Some juicy bits hidden in patch 2.2.1… and no it isn’t Akk dog slobber.


Our friend Werit over at just passed me some info from a data mining run on the latest SWTOR Patch from earlier today.  I must say this seems… interesting.

From looking over the contents of the data dump it is safe to say that we have a new Toy coming in the future.  A Pocket Sarlaac.  Can you imagine all your pocket lint being slowly digested over the course of a thousand years. Read More…

Ask the Developers!

I’ve been in contact with the community reps from Turbine, and we’ve arranged a little Q&A session. What the plan is, is to give you 2 weeks to submit questions to the developers of Lord of the Rings Online. The Staff here will pick 10 of those plus, 5 alternate questions (15 total) to forward to the Developers of Lord of the Rings Online, and then we’ll wait for their reply. Once we receive the answers to your questions we’ll be posting those as well. So here is your chance to get those burning questions answered!

So get on your thinking caps and submit your question on the forums or e-mail them to Cut off date for questions will be September 14th.