“Love is in the Air” Event and Sale

Combat Arms is currently hosting a Valentine’s Day themed event and sale–Love is in the Air. This event focuses on gift giving with every gift purchase of MYST-Kilo cases, GP-Hazard cases, or Weapon Renewal Kits giving a free copy of the gift to the giver as well. Also, there will be prizes for the players who give the most gifts:

  • 20 accounts with the highest NX Gifting totals will receive a Permanent Cpt. Souza!
  • Ten accounts that gift an NX item during this time period will be chosen at random to receive a 90 day Cpt. Souza.
  • 100 accounts that gift an NX item during this time period will receive a 30 day Cpt. Souza.

During this time there is also a 20% off sale on all permanent NX weapons, with several being discounted 33%. The sale weapons are as follows:

  • FR F2 (33% off!)
  • M416 CQB
  • G36E Valkyrie
  • L85A1 MOD
  • F2000 Tactical
  • M21E
  • MG36
  • Desert Eagle SE
  • M4 Super 90
  • DSR-1 Subsonic (33% off!)
  • L96A1 Arctic Wolf
  • M107CQ SE
  • M-200 Ghillie
  • TPG-1 Pro
  • MP7 MOD

Content Preview Announces Rural Estate–Player Made Map–Release!

Combat Arms has released a content preview featuring the long awaited player created map–Rural Estate. Rural Estate will be released in the upcoming Combat Arms content update. Rural Estate was created by player SuperPianist in Blender and Gimp and entered in the Create a Map Contest on the forums. The finalists in the Create a Map Contest were chosen by player votes. Rural Estate has been in the works for approximately 10 months with the original announcement  being made on April 25, 2011.

The SITREP for Rural Estate is as follows:

“Recently retrieved intel has revealed a terrorist encampment just outside the city limits. A palatial estate is being used as a supply depot to further terrorist advancement into urban areas. As the government’s infiltration team prepares their surprise attack on the estate, the terrorists prepare a surprise of their own. Vital documents revealing the attack plans have been leaked by a government mole and the infiltration team is headed right into a hellish trap!”

The following teaser video provides a preview glimpse into this upcoming map.


Nexon Releases New Combat Arms Update: Belly of the Beast

Nexon has released a new update to Combat Arms titled Belly of the Beast featuring several big updates and changes to the game.

The most notably new feature is a new Fireteam map, The Siege of Nemexis. This large Fireteam scenario features the infiltration of Nemexis Headquarters along with several new AI enemies and the introduction of the first ‘boss’, an aerial drone known as D.R.E.A.D.

The Belly of the Beast update also introduced a new quick join feature that attempts to specifically match up players to the type of match they want.

New abilities were also introduced in the Belly of the Beast update. These updates include:
Parting Gift
Spoils of War

Petition for Combat Arms on Steam Slowly Gains Signatures

 The petition to make Combat Arms available through Valve’s Steam game client has slowly continued to grow ever since it’s inception in June, 2011. The petition has reached a total of 20 signatures with the most recent being added on December 28th, 2011.

The rationale behind this petition is that Ijji’s Alliance of Valiant Arms, a strong competitor to Combat Arms, is available through Steam despite still being published by Ijji. It is also hoped that this change would bring new player interest and exposure to Combat Arms. It is also possible that Combat Arms could benefit from Valve’s powerful anti-cheat programs and quality servers that may reduce lag.

The petition can be found here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/combat_arms_on_steam/

Combat Arms: Zombies Released for iOS, Kalika Case and 30-day Double-barrel Punisher With Purchase

Nexon has released it’s iOS exclusive Combat Arms: Zombies, a fireteam spinoff that has been described as a mix between fireteam and the Call of Duty franchise’s “Nazi Zombies” game type.  Combat Arms: Zombies is available for $5.00 from the iTunes store. Until January 31st, 2012, completing the normal level campaign in Combat Arms: Zombies will unlock a code for a free Kalika Case and 30-day Double-barrel Punisher in Combat Arms. For the time being there is no multiplayer support for Combat Arms: Zombies, though it is still under development.

Combat Arms Update–Operation: Neptune

Combat Arms has released a new update featuring, most prominently, Operation: Neptune a new map. Neptune is a nuclear submarine bay themed map.

This update also features the new supply crate: MYST-India. This case has a new variety of permanent and NX-rare weapons including the new AT-22, an NX-rare assault rifle.

AT-22 Main Image

A new feature in this update is the jukebox. The jukebox allows for players to modify the background in game music, adding their own or choosing from music provided by Nexon.

This update also features a new GP sniper rifle, the m99-II, as well as a variety of updates to the Gun Emporium. There is a new forgable weapon, the AN-94 TactOP, as well as several new upgradable and customizable weapons. For the full list see the original announcement: here