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Capture the Fort (PvP) - discussion thread

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by EMSeppo, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    Lol.... Just lol, their pvp banner guild is HEAT and they make certain guilds on baja look like all-stars :)

    It would be very interesting though if an event like this had a gate implemented that allowed guilds to xfer between shards.... Maybe this is an idea that could be implemented for special events :)
  2. Amber Witch

    Amber Witch Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus


    I love this idea but I think that until they allow free character transfer between shards this won't happen. People and their 15 donkeys filled to the brim would be making transfers with goods to trade/sell.

    I know it's easy to say but it would be great if people simply made chars to participate in the event. Make an unknown char and just go die and have fun doing it.
    Leave the ego at home and just come play old school style.
  3. Seppo, Following up on the thread Amber Whitch started.
    If we had 2-3 weeks notice on the next CTF event, then some of us could go to the more popular shards and let people know about it. Its very possible that people would xfer over for it, or make new characters here. I know many guilds that xfer to differnt shards for pvp.
    THanks for the time.
    Noxx(M1S) Minax Factions
  4. Capt.E

    Capt.E Guest

    Duders! I haven't logged into stratics in ages. SO uhhh, I'm deeply offended, GBU! has been reppin' in this event for the last 3 times. All this talk about only one guild is a buncha mumbo-jumbo. The girl scouts made a fine run at it 2 times ago! Although they shoulda offered cookies to throw those nasty reds off trail.

    Yeah it was like 1 vs 20 this last time, but I really feel like I'm getting the hang of it. Next time I will win. Seriously.

    I also like to fight, in case you haven't noticed. I occasionaly also run my mouth in gen chat...all true. It's fun for me, I enjoy both.

    This event could be so much more.

    Unfortunatly, the SI alliance has seen better days as far as people who want to fight. Sorry we just don't have the people to field a team right now guys. There are a few of us, but we are no match for the nearly 20 or so cartel I counted at the last event. Humble pie is hard to swallow sometimes...

    I like the limited teams idea...

    The splitting up members would be cool too...I could play nice for an event. pinkie swear. although communication is paramount in PVP and it definetly isn't happening.

    my final idea is this, what about a king of the hill type competition? only one person can hold the fort.... It would heavily rely on ethics... but if it was an all out war, then any individual would have a shot at it right? I dunno.

    This event could be much more, but let me tell you, it is rare for SI's vent to have more than 5 dedicated PVP'ers on it at any one time.
  5. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    I'd like to gently remind everyone that this thread is for discussing how to improve the event, not indulging in board pvp.

    The EM boards are, by EA's request, more strictly moderated than most. We gave the responsibility for them to our most conscientious and careful moderator. I have reviewed the decisions made and actions taken in regard to this thread. I have no doubts as to their fairness and justness.

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