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EM Event “New Magincia town gardening challenge – White ”will be held on - 11/30/2012,Fri,7:00 am EST

Discussion in 'Sakura EM Forum' started by EM Nekomata, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. EM Nekomata

    EM Nekomata UO Event Moderator VIP

    Hello all:)

    Sakura Mini event “New Magincia town gardening challenge – White ”will be held on - 11/30/2012,Fri,7:00 am EST
    Meeting place: The Lycaeum (54o 35′N, 149o 59′W Trammel)
    moongate from Sakura EM hall (37o 32′N, 172o 32′E ),Nujel'm,Trammel to event meeting place.

    Rose the Naturalist(RPC) and Sa-Yu(RPC) gather volunteers who helps her Magincia town gardening.
    This time for next winter holidays , Sa-Yu and Players should correct white plant seed(any kind) by doing Naturalist quest.
    We will plant the seeds in New Magincia (Trammel and Felucca).
    Filling up New Magincia with white flowers !

    The Target Quantity of the plants : 200 (150 Tram and 50 Fel)
    It takes about 2-4 weeks for the result.
    All the plants are should be vibrant and healthy, dead plants won’t be counted.
    The result will be announced on Town crier and Sakura EM web site(sorry Japanese only).

    NO Reward.
    When the white flowers grow up into the number of the aims, we plant a memorial tree as a reward plaque.
    Chat channel: JapanEMevent
    Please prepare for public gardening and Naturalist quest.

    See you soon!





    目標は トランメル 150株 フェルッカ 50株です。



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