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IDOC Timers

Discussion in 'UHall' started by outcry, May 5, 2012.

  1. outcry

    outcry Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Is there a way to get the east coast shards back on a east coast timer instead of say pst timer? .

    Before the account stuff all happened normally idocs on cats would fall between 11-4 pm.. now since all of that they do not fall until 1:30-4:00 am. Just wondering if this is all shards now or just ours got messed up..........
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  2. Lady Storm

    Lady Storm Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    Idoc's are set to fall at any time depending on the last entry of the player to that account. At least that is how its been...
  3. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Idoc's generally fall around 11pm-4am now. The reason it turned from the afternoon cycle is because the devs turned off the decay for 12 hours so they could take time to send a letter to everyone know the Idoc cycle was back on for the big collapse after the account migration was finished.

    There is a random one here and there in the afternoon still but for the norm the 11pm - 4am cycle is it for all shards.
  4. Bobar

    Bobar Certifiable Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Having done Idocs for a number of years I have found that the the general fall time is affected by shard downtime. Each time there is significant downtime the main fall time moves accordingly. I have seen this happen many times and I have seen the usual fall time move from early morning through the afternoon and then on to evening and early mornings. Eventually with downtime your time will move to later morning falls. Europa falls have also been early mornings. There are always exceptions to this for single idocs which can fall at odd times. This does not include maintaince downtime as far as I know.

    I suspect its because when the shards go down it also turns off the housing mechanism.
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  5. claudia-fjp

    claudia-fjp Lore Master Stratics Veteran


    Anyway, last year before timers were turned off on Pacific houses fell around 6:30-9:30 am or so and idocing was a morning thing. Now they are falling late at night like 10-11:30 pm so everyone's are screwed up. Only hope is for them to take the housing server offline again for an extended period of time.
  6. Lady Storm

    Lady Storm Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    Well I am not sure how most server's went but on the few i have had the time to do idoc's on, they have been all over the clock. Now this was way before the houseing timer was shut off during the account migration. Now that is not saying your wrong mind you, there very well might have been a sync of the times on most falls due to this timer basicly being turned on for all at 1 time. Ether way it would be prudent to switch back to the old way of idoc falls as it makes more sence to the grand scheme of things. As knowing the time of falls sort of makes falls rather mundane, and too predictable.
  7. Goodmann

    Goodmann Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    fall times are fine you just need to adjust your clock now
  8. Xelious Norwood

    Xelious Norwood Sage Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    really the only reason it has been brought up is because they have been for the most part the same times for years with random ones with offset times and since the migration it just looks like they are off set, with time they will more than likely go back to what they have been in the past.
    Then again, this is UO..... LOL:gee:
  9. I'd rather they stay as they are. IDOC's used to be the sole realm of the unemployed housewives or people who worked off hours. I'd much rather IDOC's occur during the evening hours when people with jobs can participate.
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  10. twoburntfouryou

    twoburntfouryou Journeyman Stratics Veteran

    I am sure many do like this time because most people are sleeping at 2:am and if your still up at that time then you either go to work very sleepy or you do not work 1st shift or you do not have a job. I would really like it back the way it use to be.
  11. Since when is 10-11:30pm, as in the post I quoted, the same as 2:00am as u mentioned :coco:
  12. Xelious Norwood

    Xelious Norwood Sage Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    time difference, not all shards are on the same time zones
  13. claudia-fjp

    claudia-fjp Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Yeah, the 10-11:30 is my time on the west coast, to someone on the east coast it's +3 hours later, some go as late as midnight-12:30 and when you have to get up for work at 6am even the 10 o'clock or later times suck.

    It's all a moot point, they can't even fix housing. We'll just have to wait until they screw something else up again or Daylight Saving time. That helps a little.
  14. imported_Ally Oop

    imported_Ally Oop Journeyman

    The timer for placing a house could be changed too, You can place almost before it falls now.

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