October: We’ve Got Your Six Event, Featuring Over 1 Million NX in Prizes


The Community Ban List, in conjunction with Combat Arms Stratics, Combat Arms Forum, CLEAN, Legit Gaming Club, and LP Gamers, is scheduled to host a massiveCombat Arms event later this month. The “We’ve Got Your Six” will feature six separate events, over 1 million NX in prizes, and as many as 272 different chances to win.

The event is scheduled to take place on 19, 20, 21, and 27 October 2012. For complete details about the requirements, rules, event types, and more, see the official announcement on CBL Forums here.

CA Stratics Has a New Look!


Stratics, network-wide, is migrating to a new theme.  We’ve just upgraded Combat Arms Stratics section.  What do you think?

Provide feedback on our forums or in the comments below.  Meanwhile, if you would like to see some of the other recently-converted Stratics portals, follow the links below.

Run Combat Arms Stratics!


Combat Arms Stratics is searching for a new Managing Editor (ME) to take the helm. During my tenure as the CA Stratics ME, my staff and I have created a firm foundation of content, established relationships with the CA fansite community, and have especially sought to memorialize player-created content. As my responsibilities have expanded, it will soon be important for me to pass the torch to a new CA Stratics ME.

The role of the ME is not for the faint at heart, as it requires considerable time, ingenuity, and hard work. While we support MEs on a daily basis, they are ultimately responsible for the development of both their portal (content) and forums (community). This includes finding and hiring volunteer staff members. Fortunately, the advantages are also numerous: free hosting and support, an existing reader base, and the opportunity to garner acclaim within a given title. MEs are also eligible to receive 33% of any revenue generated by their portal.

Ideal applicants will possess the following traits:

  • 18-years-old or older
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Strong written communication
  • Willingness to partner with other community fansites
  • Leadership and vision to guide CA Stratics
  • CBL clean and verified
  • No experience with HTML or CSS is required

Upon selection, an applicant will undergo a trial period as the Assistant Managing Editor (AE).  To apply, please use the form in our Vacancies page here.

Conflicts Erupt in CA Commentator Community



The Combat Arms YouTube commentator community has been disrupted by two separate conflicts involving public accusations of alleged misdeeds.  These unfortunate events erupted on the heels of unprecedented collaboration—namely, the two cross-channel series “All We Do is Win” and “The Tribunal.”

The earliest incident began when commentator ArcticDropshot announced the closure of his channel on Wednesday.  In the video, ArcticDropshot explained that he had recently received a second copyright strike, allegedly as a result of an intentional false claim.  The supposed complainant was affiliated with YouTube user ZOOMxClanBust, who appeared to confirm this notion by responding to the closure video, “Karma!”  The announcement initially blamed CombatArmsdotTV (CADT), FredSenare, and iCyberCA, but ArcticDropshot on his new channel Arctic1080p published a retraction, which limited the blame to CombatArmsdotTV.

In a written statement, CADT deflected the accusations, claiming instead that FredSenare was responsible for the false claim.  This is not the first time that CADT has been the subject of controversy.  In late May, CADT denied claims that he was also known as the Combat Arms player -Diamond_-, a former user of unauthorized cheat programs or “hacks.”  A month later, CADT reversed his position and admitted to the sordid past.  The admission seemed to resonate with fans: two weeks ago, he reached a major milestone of 2,700 subscribers.

Hours after the initial incident unfolded, a second controversy emerged when TouhouSniper98 published a video accusing fellow commentator TheKagaenBox of prematurely releasing a seven-part, cross-channel project known as “The Tribunal.”  The purpose of the project, according to TouhouSniper98, was for more popular directors to help encourage channel visits and subscriptions to the channels of less popular commentators.  The Tribunal: Part One was published on the channel of imhiLARRYous, who has over 6,000 subscribers.  This video would link to Part Two, featured on the channel of undercoverdudes; which would link to part three on TouhouSniper98; to part four on ArcticDropshot; to part five on 1stKaro365; to part six on TannerProduction; and to part seven on Shadolance1. (Note: TheKagaenBox may have been removed from this progression as a result of the controversy).  According to TouhouSniper98, before this project could unfold, TheKagaenBox released the project in its entirety, including all seven parts.  The video was public for approximately 30 minutes, according to TheKagaenBox, during which time it received approximately 100 views.

TheKagaenBox responded with a video admitting the mistake and explaining that, although he was aware of the staged release plan, he did not realize that it was firmly agreed upon.  He further explained that video creation is a profound source of happiness for him, and he sought reconciliation with the other directors.

Combat Arms Stratics’ Managing Editor, Syrus (IGN: FallonValor), has been a long-time subscriber to virtually every channel mentioned in this article.  We at CA Stratics hope that reconciliation will progress quickly, and that the spirit of collaboration that inspired “All We Do is Win” and “The Tribunal” will return to the YouTube commentator community.

Nexon Leaks New Map Photos, Holds Voting on Map Name


Nexon lead photos of Combat Arms‘ (CA) newest map on Friday on the CA Facebook page. The map is set inside the walls of a prison. Based on the images provided, it appears that the map will feature at least three levels. These images may be viewed below. Meanwhile, Nexon has created a poll on Facebook where users can vote on the name of the new map. Users may select from the following options:

  • Death Row
  • Lockdown
  • Life Sentence
  • Jail Break
  • Firing Squad

“Death Row” is currently leading the poll with 54 votes. To cast your vote, visit the poll here.



CombatArms.TV: Lag Reduction Tutorial

The Combat Arms fansite CombatArms.TV (CATV) has published a tutorial on how to repair client-side latency and increase frames per second. Tips include using a software application called “CCleaner,” which can be used to clean temporary files and repair registry errors.  Additionally, CATV recommends lowering in-game graphical settings. The complete tutorial may be viewed below.


If you enjoyed this tutorial, visit CATV’s YouTube channel here.

Nexon Leaks Images of Possible New Fireteam Map

The Combat Arms Community Manager, Khali, leaked images (see below) of a new map on Wednesday.  The map appears entirely contained in an industrial building.  One of the images appears to show robotic figures, but it is unclear if these are a defensive mechanism or purely aesthetic.  Users speculate that the new map will be for fireteam matches.

Separately, Khali hinted that new “mercs” might also be featured in the map.  Users have speculatively posted images of new characters (shown below), but Khali has not confirmed that these are new mercenaries.  Alternatively, the new mercs may also relate to the assassin characters mentioned on the Spiders vs. Scorpion rewards page.

New Map

New Mercenaries?

Assassin Char. Male/Female

CombatArmsForum.com Hosts Explosives-Only Event

The Combat Arms fansite CombatArmsForum.com (CAF) will host an explosives-only event tomorrow evening.  The event rules are simple: players may use grenades, mines, gas, fire, grenade launchers, and other items that are either explosive or incendiary.  Specialists are not allowed, nor are any other weapons or items.

The event will begin on Thursday at 5:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM EST.  Room details will be announced on CAF.  For more information, see the official announcement here.

Specialist Creation Contest Winners Announced

Following a grueling two weeks of judging, the winners of the 2012 Specialist Creation Contest were announced on Thursday.  Contestants were asked to create original specialist characters, complete with background information, a proposed epic weapon, and optional fan art.  The five judges reviewed each entry meticulously, looking for creativity, richness, innovation, and balance.  Each judge proposed a top ten list, which were subsequently compared to build the final five winners.  Seventeen entries made it onto at least one top ten list–a testament to the competitiveness of these entries.  The original contest instructions may be viewed here.

Congratulations Winners!

Congratulations to the contest winners.  Those earning prizes will be contacted via e-mail.

1st Place: Red Fox (by UziOwns)
2nd Place: Vexed (by Unscarred)
3rd Place: Blayze (by -MockingJay)
4th Place: Ancient Mariner (by Fallentanker)
5th Place: Zev (by Stalker0)

Honorable mention entries will be added over time to our Fan Specialists page.

Thank You, Judges!

A very special thanks to our judges.  The contest would not have been possible without them.  Please visit and support their respective fan communities.

CC_Fang – Administrator, Community Ban List
Dr_Rock – Administrator, Legit Gaming Club
Lifted – Administrator, The Weekly Haze
Rocktrns – Owner and Administrator, Combat Arms Forum
ZeroExalted – Lead Administrator, Combat Arms Wiki

CombatArmsForum.com: Sunday Night Event

The Combat Arms fansite CombatArmsForum.com is hosting an event tonight beginning at 5:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM EST.  First and second place winners will be awarded 10,000 NX each, while the third place winner will be entitled to one custom-made dynamic signature.  The details of the event will be announced 20 minutes prior to the start time at CombatArmsForum.com