Cog Golf Courses

Under Construction

Bossbot Country Club – Hile
Do you need some stock options to fight the CEO in the Bossbot HQ? Well the country clubs are the best places to get them. To get there you need to run to the mini-golf area. There you will see the BossBot HQ castle. Enter if you dare!

Inside you will see the Bossbot clubhouse right across from you. However, we’re not ready to go there yet. We need the stock options first.

Looking around the rest of the area, you will see three country clubs. The Front Three, Middle Six, and Back Nine. The names indicate how many levels you will need to traverse to make your way through to fight the Club President at the end. Obviously the more cogs you fight the more stock options you will receive at the end.

To enter all you need to do is hop on the cart with up to three other toons.
Once inside go through the arch to begin. You will be led along one single path the entire way.

The cogs have been busy researching new ways to terrorize toons. They just released a new version of the cogs themselves. Cog 2.0! These insidious cogs look just like a normal cog. If you destroy it though, it returns as a skelecog. So you need to destroy them twice! Look at the name above to know if you are dealing with a 2.0 cog.

Each level will consist of two battles. One with all level 10 cogs and another with level 11 cogs. Cog 2.0’s will be intermixed as well. There are also three different puzzles along the way.
Stock Options (with Cog Invasion)
Front Three: 386 (764) has a total of 6 sets of 4 Cogs (a total of 34 cogs including skelecogs).
Middle Six: 953 (1,874) has a total of 12 sets of 4 Cogs (a total of 67 cogs including skelecogs).
Back Nine: 1,685 (3,350) has a total of 18 sets of 4 Cogs (a total of 100 cogs including skelecogs).
Mole stomp
In this puzzle, you will have a set amount of time to stomp a set amount of moles. How many and how long depends on how many toons are with you. If you do not succeed, all toons lose 20 laff points. The puzzle keeps going with the time resetting until you succeed. You are not healed for success.

The object is to find and run over the red moles and avoid the orange moles. If you hit an orange mole you will be tossed up into the air. You will land on a mole hill. If you are unfortunate enough to land on one with an orange mole you will be tossed again!

Maze race
This game everyone will need to do. Each toon must navigate the maze and reach the end in 60 seconds. Failure to reach the end will result in losing 20 laff points! You will be transported to the exit. If you succeed, your toon will be healed to max laff if you finished first, otherwise you get 20 laff. The exit will always be toward the back of the maze across from where you start.

If you are having trouble with the mazes, click here to get some spoilers for typical mazes you find.
Cog Golf
When you approach a putting green, you will know its time to play some Cog Golf. You are given a set amount of puzzles to complete in a set amount of time depending on how many toons are with you. If you succeed, all toons are fully healed. If not, all toons lose 20 laff points. For each puzzle you complete, your toon will win a level 4-6 gag. This replaces the gag up barrels found in the other HQs. Even though you see your friends next to you, each toon works on their own puzzles.

Here’s a typical puzzle. The object is to free the black cog ball at the top. Sometimes there are two. To free it you must knock out all the golf balls attached to it. Balls are removed by shooting various colored balls. If the ball you shoot, hits an area of the puzzle where three or more balls of the same color are attached those balls will be removed. It’ll also remove any other balls with it that become unattached from the puzzle walls. Otherwise the ball will just stick at the point where it landed in one of the holes.

To aim just put your mouse cursor where you want to shoot and press the left mouse button to fire. You can also bank shots off the sides of the puzzle to get around to the back of the puzzle.
Clicking “Exit for now” will exit your toon from Cog Golf. If you return, you will be given a different puzzle. So this could be useful if you’re on a puzzle you find too difficult.
As you go the puzzle gets pushed down. If the bottom of the puzzle reaches the last row, you fail and get another puzzle to do.
– Knocking these balls off will give you a wildcard ball that will match any colored ball it hits. A wildcard ball will flash all the different colors in the puzzle.
– Knocking these balls off will give you a bomb ball that destroys any ball it touches. A bomb ball will be a shimmering orange ball.
– These black balls can not be destroyed. Not even by a bomb ball.
-Work your way toward the cog ball as quickly as you can.
-Look for ways to hit the back of the puzzle. Use bank shots where necessary.
-Behind the ball you’re about to shoot is the next ball that will come.
-Don’t block potential matches with non-matching balls.