2012 Create a specialist Contest

Combat Arms Stratics, in concert with the Combat Arms fansite community, is pleased to host the 2012 Specialist Creation Contest. Applicants are asked to create an original specialist character, complete with background story, accessories, epic weapon, and other assorted details. Concept art is encouraged, but not required. Entries will be judged by the following CA fansite staff members (in alphabetical order):

CC_Fang – Administrator, Community Ban List
Dr_Rock – Administrator, Legit Gaming Club
Lifted – Administrator, The Weekly Haze
Rocktrns – Owner and Administrator, Combat Arms Forum
ZeroExalted – Lead Administrator, Combat Arms Wiki


1st Place: 100,000 NX
2nd Place: 50,000 NX
3rd Place: 25,000 NX
4th Place: 25,000 NX
5th Place: Honorable Mention

All winning entries will be hosted on Combat Arms Stratics. Note: winning entries may or may not influence future in-game specialist characters, which is fully Nexon’s prerogative.


1. Create an original specialist with the following information:

(a) Specialist Codename
(b) Abilities (speed, stamina, armor, etc.)
(c) Description (age, location, background, etc.)
(d) Epic weapon recommendation (type and stats)
(e) Catch phrase
(f) Optional: Original concept art (even poorly-drawn concept art is encouraged)
(g) Optional: Additional information

2. Contestants must include their IGN in their application. One entry per contestant.

3. In order to be eligible for judging, entries must:

(a) Conform to Nexon’s Terms of Use and Stratics’ Rules of Conduct
(b) Be complete, including all non-optional information and IGN
(c) Be fully original, to include both written and artistic portions


1. Entries will ultimately be judged based on creativity, richness, innovation, and balance.  Artistic ability will be considered, but will not be required to win the competition.

2. Judging will be conducted by the aforementioned judges. Stratics will host the event and provide prizes, but will not judge entries.

3. Winners will be contacted via the e-mail address provided in their application. If a winner fails to respond within two weeks of this e-mail, their prize will be forfeit to the subsequent ranked contestant. E-mail addresses will not be used for any other purpose but to inform and supply winners with their prizes.

Additional Information

This contest will be open for two weeks beginning on June 1st. Applicants may send in their entry at the contest entry form below. At the conclusion of the entry submission period, a one week judging period will begin. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of judging.

We at Stratics, and throughout the Combat Arms fansite community, wish all contestants good luck! We hope to receive many entries and look forward to announcing the winners!


South and east of Avelorn, on the shores of the Sea of Dreams, lies Saphery, the land of Wizardry. The heart of Saphery is the Tower of Hoeth, the shrine of the God of Wisdom. This is the greatest repository of magical knowledge in the world, compiled over the centuries by High Elf mages and scholars, many of whom still dedicate their lives to the accumulation of magical lore. The most powerful of these scholars are known as Archmages, and are capable of manipulating all the winds of magic weaving powerful sorceries known only as High Magic.

Archmage Specialty
The Loremasters of Hoeth are capable of manipulating the winds of magic with a grace and subtlety that only comes with centuries of study. An Archmage does not waste the power he draws upon; instead they efficiently weave the winds of magic into destructive spells conserving a small amount of arcane energy with each spell they cast. The Archmage can then draw upon this reserve of power to weave the most difficult spells of High Magic capable of leaving even the most terribly wounded warrior hale and hardy with nary a scar to show for it.

Playing as a Archmage
An Archmage is a powerful caster both offensively and defensively. However they must strive to keep a balance between the powers they manipulate. Weaving only powerful healing or destructive spells will leave the Archmage tired and unable to assist his allies in their darkest hour. However by carefully applying force in critical places the Archmage can reserve a wellspring of magical energy that allows him to aid his allies when a normal mage would be all but spent.

Fighting the Archmage
As with all magic users, the Archmage is not a capable close combatant. You’re best tactic one-on-one is to quickly close the distance and drop him with powerful close combat attacks. In a group situation, an Archmage is best countered by forcing him to use his powerful healing on wounded allies early on. Unable to build up a magical reserve from casting lesser destructive magics, the Archmage will find himself exhausted and his allies will be easily overcome with a strong final assault.

The Look of the Archmage

  • Ornate embroidered robes with high collars and large billowing sleeves
  • Graceful circlets and ornate headdresses engraved with powerful runes of protection.
  • Wields elegantly crafted staves and wands encrusted in gems and arcane Elven runes