read and I’m sure the thread following it will be quite interesting as well!

Sally Forth in LOTRO – Episode 10


This was a little bit later then I wanted, but here is Episode 10 focusing on many of the updates coming with Echoes of the Dead.


Topic – UI Customization


UI Customization Video

[youtube 0H2UCGQTKXQ]


My Week in LOTRO Video

[youtube TZJLXCiDPTU]


LOTRO Spring Festival Launches Today

In addition to the patch fixing the Legendary Relic issue from yesterday, the Spring Festival launched.  Nothing new this year but the return of a couple of favorites including Shrew Stomping and the Hedge Maze.  I hopped on briefly to get the new horse and do a couple passes with the Shrews.

Here’s a shot of the new horse and a couple of the new cloaks.

New Spring Horse


Spring Fling

Spring Dandy Cloak


For a full walkthrough of all the fun and games, head over to CStM’s full guide.