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A Thanks to Mesanna and the UO Team

Discussion in 'UHall' started by RaDian FlGith, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. RaDian FlGith

    RaDian FlGith Babbling Loonie

    I just wanted to give a quick shout of thanks to Mesanna and the UO Team... It's a very nice thing to see UO swiftly approaching its 15th Anniversary, and to also see some of the oldest homes in UO recognized. I'm sure many of us from way back in the day enjoyed the world in which we'd stepped, but I'm sure there were few if any of us who would have thought we'd still be playing 15 years later... or imagined that UO would even still be around 15 years later.

    While there've been highs and lows along the way, UO will always have a fond place in my memories. Experiences with other players who have come and gone still remind me of why I enjoy this game, and while there's always room for improvement, a milestone like the one coming up is hard to scoff at.

    So today, seeing green banners in front of a couple of my homes, I smiled, and thought back to all of the memories that go with those homes. The two-story was my guild's guild house, literally squeezed into a corner that most had passed by when there wasn't a lot of room for small houses, much less large ones. And the "tower" north of it that was changed to a custom plot was the effort of so much of my guild, particularly a Dingo and another... Jada or someone whose name I sadly forget in the interceding years... but without their quick work dropping 7x7s in a spot that had been vacated, and their willingness to move across the street into similar buildings for the sake of giving the guild a true guildhouse in the shape of a large tower, that plot wouldn't exist today.

    Today, I smile, remembering with great fondness, lots of laughs, and plenty of smiles, the Cult of the Azure Dragons and those who came and went over the years.

    And I thank you, Mesanna, the UO Team, and everyone behind the scenes that made those memories possible.
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  2. AirmidCecht

    AirmidCecht twitch.tv/airmid Premium Stratics Veteran Supporter Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    How did I not see this til now?

    So many discussions going on and we seem to let the important thanks fall by the wayside. Thank you RaDian for another happy thought today. Late for me I know but happy all the same :)
  3. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Royal Knight

    So many fond memories of times shared with you Ra'Dian... Cherished memories of years gone by. Always glad to see you.
  4. Dan123The123Man

    Dan123The123Man Lore Master

    all I gotta say is UO better last AT LEAST a bare minimum of 50 more years... Well better make it 80... That way i've got enough time to play it until I die atleast, and from there on out it's the younger generations loss lol. You start playing in 2000 when you're just 13 years old and play it throughout your childhood while growing up and you can't really imagine not having it to go back to if rl gets to be to much to deal with.
  5. Minerva Foxglove

    Minerva Foxglove Sage Stratics Veteran

    When I was t-hunting the other day I saw thoose oh so nice banners. Not after I finished hunting it struck me that one of the houses was customiced. I can almost swear it was, but I cant find the place, dont even know where to start looking. But to become historical building the date on the house sign must be 10 years and no customiced house can have that. Am I mistaken? I have lived on the same spot since the first day of Trammel housing. It was an L-shape back then. I customiced oct 2004 so thats the date on my sign. Is there any chance for me to get a banner or do I have to wait 2+ years more? I didnt think of asking but others say I should try. Its at Trinsic moongate and in a very busy area, it would be great to display a banner there.
  6. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Royal Knight

    You are mistaken. When Customization was introduced it gave homeowners the ability to customize existing plots. You don't actually have to drop the house and replace it all you had to do was simply wipe the house out down to the bare plot... You could take a large tower and make it a customizable plot of equal size... of course in doing so you lost the nifty wings of the tower but that's ok. So yes it CAN be way over 10 years and be customized.
  7. Minerva Foxglove

    Minerva Foxglove Sage Stratics Veteran

    But but but..we got customisation with AoS , didnt we? feb 28 2003 If I remember right. And I could not do that with my L-shape. Didnt even know we had such option until much later when we got the option to rezise..not quite the same. What should I have done back then that I missed?
    I bought my second account pre AoS so I placed a Malas house and played with that for a long time, I love building and decorating. If I atleast had changed the hous atonce and not waited to late 2004 I had been a year closer *sigh*:sad4:
  8. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    L- shapes, along with keeps and castles, was one of the house types that couldn't be customised. We had a large tower, which we later customised. Because it wasn't demolished, merely turned into a customizable plot, it retained the build date.
  9. Minerva Foxglove

    Minerva Foxglove Sage Stratics Veteran

    Thanks for all info! Guess I have to be patient then.
  10. RaDian FlGith

    RaDian FlGith Babbling Loonie

    Yeah, same here... I converted my Tower into a 16x14 customizable plot. There's a button on "classic" designs that allow you to turn them into custom plots without actually picking them up and replacing them. Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, L-shaped, castles, and keeps could not be converted directly.

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