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Bard/Tamer template advice please

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by lancelot99, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. lancelot99

    lancelot99 Guest

    I have a mixed up template and asking for some advice on where to go with it... (posting in Tamer and bard forums

    Music 120
    Discord 120
    Vet 110 (120 jewels)
    Tame 105 (115 jewels)
    Lore 105 (115 jewels)
    Mage 100 (i use for invis/heal - Maybe to much?)

    This leaves me 40 points (700 cap) and unsure what to do with them!! :confused:

    I was thinking sticking in Chiv for the heal and clense by fire? or Reduce Magery to 80 and have 60 Necro for raise dead (not sure about this)
    All advice apreciated as im stuck...... :rolleyes:
  2. Wolfman

    Wolfman Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran


    40 points: Spellweaving if you have a soulstone (to take it of for a 0-skill-focus, and put it back on) since the healing is awsome if your pet faces a tight battle and some of the low skill spells are realy useful.

    Or go 120 Mage for carrying a Mage-weapon for defensive purposes.
  3. lancelot99

    lancelot99 Guest

    Thank you for the reply...
    I think i will go the 120 mage+mage weapon ...
    (does this help me from getting hit?)
  4. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Yes. It's like having 120 in a fighting skill, though you will need to compensate for the 15-20 loss in skill due to the minus on the weapon. Also, be sure to max your DCI at 45+ to take full advantage of having the weapon.
  5. krilov

    krilov Adventurer

    the 1st thing u should think of is how are u going to heal yourself and the pet.

    Higher is magery and more powerfull will be heal/greaterheal. So..in general, 100 magery isn't so great. i hotly recommend 115 at least for some gg heal.
    If you can't reach that lvl of magery, well chiva is the way to go; with all its good/bad sides ofc.
    Now mixing chiva with magery 70+ isn't that great, especially if u 're going to use chiva as your main source for healing, since chiva fc/fcr cap goes from 4/6 to the one of magery, that's 2/6;So the coomon "rule" is going full magery or full chiva.That means u run in 2/6 or 4/6 basicly.
    Some people still keep chiva but just for curing from curses.Ofc it all depends about free skill points, points that u seem to lack ;)

    I would lower vet and use the spare points on magery : 115 or 120
    Or i would simply go around with 120 chivarly, so that u could count on an efficient despiro-malas..that can save your life lots of times.

    There are others few interesting possibilities u can try, but they would make your playing style deffo harder than a "traditional" setup.
    While u keep music @ 120, u can lower disco to even 90 points real. Right when u want to disco, you equip 2x jewels +15 disco, and then u switch back to your other main jewels.This trick saves you 30 skill points..u can use elsewhere.
    Then, if u like badly invis and so magery...well there's an other possibility u can try..that's the one i run on a template of mine.

    Basicly, i got 55chiva points.And almost always i run in 4/6; i use chiva as my main source of healing and curing curses/poisons.
    Then i got even magery at 95.9 (real points).I'm sopped with 120 magery too and whenever i want to use highlvl spells -(mainly rez skill, time to time gate), i just mount few items that bring me at 120 magery.
    Now, why 95.9 real magery? Simply cuz i got a one-hand weapon (a dagger) with -26mage weapon property, fc1, dci and light hit. NO spell chann there.
    That means, every time i wear that daggy my chiva still works wonderfully at 4/6....right when (4example) i cast invis on me...that dagger is istantly un-equipped, bringing me at an almost 100 magery lvl (more than enough for invis succesfull 4sure)
    Moreover if i need to heal from far my pets too, the 1st g.heal would be a g.heal based on 96magery but a second later when i switched 1jewel and 1 book i got the power of 120 magery + other bonuses.
    And if i need to heal myself? Np at all....heal/g-heal on me!All this done being at 2/6 cap ;)
    Now a weapon like that dagger ensure you a minimum lvl of dci; i mean it's like having a 70 weapon skill; not that great...but better than nothing 4 sure...and tbh...if u are not champing badly...i wouldn't be worried about dci things...the majority of mobs cast spells...and dci there count nothing.
    I wanted to try that strange setup...and i use it on my bard tamer (got provo there too) it's really funny and flexible but...hard for sure.

    My final suggestion is: go 120 chiva and lower both disco (to 90) and vet (to even 80)
    Use the rest of points somewherelse. ( u should have something like 90 free points left and even more if you can use armor/tali with skill bonus too :p)

    If you could reach 120 free points in some way...thinking of disco+120 eva int +120 magery would be cool...(just think of the power of blessing the pet and slayer books...)
    but i guess u'll suffer of mana probs...so maybe medit would be better.....as u see lots of options...it's up to ya really.

    ps. dunno witch wich pet u're going around....but if u wanna use just a cu...uhm..u can even try to go around with lower taming.
  6. My Tamer/Bard template that owns just about everything.

    animal taming 110
    animal lore 85 +25 (110)
    vet 100
    magery 75 +25 (100)
    music 115 +5 (120)
    discord 120
    provoke 115 +5 (120)

    Total Skill Points 720

    Something to think about.
  7. krilov

    krilov Adventurer

    ye basicly same skills, but chiva in addition; i gotta say that i miss 120 chiva...but at the same time...i must recognize that being able to reach 120 magery (with ma ibrid templ -said before) make my tamer an ideal supporter..especially while hunting around with friends. So much more flexibility and being able to both heal u/friends/pets near or far from ya as well as archuring them all...is really something priceless.
    All this goodness got a bad side....i really suffer of mana in the long run....
  8. Yeah mana is a problem and was way worst in the past.

    But with Imbuing/Reforging and certain high end items, the only time I have a mana problem is when I'm trying to run 2 bard masteries and heal with magery for a prolonged time. 18MR on my suit and I'm a human (20 Focus/Meditation) normally I have no mana problems.

    **PS..I think 120 magery is a waste. I've ran at 100 magery for almost 10 years and with the exception of the occasional failure when rezzing, it works just fine.
  9. Montie1123

    Montie1123 Journeyman

    Driven Insane, Any ideas on how to move a few things around to get your templet to work with a younger acct only have 705 sp to work with. In 5ish month ill get another 5. I like the idea of running the Provoke spells to buff my GD or other pet combo, while only using the Disco skill to debuff what im killing. Maybe drop magic some more and get the book with +15 on it? Rework ring/watch to get the most out of them i can?
  10. weins201

    weins201 Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    Montie you can U are kinda screwed since you cap out at 705 those 15 points are kinda critical, cannot lose them in any of the music areas as 120 is critical. now you might be able to use jewelry with more skill mods on them and lower one of the taming ones points low and compensating with jewels??
  11. Montie1123

    Montie1123 Journeyman

    I worked it out to this
    120 music, discord, provocation
    89 taming, lore + 26 on ring/watch for 110 as those are the highest PS i could find so far.
    100 vet all real skill
    65 magery rest on 26 ring/watch and 9 on spell book for 100 just use it for gates, cures a few ranged heals and invis

    not the best set up but its working for me right now.
  12. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    You're going to have one very obvious problem if you want to run a lot of the bard spells.


    Without meditation, you're going to burn through the mana and have to wait for it to rise back up. As someone who never bothers with med I can tell you this can take a while :D Especially if you're also healing yourself on occasion and casting invis. I would really recommend you try this template out on test centre and hunt with it before you make any changes to your main character. Partly to see if the mana is going to be a problem and also to try hunting and see if you really still want to do all the mastery spells too.

    My bard very rarely uses masteries, she has pets, disco and voke at her disposal. I find those are more than enough, and she doesn't tend to use a GD, usually multiple smaller pets instead. Her taming skills are never above 110 unless I'm taking her to tame a new pet somewhere.

    Pulling all the bard skills up to 120 is going to be tight as anything if you want to use real skill.

    I always try to keep skill boost items away from my most important skills in a template. Otherwise you're reliant on certain items and with taming you can't command pets effectively without those items. For me it's essential that my barding and taming skills are 100% reliable regardless of what I wear. Otherwise it's a failed command or provo at a really bad time and oOoOoo :D In your case I'd boost vet and magery up instead of taming/lore. I'd rather not boost vet if I'm honest, but if you really want the bard skills at real 120 there's not much option ;)

    I think it might be easier to decide on provo or disco as your 120 skill and boost the other. Especially if you're not going to have meditation in the template to really support two types of mastery spell and healing/invising yourself. But try killing some stuff on Test Center and just check the template works as you want it to and have a play with the masteries. A lot of templates can look good or bad on paper, then in practice you find they're not as expected lol.

    But please don't take my word for whether the template will work as you want it to. We all play UO differently so try it out before you decide :)

  13. Padre Dante

    Padre Dante Journeyman Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Just my $0.02, but here is what I run (no +skills):

    110 Animal Taming
    115 Animal Lore (these two give me control over most any tameables)
    110 Veterinary (100 is probably fine on < 720 templates)
    100 Magery (could be higher, but I get along just fine)
    120 Discord
    120 Music
    45 Meditation

    I dumped the remaining points in Med. to get whatever mana back that I could. If I really felt like it, I could spend gobs of gold to raise magery, enhance suit (i.e. more MR), imbue skills on jewelry, etc. etc. But really once you buy all of that stuff, I find it not as beneficial to a build that relies strongly on the pets and the discord. I find myself spending more time/gold stressing over scrolls/gear on my sampires, ABC's, pure mages, etc., and far less time/gold stressing over the Disco/Tamer. Recently, I decided to run a suit with LRC/Luck in Shame. All other mods be darned (though the resists are nice to have).

    Again, just my $0.02. To each his/her own...
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012
  14. Logrus

    Logrus UO Legend VIP Stratics Veteran

    If you had that 120 Provo/Disco Template mentioned above and ran the probo mastery spells, you'd be able to seriously pump up party damage. And as for healing, the +20 HP and passive 16-20 hp healed every 4 seconds to everyone is nothing to sneeze at either.

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