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Gold in EM event Items compared to Spawn Items

Discussion in 'UHall' started by garillo, May 3, 2012.


Is UO gold wrapped up in EM event items or Fel spawn items

  1. Yes

    7 vote(s)
  2. No

    4 vote(s)
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  1. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    What is the attraction to EM event items that makes them worth so much more than items obtained through Felucca spawns? Once a week there is an event that hands out more items, worth more, than most people could match through Fel spawning in said week. Unless of course there is great luck involved (not in the 'mods on my suit' sense) On top of that, you cannot bring multiple character slots off the same account to come collect your "freebie" from a spawn, whereas you can do this for a majority of event items.

    There is a 30% TOTAL chance of a special item drop (10%shared, 15%decorative, 5%unique) with the chances of getting an actual desired item much, much smaller seeing as these drop rates are split among a set of mostly useless items (cleanup points, which rewards have already lost their value seeing as the system has been in place for so long with no end in sight). This number is even more diluted, for personal income ($), when more than one person is working the spawn, but for this thread's sake we will assume we are soloing. Of all the items offered by these spawns, only 5-7 are actually sought after because of the income they can bring. These are mainly the stealth cloak, detective boots (3 diff versions might I add), Glad collar (unique 5% drop), LT sash, and maybe a few other deco pieces or whatever you'd see as suitable as plugging into the 1-3 open slots of my previous 5-7 item claim.

    This leads to the problem of prioritizing spawns you would work for money, as a Semidar or Rikki spawn has more valuable items on their loot tables compared to say, a Memphitis, but take longer (40mins-1hr solo, depending on the player) than other spawns to work. Essentially, this means you cannot chain these spawns over and over in hopes of getting an item drop for income because they are constantly watched (unless in the wee hours of the morn) and highly sought after. I point this out because this means you cannot dedicate 100% of your allocated play time to participating in spawn farming.

    With that being said...

    Scrolls (6 without a protector, 12 with) have lost a lot of their value seeing as the markets are flooded with them, with the exception of magery/mysticism/resist and the VERY few others that carry a nice 7-8mil+ value. The chances of one of these dropping @120 value are very minute, and binding scrolls up to 120 is a long grind seeing as it takes 10 of a specific skill to up a single scroll to the next tier (not necessarily 120, just the next tier). There are 35 skills (someone double check my counting, I attended public school) these drops will be split among that can exceed the 100 cap, most carrying little value. If you were to increase the drop rate, it would only further depreciate the value of these scrolls. If you were to decrease the drop rate, you would only be making the grind that much longer, removing the appeal, as it would only be a temp fix until vendors emptied their inventories...

    We will go ahead and take the 5% glad collar drop as an example (it is higher end monetary value and the 5% is a nice round number, and a nicer drop rate than say, an LT sash, which shares the 10% drop with 2-4 other items on all tables offered) I will spend 20 champion runs, statistically, to get a Glad collar worth 14-20mil. This is 13.3 - 20 hours of playtime for a replica drop (40min-1hr solo spawns), 120 scrolls (without protector) or 240 scrolls (with a protector). A vast majority of these scrolls, as previously stated, have little or no value as the market already has plenty to offer. This is NOT taking into account that you have the chance (and a good one when soloing in non middle of the night hours) to lose all of your work seeing as these areas are in Fel ruleset. This is purely uninterrupted spawning.

    How can this compare to a CONSISTENT once-a-week handout where you can take 6 different character slots to an event, click on a statue for a reward, and sell 6 of your bottom tier items for 1-2mil? Thats 6-12 mil, per account, for 15 minutes of clicky time compared to 13+ hour grinds for a near equivalent value. This doesn't even take into consideration that you have the chance to get a 100mil item, these are just bottom of the barrel handout items. I should also point out a majority of these events can be done ALONE, whereas Fel spawns can require teamwork. As a matter of fact, the only items off bosses that drop worth near this value are offered almost exclusively to trammel ruleset (Abyss Bosses) Did I mention you can get these handouts, a vast majority of the time, completely uncontested from the safety of a trammel ruleset?

    What I am proposing: Alternate the ruleset in which events take place weekly/biweekly so all player role choices can participate.

    Why: To bring a deserved value to these items.

    It seems to be a common argument that Fel is empty and Trammel is uber popular. So we can all agree that the number of people participating will greatly outnumber those trying to oppose. The weekly handouts/events should benefit ALL playstyles, instead of just catering to one. Does this not seem fair?

    Please do not reply to this thread if you can only say "Fel killed this game". There is a difference between "Fel killed this game" and "Fel killed this game for ME". You must distinguish the difference between the two. Such statements are not supported by any evidence, as populations were healthier when Fel:Tram ratios were more even. The only relation of rulesets and populations shows with the implementation of more trammel rulesets came a decline in population.
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  2. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    Note: The poll was worded very poorly. Should correctly read "Is UO gold wrapped up in EM event items" Probably too late to change, but I'd appreciate it if it could be so that the correct public opinion can be seen. If it can't be changed we will at least share a laugh with those who have their mind explode while trying to comprehend it.
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  3. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Simple answer to the above question... Rarity. EM events rarely, if ever drop the same item more than once. Even if you have a 1 of 20 item there are lots of collectors out there, who have a rather large bankroll and are willing to pay for that specific pixel shape and name. Items that are obtained through spawns are not limited in any number. Most of the power scrolls fell in value because the numbers of new players who actually need them has diminished over the years. Supply and demand is in full effect on both EM Items and those available from spawning.

    On Atlantic, the way EM Items are distributed these days prevent people from bringing multiple character slots from the same account to get the "clicky" type item though. I am not sure how other shards do theirs because I only attend Atlantic events when I am able.
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  4. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    Wow I'm not sure where to begin with this, I'm at work and on my phone but had to make a quick response :)

    First off you should know what u are talking about before u make statements such as "u can run 6 chars for items zomg!!!!!!" or "most of these events can be soloed for a 100 mil item!" u kinda lost all credibility when u made statements like this. Out of all the shards there has been maybe 3-5 TOTAL click events, according to your once a week statement the number should be around 10 shards x 20 weeks = 200 rare click items!!!!!! Secondly the 100+ mil items are usually a 10 item drop event and your compete ting with 75-100 sometimes 200 people. Lastly using your math you have more of an opportunity to make told doing spawns than doing event drops. Event drops aren't garanteed, if u average, according to your math, a collar drop + scrolls + gold + Artie's u can average an easy 30 mil on the LOW end worth of items every 20 hours. Soooo say 7 days a week u can average 30 mil that's 210 mil easy u can snag as opposed to the POTENTIAL of an event drop and mind u 70% of events have no drop and 95% have no clicky.
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  5. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    I guess a simpler response is if u feel the way u do in your post then do events and stop spending 30 hours doing spawns for gold only to complain about it. Also please don't respond with "I do the spawns for fun and enjoy them!" if u didn't this post wouldn't exists so you lost the right to use that response.
  6. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    I am more of pointing out that to gain that kind of income, the game becomes a job from a fel aspect. Money is handed away at Em events. To say the scrolls and new gear's demand is down because of the lack of players, why hand Fel such a trait but point it out as it's shining quality?

    Your math from the 30 mil a day seems to have no variables, like I had pointed out (fel competition). The competition of other players and being able to negate your work, etc. Even by your math.... 13 FULL uninterrupted hours a day. 13/24hours. When do I work and attend my real life? I do not find 30mil a day to be a realistic value because as I pointed out, a majority of these arties will not sell. There is only a SMALL number of them that are actually in demand.
  7. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    Way to bring new and exciting ideas to the thread! I always enjoy someone who stimulates thought. I'd like to appreciate all aspects of the game, as a lot of hard work was put into it as a whole. From this standpoint, it would be silly to overlook all of the time that was put into the spawning system. I partake in both the events and spawning systems.
  8. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    I guess I just don't understand the point of the topic other than have more em events in fel that can potential drop items, right?
  9. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    It's more about the even and fair distribution of opportunities to acquire such items with all play styles, including those that are barred from entering the only rule set that currently offers these. This is a role playing game, right? Why make such an exclusive thing available to only those who chose a different role?
  10. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Sorry, but it has been that way for years and years. Any player who chooses not to PvP or does not want to run the risk of having to PvP have been barred from entering the Fel champs. The scrolls have been exclusive to those players who like/risk PvP, except through purchases. Why should turn about not be fair play?

    Speaking on Atlantic only once again. I know there have been EM events tried in Fel, the only problem with it was the "kiddies" can not be adult enough to control themselves while the event is going on. And this was at a PvP tourney that had very very limited rules. I would imagine it's that type of mentality that keeps EM's thinking to themselves..... "Why even bother?" It's ALOT of work to put on events, and I would imagine very frustrating to see all that work fall by the wayside because some folks can't participate in the right ways. Just my .02 tho
  11. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    So then you would agree that all power scrolls and stats should be dropped on tram side?
  12. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus


    That was my line of thinking also. They say great minds think alike... I reckon we just proved Idiotic ones do too :gee:
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  13. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    *shakes fist* I thought the same dang thing the second after i posted and saw yours above me!

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  14. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    They are of little value, yet you all seem to think they have so much worth. Even after having said they're value is low because of the lack of new players. I would think this is a fair trade. Trammel can have scroll drops at half of Fel's rate, if Fel can have Event item drops at half of Trammel's rate.
  15. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    No need for insinuations or personal attacks here. I am asking for ideas and feedback. I can appreciate your Pixel crack and people having the pockets to want to pay such high prices for them. Such a shame to see someone wearing a badge violate the very RoC I am spammed with every time I go to a different page on the stratics forums.
  16. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    And btw, those who choose not to PvP are not barred from spawning. They are only holding themselves back, and not physically barred by a game mechanic since you all like technicalities. This is like saying you refuse to wear armor that has been imbued vs imbued armor. It is a preference.
  17. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran

    I make more money overall from pvp and spawns than I do events...

    Spawns - Easy to solo
    Highend scrolls sell for 7+m
    Oaks Skulls - 7m each
    Replicas - LT Sash - 25m Collar - 19m - +20 Stealth Cloak - ~40m ect.
    Harrowers - 32 Scrolls, +25s are 3.5-5m

    ^ And all of that could be over the course of one day. Meanwhile, events arent garunteed to be every week, they arent garunteed to have a drop either. The line of thinking that , it is CONSISTENT event, and CONSISTENT drops is FAR FAR off. I wont even get into that the "Clickies" are not as common as you make it seem. Like Cyanide mentioned, there has only been ~3 clickies (not including asain shards) this event year, which is also spread out amongst shards. The shards with clickies were as follow - 1 on Napa, 1 Pacific, 1 on Baja.

    Also, like others have mentioned, the new loot system makes it so the items drop directly into your backpack, dropped by ONE boss. This makes it so, unless you have multiple accounts doing high damage/healing, you are only going to get 1 item. The days of the top guys getting multiples of each item is gone. Also is gone is the old excuse of "scripters" looting corpses.

    ** Also you cant, SOLO an event. While you dont need your guild there, you are WITH lots of people. Also the bosses are hardly soloable most of the time, with multiple people competing for the item. Meanwhile spawns are done by 1 sampire, with another account the protect.
  18. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Sorry to split hairs here..... but..... they are just as barred as the "red" is. They are not physically barred from events either, they too can have a blue char. Both are holding themselves back by their choice, and the player makes that choice.
  19. Larisa

    Larisa UO Origin News Reporter Staff Stratics Veteran

    EM Event items are very different.

    After attending one such event on Origin and receiving one of the coveted event items, I always go onto the Rares Trader Forums to see who's gonna sell it.

    This particular item sold for almost 500 million gold...!!!! When I saw the price, I was shocked! So of course, I asked...*Why is this particular item worth so much?*

    As far as EM Event items go, they are usually re-hued models of something we already have in the game. What model they use, what color it is, if it has any effects, item rarity and just personal interest all go into how much each particular item sells for.

    This particular item was a re-hued Incubator, void color, the black with sparkly colored stars, and it makes a puff of smoke when double-clicked.

    The name also plays into what an item is worth. This item in particular is A Piece of a mysterious Control Panel.

    So as far as comparing EM Event items to Doom/Spawn Items..it's like comparing apples to oranges. One is fairly easy to obtain, all of the items are the same...Color, name, stats etc. And one is not.

    So to answer the question...no not ALL gold is wrapped up in EM Event items....as not everyone has the gold to spend on them....but a far amount of it is....and I think that's a good thing, everyone has their own *thing* they like..whether it's growing plants, collecting set pieces, or collecting EM/Rare items..there's something for everyone.
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  20. Bob the Merchant

    Bob the Merchant Adventurer

    If you are proposing alternating between fel and tram...its already been done. Some shards refuse to do these in fel because of how people act there. Am I generalizing? Not a bit, it is well known that the trolling and idiocracy in fel go to a whole new level when introduced to an EM event.

    Unfortunately as long as people think that fel means anything goes (attitude wise) you will get little head wind for fel events.

    Besides, don't blame the EMs if you don't have a blue. No one is forcing you NOT to come to trammel with us. Feel free to join in, in Tram...everyone is welcome...and not just those who have the most reds.
  21. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    Apparently you could not comprehend his statement. He was poking fun at ME because we made the same general post within a few seconds of each other, his idiotic comment was directed not at you but towards ME in good jest.
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  22. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    Sure if you want to completely not acknowledge the drops rates I cited, or the Fel variable into any of the math. I pointed out soloing for the thread's sake. And the fact more expensive arties drop from Trammel spawns (Abyss/peerless bosses)

    Yes, you COULD do all of that in one day and get those drops. With INCREDIBLE luck and a dead shard On what shard, solo and uncontested? Oaks skulls go for 7mil because of the fact EVERY guild that has a Fel presence has its eyes on it. Just because there is a very small single digit percent I COULD make more money, does not mean it is balanced.

    Only 3 events? I recall taking multiple characters on multiple accounts to Trammel Brit bank for my Easter Handout on GL. Each basket is posted for 5mil per on the Raresfest Vendors on Great Lakes. Funny enough, almost all of the items at Raresfest are event items, have messana's name on them, are rubble, or are a trammel based item. Very few are old school server birth/Fel only items, and of those that are they've been kept safely in Tram ever since.
  23. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    You must not be building the right chars because I can solo semidar/rikktor/and oaks in under an hour 20 mins on a bad day, and coon.... lol that spawn is a joke and can be soloed out in 30 mins. Its EASY to make 50 mil a day doing champ spawns if you know what your doing and just get half lucky with an arti drop and some decent power scrolls *20 mage/mystic/eval all run for 8-12 mil a pop*

    As for the Easter bunny drops... those aren't em scheduled events so you can't lump that into *clickies* which you are trying to do.
  24. I 100% disagree with the "even and fair distribution of opportunities to acquire such items with all play style" thought. All play styles are not equal - My miner does very poorly at champ spawns.

    What I don't understand after reading all your posts above, why do you care how much gold someone else has or gets for selling a rare item?
  25. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    Thats the path I was trying to lead him down before. This has nothing to do with gold or items, its another *Lets lure noobies to fel so I can roll em and lol*. I've pvped in uo since I started in 99 and still to this day pvp on numerous shards, and i've learned one thing, usually the people who advocate things like this are those who are bad at pvp and can't compete with those who are in fel TOO pvp so they need some way to lure a segement of the population into forced pvp so they have someone they can actually compete against.
  26. Okay... I didn't get that out of his posts - I am operating of very little sleep today and took it as a serious suggestion. However, if that really is garillo's purpose, he should have stated that outright at the beginning.
  27. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    So if we join the cult do we have to drink the kool-aid?

    Any thread that suggests anything to do with Fel is not a "Lets lure noobies to fel so I can roll them" It's about utilizing landmass and rulesets efficiently when so much time has been put into it as a whole. Besides, we've already been over that there are no "noobies" in this game. Population growth moves with veteran players activating and deactivating multiple accounts.
  28. Cyanide_Mage

    Cyanide_Mage Sage Stratics Veteran

    So then what extra benefit do people have by having the event in fel as opposed to tram?
  29. Okay, no noobies. I've lived in Felucca since before there was Felucca. But I don't PvP because I don't like PvP in UO. New items in Felucca won't do it for me.

    Let's just say it pisses me off every time the Developers introduce a new shiny into the game, then say "Oh, it's only available in Felucca."
  30. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    Any character slot that we are paying to use has the ability to access the event. While not every time, they can at least partake. It can even be around or in guardzones, I'm not asking for EM's to dump tons of blues into the middle of nowhere. If an event is held and a group wants to take it upon themselves to attack a red, go for it. If they choose to just talk and perhaps make a friend, so be it!

    Also, the scroll system is admittedly broken but still is pointed out as the shining attribute Fel was thrown. Why? It is broken!

    I personally would not have a problem with trammel bosses having the chance to drop scrolls. I'm not identifying a % or a scaling numbers to compensate, or asking for replicas to remain exclusive to Fel, just saying. It would be a good trade to at least get 1/2 EM events out of a month to Felucca, whether it be in guard zones or out.
  31. Adol

    Adol Certifiable Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    As has already been pointed out, there is nothing stopping you having 6 red and 1 blue on any account, so you are no more prevented by game mechanics from going to Trammel for an EM event than anyone is prevented from going to Felucca.

    So let's open up this "debate", and think of gaming like a professional Sport. Which some competitive gaming has become of course. Now most people are quite happy to play sports, or competitive gaming because they understand the rules, and that they'll be enforced. Even something like an FPS is very clearly defined; you're there to shoot stuff. And you'll be put on one side or another, or into a clearly defined FFA situation. And those games are hugely popular... mostly because they play fair; they don't suddenly randomize the mode of play mid experience. Now I myself made it to the top 100 world wide for the Ork faction in Dawn of War 1 for instance (as well as having one of my maps bundled with the game in Poland of all places) in competitive Automatching. Why did I enjoy that, and not Felucca in turn? Once more, because I knew what I was going in for, and at that time, I really enjoyed the mixture of twitch gameplay and strategic planning... (and even as I get older and my reactions slow down, I can still out think a lot of people in that game by careful base building, but anyway). And I didn't play Dawn of War 2 much because it changed genre and became a DoTA clone, which is largely just a twitch experience alone.

    Now let me tell you what really puts people off going to Felucca events; the same thing that put them off 15 years ago and every time since. Quick example off the top of my head, back in 2002 a lot of Felucca players wanted to set up an organized massive team versus team battle. My guild of Trammel healers offered to come and resurrect people on the sides so they could get straight back into the fight. The event lasted about 10 minutes, as lots of griefers turned up and started killing the unarmed healers... the PvPers begged them to leave us alone so they could keep having brawling fun. Eventually both teams stopped, killed the griefers, and then tried to get back on the "pitch" and get back to having their own fun... of course the griefers came back, waited until the PvPers were distracted and went for the healers again. The only people who actually got what they expected, much less what they wanted, were people who weren't even part of the event, but wanted to wreck it for everyone else.

    And you know full well what would happen at any EM event in Felucca today; Anyone trying to speak or roleplay would be at target from someone looking for an easy kill. The EM characters would spend half their time resurrecting the players just to get the plot moving. It would quickly devolve to mindless PvP, especially if there was any chance of any reward at the end, as everyone would be seen as competition. Of course some shards, Europa being one, have already tried running Felucca events on top of, instead of replacing Trammel ones... but hardly anyone ever turns up, because unless they are guaranteed a reward, the PKs just aren't interested as they know Trammel players won't come over en-masse so they don't get the mass slaughter of Trammel players they really want.

    Which people long, long ago realised they mostly didn't want. You wibble on with an awful lot of dubious (and highly inaccurate where it's not speculative) math. But here's a simple formula for you; EM Event = EM Event. EM Event != Completely Open PvP

    Which why you said "Alternate the ruleset in which events take place weekly/biweekly so all player role choices can participate." Your solution is yet again to try and force people to go there for something they get elsewhere. But why do you keep making these transparently dishonest threads? You're going to get the same answers again and again. There's no mechanism by which people can be forced to like something they already know they don't like. The days when you had a captive audience, and the future of the MMO market were unknown are over. Some of the people who play today have teenagers that are younger than the second wave of MMOs that were designed from the ground up with the understanding that Felucca wasn't the right model for the future.

    And why do you keep persisting in being so hypocritical? You claim to support a more "open" playstyle, but want the game designers to ensure that players are forced into your playstyle. Your last thread that got locked you openly called for the board moderators to try and manipulate the debate to accord with your own biases and demands. Nor do you get off your ass and use the mechanisms constantly provided to try and meet people half way in game; those Arenas are still empty. Why aren't you trying to set up PvP tournaments, where people can gamble that huge amount of cash, or even via trusted brokers, some of those pixel crack items?

    Why do you even want those pixel crack items anyway? It's purely a collectors market. The gold is no use unless you're out to buy a castle and decorate it. Why haven't you even done the most basic research to work out where those items come from? Someone else has already pointed out you didn't know the difference between an EM item and a global holiday reward that turned up on every shard for every single character who logged in... How on earth would you be able to price it correctly and gain all that gold you claim you want, if you don't know what relative rarity it has?

    But again... it's patently obvious what you're really trying to argue for. And you've got it. Felucca's all yours. No one's trying to take it away from you. Heck, EA/Mythic gave up long ago trying to track down the private shards that give you nothing BUT that play style. When are you going to actually honestly address why it's largely so empty instead of trying to manipulate everyone and everything into forcing people to go there?
  32. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    I beg to differ on that. Just because you don't see a lot of "I'm new" threads being posted on stratics doesn't mean there are no noobies. Maybe not a lot but they are there. Additionally, given how old this game is and how long ago trammel was introduced, even a veteran player may still be one who avoids fel all together.
  33. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    I wasn't aware that suggesting and accepting that if an event were to happen it would be in guardzones. No "mindless" PvP would come about unless blues took it upon themselves to initiate. Does "guards" only work in Trammel? What is this insurance system that was put into play?

    You said it best however. If people are not 100% able to walk away from an event with an item, they wont participate. Therefore, they want handouts. They'll appear in your bag the same way in Fel as they do Trammel.

    Yes, the math is speculative, but very much related.
  34. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    I like to just know when they're gonna have one - here recently LS and Atlantic both had one. Neither had any announcement on Stratics, or the "EM" forums, a couple of us looked just so I'd know it wasn't just me. If they're only going to announce it only in gen chat for a few minutes, so be it, but I can't stay in chat 24/7 ... oh wait, maybe I can
  35. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Yepp, that's what was meant. And let's also remember I was lumping myself into the idiotic mind group as well. Why? Cause da hat fits me rather nicely :dunce:
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  36. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran

    huh? Atlantics is ALWAYS announced ahead of time, on both the stratics EM forum, and their website Atlantic.uoem.net. Not to mention the crier system has been fixed, and is utilized for each event.
  37. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    Events in guard zones, seems rather limited to the types of events that can be held...
    The point is simply that you can't force people to go to fel much like you can't force players to go to tram. Those who yearn to attend events in tram shouldn't have much of a problem maintaining at least one blue character. But if it really bothers you this much why not try actually talking to your shards EM instead of debating the opinions behind it?
    Personally though, allowing pks to enter tram would easily solve this problem.
  38. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    that was the information I got from a stratics person that checked both sites for Allantic, she didn't know about it either. so you just have to learn about it in-game?
    and i checked LS uoem.net several times, just to be sure, Wasn't there - enough times to know I'm a non-supporter and won't be back. so my personal feeling is that it's a waste of a dollar and should be scrapped until they can get better organized. I feel like I just sucked on a lemon every time I hear EM. I don't have anything positive to say for the program, except a few of the many do enjoy it for various reasons, so I'm out anyways. peace
  39. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran

    When exactly were these events that you didnt know about? Atlantic is kept extremely up to date via the site, stratics, and ingame criers.
  40. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way Professional Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

  41. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Agreed Prom. There has only been one time in recent memory where an Atlantic EM event was not announced well in advance on the UOEM website. When EM Tib first started and he did not have the ability yet to post there however, it was posted a few days in advance on the Stratics Atlantic EM Forum. That night Tib was given the right "permissions" to post on UOEM.
  42. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, the events Sevin0oo0 is referring to weren't the regular scheduled events, it was the surprise visits for Easter.
    Those weren't announced - or they wouldn't have been surprises.
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  43. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    Chesy recently had a thief event in Fel Nujelm. It went very well. Sadly the reasons there are so few fel EM events is because well chaos happens. Theives hit, reds hit and next thing you know you have lost control of the event. Talk to your EM though they might be willing to add in an event to fel, but its going to relate to the ruleset and not everyone is going to come. They are also not likely to be main plot events with tons of rewards. You go where folks are for events. That has consistently proven to be Trammel. Its a play style choice. You have chosen red. Thats fine just don't expect there to be no consequences for that just like if you picked a crafters play style.
  44. neptune1369

    neptune1369 Sage Stratics Veteran

    So if i understand right your companing because you don't want to have a blue and there for em events are not fair?
  45. GalenKnighthawke

    GalenKnighthawke Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    The kindest thing that can be said about this post is that it compares apples to oranges, introduces several inaccuracies along the way, and comes to a conclusion that seems to exist largely as an excuse to dispute a largely indisputable premise which has little, if anything, to do with the topic the post began by addressing.

    I'll proceed about as randomly as the original poster did. Only way, really.

    Power scrolls have been spawning for 60 Publishes now, and have retained their value to a remarkable degree when seen in that light. Further you are guaranteed at least 6 scrolls, up to 12 if you use Justice properly (both of which are in the original poster's post as well), and further 105s can now given diligence and the correct tool be turned into scrolls of higher value. The scrolls are actually thus more guaranteed than ever.

    Between all that and the comparatively high rate of Champ Spawn Artifact drops, as pointed out by the original poster, it's clear that Fel spawns are actually a much better way to make money than are EM events. In Fel you're guaranteed drops; it's just a matter of which drops (which scrolls) and if you can keep them away from your enemies. Sure the items themselves will be worth less on an individual basis because the drops are more-guaranteed, but that's more than compensated for by the far more consistent, and in some cases guaranteed, nature of the drops.

    At EM events items are fairly limited and you're never guaranteed one. The original poster contains Fel item statistics that are as far as I can recall more or less accurate, and from those numbers the conclusion that Fel spawns are a better way to make money is pretty much inescapable. Assuming you can hold the spawn long enough to finish it and then hold onto what you get? Fel spawns are by far the better way to make money than are the EM events.

    And we haven't even touched on the fact that Fel spawns do something in abundance that EM events do not do, and that's generate new money into the game. Or have we forgotten that big gold spawn at the end? Yes, Ilshenar spawns have the gold spawn and the Champ Spawn Artifacts, but only to a more limited degree (anecdotal reports consisting of statements made by Fellies suggest strongly that the Champ Spawn Artifacts spawn in Fel a lot more often than they do in Ilsh), do not have the guaranteed scroll drop, and are from a PvM perspective much harder to do than are the Fel spawns. There's also a lot less of them.

    Ah, but didn't the original poster say there are weekly giveaways at the EM events, thus implying that EM events are also guaranteed drops? Yes he did, but he was blatantly incorrect. On Great Lakes the average is 1 drop per EM per every four weeks. Only some of those are the kind where everyone at the event gets an item, and getting alts in there to get those items is a matter of clever manipulation of the system (logging players out where the items are usually dispensed is a common tactic). "Some" of 2 drops per every 4 weeks is hardly comparable to "weekly giveaways."

    Taken together this adds up to EM events being a very poor way to make money. The individual items are worth a lot because there usually are not many of them. The ones that are given to all attendees are by definition worth less, so if there were really weekly giveaways as the post contemplates, this post could not have existed at all as the per-item EM event item value would be far lower than it is.

    The individual items are also worth a lot because they fit rather neatly into UO's long-standing tradition of expensive rare or semi-rare deco items. (That's another factor to consider: The EM event items are more or less exclusively deco these days; the Fel Champ Spawn items lean far more to the useful side though there's some deco mixed in there. Indeed not too long ago on this very board another Fellie actually whined that the EM items should "always" be useful.)

    Further there's other reasons to come to EM events besides the items, which is a good thing given the poor odds of getting one of those items. Plot, interaction, getting deeper into the gamewide story arcs, fun and unique PvM, etc.

    Finally the original poster concludes that there should be more EM events in Fel so that "everyone" can participate, and uses this conclusion as an excuse to argue against the premise that Felucca "ruined" UO. Second thing first. The fact that most players went to Trammel and never looked back once it was created, and the fact that there's been a near-unending stream of incentives to get more people into Fel that have all failed miserably in the long run, combine with other facts to lead to one inescapable conclusion: Fel is a failed business model. Why EA would force customers to follow a failed business model is beyond me, they will just find another alternative game to play, as they were doing before Trammel was created.

    Is this the same as "ruining" UO? The only reason Fel didn't ruin UO, I submit based on the evidence, is that the manufacturer gave players a choice to not play in it.

    Now, I will address the first and primary part of his conclusion, that there should be more EM events in Fel, so that "everyone" can have an item. I assume he means reds as those are the only characters I'm aware of who are not physically allowed to go to Trammel. When I argue against allowing reds in Trammel I am informed that were I not a stupid Trammie I would realize that reds can already go to Tram: On blue alts. If that's right, however, then it's also by definition true that "everyone" can go to EM events, whether they are held in Fel or not. Further, as stated above, the real reason to come to EM events is the events themselves: Story, characters, interaction, etc. If the idea is to bring story and interaction to Fel, then it should be noted that every storyline-heavy EM event I've been to in Fel has been a failure, because the nature of Fel play works strongly against storylines. If the idea is to bring more events to Fel so that more items can come to Fel, then if you get more events in Fel you're going to be extremely disappointed because the drops aren't as frequent, not anywhere near as frequent, as you state in your post.

    Which, I suppose, will lead to another post that there aren't enough drops.


    -Galen's player
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  46. Meatbread

    Meatbread Journeyman

    I've been going to EM events on Atlantic for maybe a year and a half. In that entire time I've gotten exactly one genuinely rare item that anyone wanted to buy, and one additional "clicky" item that was worth 100k or some crap because everyone and their dog got one.

    This is a terrible thread.
  47. iamSnippa

    iamSnippa Journeyman

    You are aware there are groups of people who attempt to participate in every EM event, right? At least one of these groups of people take the items they get, sell them at really high prices, and then turn that gold into cash. So you may be one of the majority of people who don't care as much, but there are people abusing EM events so that they can monopolize the economy in UO.
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  48. I STILL don't understand this attitude. How is it wrong to go to every EM event? Talk about class envy... online, in-game, fake gold envy... someone works harder than you do and you say that is wrong because they profited from working harder??

    I go to random EM events if I happen to be online at the time, and have zero EM artifacts. I don't buy and collect these items, I am pretty self sufficient in my meager UO needs, so there is no way any person can dominate the economy over me.

    So again, WHY do you or anyone else care that one person has more UO gold, and HOW is it wrong for one person attending every EM event?
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  49. iamSnippa

    iamSnippa Journeyman

    Sorry, I failed to make myself clear, by every event, I meant every event on EVERY SHARD.
  50. LordDrago

    LordDrago Certifiable

    What exactly is this abuse you speak of? Participating in many EM events? Selling items? Or the turning into cash?

    Take almost any activity in UO, and you can meet your definition of "abuse".

    You are aware there are groups of people who attempt to control champ spawns, right? At least one of these groups of people take the items they get, sell them at really high prices, and then turn that gold into cash. So you may be one of the majority of people who don't care as much, but there are people abusing champ spawns so that they can monopolize the economy in UO.

    You are aware there are groups of people who attempt to uannattend script mining, right? At least one of these groups of people take the items they get, sell them at really high prices, and then turn that gold into cash. So you may be one of the majority of people who don't care as much, but there are people abusing Mining so that they can monopolize the economy in UO

    Please, if you can, what is your specific argument?!?
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