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Factions Poll

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Berethrain, Mar 29, 2012.


Which of these would increase faction participation most?

  1. Stat Loss Removal/Reduction.

    18 vote(s)
  2. Sigil Corruption Reward

    17 vote(s)
  3. Remove Rank Requirement for Faction Gear.

    26 vote(s)
  4. Lower Corruption/Purfication Time.

    8 vote(s)
  5. Base Revamps.

    10 vote(s)
  6. Fel Guard Removal.

    4 vote(s)
  7. Story Line Arc.

    4 vote(s)
  8. A free bunny.

    10 vote(s)
  9. Other.

    9 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    In order to get as many responses to factions I've posted this poll here and in Factions to get an idea outside of those who already play factions.

    What would you like to see happen? Would you play factions if any of these changes occured?
  2. Cogniac

    Cogniac Grand Inquisitor

    Someone might want to look into the forum poll code here on Stratics. As of this writing, I see 2 votes for "Stat Loss Removal/Reduction" for 50% of the vote, 2 votes for "Remove Rank Requirement for Faction Gear" for 50% of the vote, and 1 vote for "A free bunny." for 25% of the vote.

    That's right, this poll has garnered 125% of the vote!
  3. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Yeah, I'm guessing since I allowed multiple votes it may be throwing the counter off. But I may be wrong.
  4. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    Is the bunny pink, vampire, or vorpal? o_O
    Lord Frodo likes this.
  5. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    It's funny you should ask, I was going to put a pink bunny. However, we will say it's your choice of free bunny.
  6. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    I voted for a slight skill loss timer reduction (maybe 15 minutes?); sigil corruption reward (no clue what would be a tasty carrot that wouldn't wreck the game economy, however); lower corruption/purification time (maybe 6 hours instead of 10 to corrupt and keep the 3 days to purify); base revamps; Fel guard removal. Also, add some new options for faction crafting and maybe find a replacement for Magincia. (I still feel very sad about losing it as a faction town and about losing that stronghold, buggy as it was.)
  7. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Yeah the rewards for corruption is a hard consideration to nothing short of just giving gold. I would like to see usefullness brought back with faction crafters but I'm afraid the result would gear it even more toward item based pvp like faction artifacts did. I'm sure there are good ideas out there, but just need people to give them.

    The main goal here is to get a sense of priority. Perhaps if the devs would tweak the system a little at a time once every patch or once every couple patches, we would gradually see it were we have been hoping since the start.

    I don't think any of us expect them to go out of their way and revamp it all in one shot. Instead give the squeeky wheel a shot of grease ocassionally and I think people will be more content.
  8. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    There may be small fixes that would help such as giving faction crafters crafting bonuses in felucca in an owned town by the faction. Also removing guard rulesets when Minax or Shadowlords capture the towns, depending on which town they capture. So if they capture Yew, no guards in Yew. If they corrupt Skara, no guards in skara. On the otherhand if CoM or TB does corrupt, guard rulesets exist in the corresponding towns.
  9. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    Not sure its that easy to turn off guard zones but that is a good idea. Also the bonus for towns but I think it needs to be even higher.
  10. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Yeah, I would even compromise on the faction gear, instead of removing rank requirements, just lower the requirements needed to wear the highest gear.

    Say the rank 10 gear now would then go to rank 6 or 7?
  11. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    I think thats a bit steep. Think of how rare a crystaline ring or orni is outside of factions. I think they should be 9. Most of the rest of it can probably be dropped some though but the really high end items that are hard to get should remain high to keep their use a bit more limited and as more of a reward for being a points leader.
  12. LordDrago

    LordDrago Certifiable

    Another question regarding this poll is how many of the people answering the poll do not already participate in Factions. These are the people and their reasons fo0r not wanting to participate in factions that need to be looked at.
  13. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    That is a good point Mirt. It may be in the best interest to expand the rank brackets some, starting rank 10 at top 10-15% of scoring. Possibly both reduce top items to rank 9 and expand the brackets, though I'm sure some would still see this as being unfair, but I'd rather not play with anyone who wasn't willing to compromise on changes.

    This is also true, but I was hoping more for incentives to play rather reasons not to play. I assume a lot of people just don't like to pvp. Though I would hope we could gather some of their feedback here regardless of the poll. All is helpful.
  14. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Another possibility would be to remove the percentage scale and base rank on set amount of accumulated points.

    For example

    Rank 1 0 - 5 points
    Rank 2 6-10 points
    Rank 3 11 -15 points
    Rank 4 16-20
    Rank 5 21-25

  15. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Seem simple enough, not a bad compromise.
  16. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    It would have to be scaled if they take no action against the current patch, but the general idea is there. They could then just adjust point decay up per rank level if they decided to keep it.

    Though if working on accumulation it may be best to get rid of decay in a point reset scenario anyways.

    Wouldn't be much of a fall in term of faction gear since many people already have lost some equipment. It would eliminate faction gear quantity cap.
  17. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper


    Like I said, no matter how you think it, the most fair is everyone wearing the same faction artifacts on the PVP playing field to be fair.

    When everyone using the same artifacts, I dont see a particular disadvantage on that? What's wrong with that?!?!?!?!

    As for your point accumulation, I want to laugh, but it is at least MUCH better than what DEV in their head now.

    pt 1-5 = rank 1
    pt 100 = rank 10?

    Yea, very simple trust me, I just go create 7 chars in one of my multiple accounts, then go kick my own arse, I'd be at 42 points in 1 time.

    But honestly, we play factions to PVP. not play factions to maintain our equipments.

    The main point of faction is to PVP, not to keep our equipment on body. Get this straight.

    The only things needed to be changed is the enhance the current guarding/raiding bases content to further make the faction alive. Not by thinking method to restrict people to wear equipment and then force them to maintain their kill points to wear it. Honestly, there will majority who quits this system, once the participation goes down, its over, no matter what you do until another satisfactory enhancement come in.

    I just cant get 1 thing straight from you guys.

    ASSUME there is only Felucca, or assume faction artifacts can only be equipped in Felucca, will you guys still cry if Faction equipment can be used by ANYONE even newbies who have the heart to try pvp?
  18. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Ok another STATISTIC FACT, I wanted to prove is as per following, which no one can disagree:-

    Factions came out in around 2000

    Participations Rate = Many pvpers joined (due to the population of UO at that time is quite high compare to now)

    After 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Participation Rate of Factions = ?????????????????? if not a big fat "0", its also nearly in the "0" range. Recall your memory that during this time, what are every pvpers doing? they're playing under blue/reds in YEW gate/Britain gate fighting places. Right?

    After 2008, faction artifacts implemented, Participation Rate of Factions = ??????????????? MAJORITY have joined factions and pvp UP TO THIS DATE until this bullcrap Pub 75 kicks in, whereas I see much more blues than factioners now!

    So what this FACT, DATA tell us?

    I think everyone should've the answer already.

    And honestly, before Pub 75 announcement kicks in. I honestly, don't see SO MANY whines as per now and SO MANY posts as per now discussing about factions problem.

    So basically, Pub 75 is trying to solve a VERY VERY small problem and enlarge it to a VERY VERY big problem.

    This is FACT, and no arguement should be inputted. FACT cannot be twisted. OK?
  19. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    Except when you confuse "FACT" with "personal belief."
    Lord Frodo, Raptor85 and ShadowTrauma like this.
  20. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper


    Personal Belief.

    What happens to PVP back in 2007?

    Faction is alive with full of participations or dead?

    Its dead and that is a fact. Everyone is pvping under REDS/BLUEs at that moment.

    After faction artifacts 2008, faction participations = decline or increase up until now?

    SIR, this is fact, and cannot be twisted. Personal Belief is only from your side. Thank you.
  21. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    *pats slayer888 on the head*
  22. Raptor85

    Raptor85 Certifiable

    On every shard I've played on, faction participation and pvp in general has declined severely since 2008. PVP is pvp though, what does it matter to you if people do it as faction or not? Id much rather see more people pvping in general than people deciding not to as they feel as if they're forced to leave their guild and join factions to compete.
  23. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way Professional Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    is this poll valid and worth salvaging? I am about to shut down most faction threads to consolidate it all into one thread.
  24. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    I won't get into specifics because it would just bore people to tears and I tend to think you would probably gloss over it as well. However before the artifacts were added, there were definitely people on the North American shards who regularly participated in and enjoyed factions without any need for artifacts or other special rewards. There may not have been a whole lot of them, but remember that at that point in time you could only put one character per shard per account into factions and each faction was limited to no more than 200 characters and couldn't be significantly larger than any of the other factions. So, no you weren't going to see tons and tons of faction characters per shard simply because of those limitations. But on many of the shards, there were still groups of people regularly trying to outfox each other to get those sigils corrupted and to get control of the towns andwho were also enjoying the puzzled reactions of folks who saw them on a war horse or couldn't heal or rez them when they participated in a Trammel event like the ophidian invasion.

    It probably seems pathetically simple to some people now and something they couldn't care less about, but I know I enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the people I met along the way. I liked it because it required a tremendous amount of teamwork to be successful at it. I also had a tremendous amount of respect for the dedicated faction thieves who kept track of the sigils and worked hard to make sure they were ready to be guarded and fought over on the weekends or other convenient times to maximize everyone's fun.
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  25. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    Yeah, it's a good poll.
  26. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Tina I also enjoyed the fun of factions of guarding and corruption of sigils.

    But the main point of destroying faction here is not the faction artifacts. Its the decline of faction participations that come out the faction artifacts.

    Please understand this main point.

    What faction artifacts does is bring back up the participations of factions OVERALL worldwide. This is a fact which we cannot twist around.
  27. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    *pats Martyna Zmuir on the head*
  28. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Uh, excuse me sir. Off topic more.

    This is what?

    Faction Poll.

    You come here tell us that the main point is about getting up the pvp and not about factions. But this topic is factions, so I don't know what you're doing here.

    You come inside here and you tell us that faction participations in general has declined since 2008. Which you're snapping yourself and DEV in the face. Because the fact which cannot be twisted is that Factions have an substantial increase in numbers after 2008 once faction artifacts implemented compare that to 2007.

    Which in this stage, people are still fighting within faction characters.

    2007 majority of pvpers are fighting under reds/blues.

    The fact again cannot be twisted, please try again.
  29. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    *sics the shark from the "Coming Soon..." thread on slayer888*

    Sorry, but your subjective reality doesn't become a fact just because you beat it into the ground. :bdh:

    While factions did have a resurgence after artifacts were introduced in Oct. '08, active participation has been waning since mid-2009. Artifacts haven't been enough to keep it alive, just on life support.
    Lord Frodo likes this.
  30. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    It's unfortunate there's no website that can be used any longer to update the comparison JC the Builder started back in this thread:

    Updated Faction Participation Audit | Stratics Forums

    Do keep in mind, though, that he was only able to count guilds and their members that could be discerned from looking up guild membership for the characters with the most points on each shard. These numbers are just a rough estimate because they may not account for characters who weren't in a guild or weren't good enough/active enough to be in the "top 10."

    Also, and very importantly, do not forget that in early 2008, you could only have one character per account per shard in factions. The second set of numbers was taken after that changed and you could put every character on your account in a faction, if you wanted to.
  31. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Excuse me sire.

    And the fact is that faction artifacts still provide more factions fights nowadays than when we're without it back in 2007?


    Fact is fact, I don't know how you could twist the fact.

    Let me point you out the below points:-

    2000 - participations of factions is nice, because its a new system and back in 2000, UO populations seems so much more than now?

    2006-2007 - participations of factions = CRAPPY

    2008 - because participations of factions = crappy, so they implemented faction artifacts

    2008-2012 (before pub 75) - participations in faction pvp fights still exist and ongoing in many shards, with so few threads whining about factions. Where were you then? Howcome you suddenly come out and whine about faction artifacts when its being destroyed by UO? Why not you whine about it when it exists? HUH?

    2012 (after pub 75) - participations in faction pvp fights has a BIG decline, because I cant see more than 2-3 faction opposing members in this 2 days

    My main point is, faction artifacts IS NOT the key that destroyed factions pvp, its the lack of new content and boredom that does!

    Your arguement contained the following statement, and you said you are making sense:-

    #1. I said everyone have the same opportunites to wear all faction artifacts, then where is the unfairness

    Your answer: You said those who don't join factions will be in a disadvantage.

    YOU SEE, just by this ONE POINT already proven you DONT make sense at all.

    Factions is restricted? Why can't you join? Why don't you join?

    1. You dont like joining faction because you scare to lose 20 mins of gameplay time upon your death? Whine more please?
    2. You dont like joining faction because you dont like using the faction artifacts? Then when other is using it, you said NO. WTF!!

    So if someone is more rich than you, and you come up and said no and tell the god that its not fair? WTF

    And you call yourself making sense... GEEZZ!!!!!
  32. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Governor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    I voted for a free bunny, because I don't think anything is going to help anymore and well... who wouldn't want a free bunny.
    Lord Frodo and Mirt like this.
  33. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    It's quite interesting to browse through archived copies of the old faction home page from the official UO site. You can find them on the www.archive.org site by plugging this address into the search bar on that site " http: // town. uo. com / factions / " (minus all the blank spaces). Have fun looking at the slightly more recent pages with all the guilds and characters from Asuka and Yamato, each with literally hundreds of millions, if not billions, of points.

    Below are some of the pages that will actually show you something when you click on their link. (Saves you a bit of time clicking on links that don't take you anywhere interesting.)

    September 12, 2008 ( ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community )

    December 7, 2008 ( ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community - Look at all the point holders!!!!! Absolutely ludicrous and yet the devs didn't do a darn thing as this situation was developing....)

    January 29, 2009 (ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community )

    April 28, 2009 (ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community )

    June 28, 2009 ( ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community )

    August 26, 2010 ( ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community )

    March 12, 2011 ( ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community )

    And to round out the list, might as well through in a link to the Factions home page on the official UO website, which was last updated October 20, 2011: ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community .
  34. LordDrago

    LordDrago Certifiable

    I like bunnies. They are quite tender and tasty.

    I can see a little glimmer of what Slayer888 is trying to get at, however, Faction participation should not be a requiremert to have equal equipment footing in PvP - which is what Slayer888 seems to be advocating.
  35. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Honestly Drago, everyone have equal skills template 120/120/120/120/120 or whatever you're to customize. So if you bring this point up, the arguement can be endless.

    Either people nowadays stay blue, and runic/imbue/reforge their own suits to pvp, or they stay in faction and use the faction artifacts combined with their imbue/runic/reforge suits to pvp. The purpose is still to customize the above basic suits to pvp. Keep it simple.

    You're an archer, I am an archer.

    We are both 120 archery, what's wrong with this?

    You're an archer, I am an archer.

    We are both using faction artifact hat of +20 archery? What's wrong with this?

    Archer seeks for what?

    #1. 120 archery
    #2. 45 hci
    #3. 40 lmc, resist
    #4. 100 di
    #5. 45 dci
    #6. 25 hpi
    #7. mr/mi/si, etc.

    My proposal is that, we remove the inconvenient gap of what UO needed us to do now first. In this, we could also remove partially the equipment requirement compare to weaker and stronger player. Pub 75 tells us that, you either have to be the 3 types of people to be able to survive in factions:-

    1. You need to be a nerd and play UO all the time
    2. You need to guard sigils for 10 hours
    3. You need to make sure you LAST kill your peeps

    The only solution to this is to remove Rank Requirement totally making it a BASIC fair ground for everyone who participates into faction first.

    I have also proposed that of the following to solve with Trammel problem:-

    1. Make it 20/40/60 mins stat loss for any factions who die in trammel ruleset by monsters/npc
    2. Make it certain area will unequip of faction artifacts
    3. Remove the bonus and grant the faction artifacts cursed upon entering trammel ruleset; return to insured and the bonus upon entering Felucca again
    4. Just unequip all faction gear upon entering Trammel

    1st part: We open all artifacts for everyone to use whoever who have the will to pvp and join factions
    2nd part: We enhance the current guarding/raiding bases. Remove the stupid 10 hours of stealing and guarding. Make it a FIXED time every few nights for guarding/defending.
    3rd part: Make guarding and defneding have PURPOSES.
    4th part: Make the involvement of player and participation group for controlling towns to increase (such as, crafter, trammies, felucca, pvmer specialist, pvp specialist, etc..) to have the equal opportunites to participates into these type of random events.
  36. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran


    I'll give you 10 bucks to ban slayer.
  37. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    ban slayer?

    Oh please cry me a river...

    Berethrain "OHhh I can't debate good enough with slayer! Please ban him!"

    Same as your logic, "Ok, hes in a faction, he gets to use the artifacts faction provided. But I am not in faction and its unfair that I can't use the artifacts! ITS NOT FAIR! REMOVE THE ARTIFACTS!!!"

    That's how you sound like now. Come on.
  38. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    There's nothing to debate Slayer, your whole argument is wanting faction gear to be untied with rank. You think this will make factions fair. That's pretty much it, beyond that you pretty much try to obfuscate everything else to make your point.

    For example, the point decay.

    You tell me we won't know about the 1% point decay for days, yet they had already patched it to all shards. Then you tell me you knew.

    No, you didnt know you just didnt want to admit you were wrong. You offer nothing productive to any conversation Ive had with you, in fact in detriment to pretty much all threads I've seen you in.

    Your demeanor actually almost closed this thread down. Would I pay 10 bucks to Kelmo to ban you so the rest of us could actually get use out of the poll? Absolutely.

    Instead repeating your two main points, that devs ruined factions and that faction gear needs to be untied with rank, make the effort to be part of the solution, not the problem.
    Lord Frodo, ShadowTrauma and Mirt like this.
  39. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    1. Asides from the faction artifacts being untied to rank, there are various parts I have proposed to improve faction pvps. But then you're too biased that you only focus on 1 point to attack all of the time

    2. The patch just get in for 3 days, UO said its a 1%, yes, they said its a freakin 1% based on a scaling chance, but why I would say we wouldn't know the result after several days? Because basically, I need to get on my chars and see if it really is decaying at 1% per day which isn't. The first day I had 7 points, the 2nd day i have 5 points, now I stay at 4 points. So the decay rate is not what they mentioned at 1%. OH MY GOD, you're not reading?

    3. By talking smack on me and saying I keep yapping on the two main points doesn't prove that you've any points at all.

    I have stated the fact of everyone owning the same artifacts fighting on the field is fair or not, but you yourself just wouldn't accept this simple fact that it is! Who is wrong here?

    You even opened up this poll and look at the result you have had up there? Now the highest poll from majority seems agree to what I said?

    I am lost, because you are confusing yourself in your words. Thank you for your time.
  40. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Well Slayer, I say this because the majority of your posts revolve around the two points. Not just on this particular thread, but on all of them.

    Yes, I've seen where you made some suggestions some good, some bad. And that's great. Your input is appreciated as anyone elses so long we maintain civilty in the forums.

    As far as the decay rate, I've not noticed it decaying that quickly for me. I was at 68 points one day, next day I was at 67. So the problem must be unique to you or your shard. I would send a report in about it.

    Yes, you've stated that everyone owning the gear would be fair. The majority of my responses to you is that they were not meant to be fair. They were meant to be used as incentive to continuously participate to get the highest rank gear. Also, it was not meant to suit everyones characters in both factions and trammel.

    Do you agree people are using the gear in trammel?
    As far as the poll, it is good to see people expressing their interest in factions. I worry some people simply voting more than once on several accounts, but if they need that to make a point thats fine because the rest of the poll has also encouraged some sort of direction towards faction interest. And hopefully even a fix.

    That was the overall goal.

    I don't really intend to debate your point about the gear slayer, because we do disagree. You want it in terms of fairness, I want it in terms of incentive. So the best outcome here is to agree to disagree.

  41. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Berethrain, I find that what you've not posted is not smack talking so which I should be polite.

    As for your opinion and idea, I have come up with following proposals:-

    1. Currently, we should treat the artifacts as the 1st incentive and basics for every single players a welcome message to try out factions in Felucca and in pvp.

    2. After point #1 is fulfilled, we should revamp the current faction system to create another incentive that will be long lasting forever. The only ways to improve UO and improve gameplay out of boredom is to create random event/occassions. In which many things you wouldn't be able to expect unless you go and try it. Which is the biggest incentive for participations. Some examples and supportive can be referred such as the EM events recently.

    In my other posts, I have suggested the idea of the following with restrictions such as:-

    a.) Players who joined factions have the opportunities to wear the faction artifacts of all upon purchasing by silver coins.
    b.) Players who entered Trammel with the faction items:-

    restrictions options:-

    #1. all faction artifacts bonus will be disappeared
    #2. all faction artifacts will auto uneqiupped upon entering Trammel ruleset
    #3. incur 20mins or 30mins or even up to 60 mins of stat loss for any factioners who die under trammel ruleset by monsters/npc
    #4. upon entering several areas of trammel ruleset (such as the bosses, doom guantlet, etc..) area, faction artifacts will be unequipped automatically

    c.) Grant commanding lord the ability to remove all traps through the faction stronghold once every 24 hours
    d.) Remove sigils totally from the system
    e.) implement another guarding/defending bases system with more interactive and fixed time schedule. Say for example "8pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday" in consecutive routine of TB base, SL base, CoM base, Minax base. Town crier and faction messages will be presented to everyone who is online 1 hour prior to the battle as a reminder.
    f.) Faction guarding/raiding have a total of 2 hours span
    g.) Instead of sigil, Faction Warlord will be replaced as the KEY npc who determine the winnings of the defenders of that base.
    For example, TB is guarding, TB Faction Warlord will be appeared in the throne room within that 2 hours of war, other opposing factions are to kill this Faction Warlord within the 2 hours.
    h.) spawn of silver coins (each pile 100), will be spawned all over the ground upon the death of the Faction Warlord. TB faction cannot attack it's Faction Warlord, only opposing members can. Top 16 players with the top damage will be having a 1% chance to get "random rewards". (Random rewards ranged from most things that exist in UO exclude for the ultra rares/em rares/ etc..)
    h.1) silver coins will be placed randomly to up to 16 players (from 1k-2k range), to each and every single player within the faction stronghold in their backpack. Top 16 players under the highest contribution points (to be explained below) will also have Approximately 5-10% chance of getting "random rewards". (Random rewards ranged from most things that exist in UO exclude for the ultra rares/em rares/ etc..)
    i.) faction commanding lord have the ability to create and control faction guards in the faction stronghold, there will be a limit of up to 2 in level one and up to 10 guards maximum in level 4 upon upgrades and will consume the silver coins directly from the faction stone.
    j.) Successfully guarding the base will grant TB, the ability to control and customize their town : Britain

    TB = Britain
    SL = Yew
    CoM = Moonglow
    Minax = Skara Brae

    k.) Commanding can appoint up to 5 finance ministers and 5 sheriff of Britains
    l.) The control of Britain lasts 1 week
    m.) Random EVENTS will be occuring for any controlled town within the week. Event will be announced 1 day prior to it's happening.

    Random events can involve:-
    - pvp fights related
    - pvm fights related
    - crafting related
    - treasure hunting related
    - scvanger hunt related
    - solving puzzles
    - pvp tutorial that intend to guide newer players to understand more about UO, factions and PVP (functions similar to quest of new Haven)
    - etc......

    n.) Functions of finance ministers and sheriff of Britains has been revamped in which the finance minsters and sheriff must have a very high cooperative teamwork in order to make their town upgrades.
    o.) Finance minsters are mainly based on the economy of the town itself on generating faction silvers for the town. Faction silvers can be used to upgrade different facilities and construction of the town.
    p.) Sheriffs are mainly based on keeping the town clear of crimnals from other faction npcs/players/thievery etc... Each sheriff can have the ability to only place 1 town guard for patrolling in 1st level and up to 5 in highest "4th level".

    Contributions of guarding/defending base table:-

    1. There will be different structures of facilities in every faction stronghold
    2. Walls, canons, or some other structures that are purchased through faction stones by the faction commanding lord
    3. Walls, canons, or some other structures CANNOT be damaged by own factions

    The table below is just example and consists of how points are arranged:-

    Upon the start of battle, every single faction players will have a POINT system in their character. This POINT system CAN be stored for the next defending (works same as the doom system); so meaning the more participation, the higher chance you get your opportunities to roll for "random rewards" in the end of the defending (assume you're the winning party). Upon rolling and checked that you've gotten your roll chance (whether u get your reward in that 5-10% or not regardlessly), point will be resetted for that character.

    Earn points table:-

    1. last killing an opposing members will get 2 point (cannot repeatly killing the same)
    2. damage which contribute to the death of an opposing members will get 1 point (cannot work repeatly on same victim)
    3. repair walls/canons, etc.(only can be done by crafter with the required crafting skills; some area, require tailoring and material, some area require tinkering and material, etc........) 2 points per structure for highest contribution; cannot get point for repairing the same facility over and over within 5mins again. Only damaged structure can be repaired to get point; if 1 crafter is repairing first, he will gets 2 points in the end of repair process, the others only get 1 point on the repair and process of repair can speed up if multiple crafters repair altogether.
    4. healing friendly members/guards who is getting damaged by opposing faction members; any damage caused by self destruction will NOT grant any points to the healer. After a set amount of healing/curing, 1 point will be granted
    5. other functions to be added....

    Anyways, not gonna type too long, but above is just my 1/10 part of proposal for enhancing factions.
  42. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    You know, if factions were as busy as slayers posting alone there wouldn't be any problem with factions right now...lol
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  43. Lady Michelle

    Lady Michelle Sprite Full SP Stratics Veteran


    Could make it where you only get faction points in or around the faction towns,and same with the bases in and around them. No faction points for killing an enemy at the champ spawns they are not faction related.
    Defenders of the bases also should get points not as much as the ones who pvp but least something. trackers, healers, etc.
    ill go for revamping faction bases as long as the bases are equally made.
  44. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Actually my proposal cover a wide range of new ideas for faction revamp and it is good if more people can provide opinion such as where to improve, where to delete etc...

    Just want to center the key focuses on:-

    1. guarding/raiding bases under a fixed schedule and in routine for TB/COM/SL/Minax
    2. provide the purposes of guarding bases and controlling towns
    3. give more meaning to controlling towns based on random events that can involve WHOLE range of players (pvm,pvp,crafter,roleplay,newbies,trammies, etc...)
    4. provide an incentive for more players to join into factions for participations and TRY pvp (if they can't even have competitive suits to pvp, they can't have any tutorial or warms up, how can they get interested in the system and become one of the competitive pvpers, without this happening, UO pvp will be dead one day.)
    5. provide the importance of a pvmer, pvper, crafter, tracker, stealther, or whatever template you name during the base guarding scenrio. (this part I am still thinking, but again it would be pointless, if DEVs just never listened and have their own ways)

    Anyhow, Pub 75 is a failure, the decay rate is off. It is not 1% per day, it is at least 1 point per day whether you are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 points. The rank system is also a joke. Being the top 20% of kill points only shows a Rank 5 status.

    Anyways, if they dont revert to the previous patch Rank System, I will guarantee factions participations rate will decline to 2006-2007 status. Moreover, more accounts will be unsubscribed. I already deserrted 2 accounts so far.
  45. CovenantX

    CovenantX Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    I Agree with this 100%, it would allow people to x-shard pvp a lot easier without needing to maintain points, I have way too many templates I play, and more accessible pvp playing multiple shards is all I want from factions.

    making artifacts un-equip in tram sounds like a good idea to me so it wouldn't devalue the original artifacts.
  46. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    You agree to this 100%, but problem is DEV wont care 100%.

    That's all I want to say :)
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