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My Analysis for the State of UO Interview with Cliffnotes

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Nails Warstein, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Nails Warstein

    Nails Warstein Rares Festival Silent Auctioneer Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Ultima Broker

    Here is my outline of the interview as best as I understood it. If I got any of this wrong, I'd rather have any of the developer say so only. Don't want any player speculation. Thank you!

    Interesting Statistic started the interview.
    About 50% of players play the enhanced client and about 50% of players play the Classic Client

    1. Hired Wraith as the Facebook Person, but did not hire a community manager
    2. MyUO.com coming back with old and new features
    3. New Player Experience and Returning Player experience intergrating the current player base to help along
    4. Redoing account management pages, how it’s done (hopefully safer) and easier in next few months
    5. Account bound gold by end of the year or early part of next year
    6. Save house space by loading tools such as sewing kits into a Sewing Machine that functions like a tool with a lot of uses
    7. Updating artwork all 40,000 pixel tiles in the game to clean and sharpen the images.
    8. Adding new customize tiles for housing, and completing current tile sets
    9. Trying to make blessed items quickly equipable like insured items after resurrection
    10. Will they add Steampunk Armor, response was you never know
    11. New player race is possible, everything is possible
    12. Working to change dragon size at EM events
    13. They would like to plan one expansion/booster a year, with this year’s expansion “like” feature being Virtue Vs Vice
    14. Developers & Mesanna plan to visit the shards like they did on Catskills to meet with players.
    1. No new items planned for sale at the UO store.
    2. No ETA on vendor search
    3. Not allowing castles or keeps in malas
    4. (Positive) However may allow castles and keeps to be customizable in the future
    5. No changes to BOD space, but creating a better interface
    6. No plans to create more storage space or expansions, stuck at 60% maximum storage.
    7. No plans to update servers, to make them faster.
    8. No new housing areas, no city invasions
    9. No 45 degree turn for furniture or wearables
    10. No plans to revamp anymore dungeons at this time, just the monster loot.

    Brand New UI courtesy of Pinco
    Tweaking Governor System
    6 Month Governor terms instead of 3 months.
    City stones – percentage of banners bought goes to stone treasury
    Library setup for events
    Counselor Program up and running
    Update Dungeon Mobs and Loot + Over the land mobs as well
    Not going to revamp any of the remaining dungeons like wrong, shame, despise, covetous
    Return to Britannia


    Vice Versus Virtue, going to be a guild based faction system with new and old faction perks.
    May include new pvp features like capture the flag so on and so forth.
    Will also have new opportunities for thieves.
    Possibly going to add more new Thief content and possible fighter abilities in the future
    A pet revamp with new colored pets such as a chocolate Dragon along with new art, including Tameable Tigers
    They will update Spring Cleaning rewards, possibly include crystal vollums, and other expensive point items

    Contact Kryonix with your Stackable item ideas and Gold Sink ideas
    Contact Mesanna with your Veteran reward ideas
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
  2. kongomongo

    kongomongo Lore Master

    1. No plans to update servers, to make them faster.
    Unfortunately (as with most of Bleak's responses in this video) the answer lacked any details. So I'd follow up with a question like "did you guys notice a drop in performance server-wise or are current problems purely related to the routing of the new servers?".
  3. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Lore Master Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Hmmm, personally I didn't hear anything about a publish in may, but I could have missed it. That list sounds huge. All that in the publish next month? At which minute in the vid did they say that?

    Found it, around minute 33. Said end of may. I'm not sure, they wanna squeeze in all of it, since she referred to the short time goals as well as the long term goals...
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014
  4. Lord Nabin

    Lord Nabin High Council Sage - Greater Sosaria Stratics Veteran


    Great job Nails as usual. :)

    I would add that the addition of Facebook contracted employee has much larger ramifications than most people would think of.

    Facebook is an excellent and premiere platform for Digital Marketing from what I have seen already the content placed there is starting to look very good. When RTB roles out with would be an excellent platform to launch a digital marketing campaign from for very little expense.

    The more completely the Facebook contractor can engage with the greater UO community the more effective these campaigns will grow. My Agency builds, designs, and launches digital marketing campaigns on a monthly basis and have found these to be very effective for products and services. Ultima Online will for sure benefit from this.

    If a client of mine had a Dollar to spend on a marketing campaign. I would have them spend it on Facebook
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  5. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Slightly Crazed

    account bound gold. interesting.

    customizable castles? hopefully this would just be the interior structure. down with the borg cubes.

    disappointed they have no plans to modernize the cities or no thoughts on a water based fel champ spawn.

    it remains a travesty that Britain is a ghost town in this game.
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  6. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    1. (Positive) However may allow castles and keeps to be customizable in the future
      I want to clarify I did not hear this part and the way I understand it was that they had not found a way to make that possible, period. As in it isn't happening.
  7. The Zog historian

    The Zog historian Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    It's been nine years since the invasion drove people to Luna, and there isn't much incentive to return. There's a convenient moongate outside the bank, a provisioner for buying empty bags as I need, and crafting shops for BODs.
  8. Captn Norrington

    Captn Norrington UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator

    The Valorian Knights

    Luna is pretty much the perfect "lazy" UO city, every merchant npc is within sight of the bank, the stable and gate are right outside, theres hundreds of player vendors not even 1 screen away, and huge walls giving it the "protected" feeling....sadly I don't think anything can be done at this point to get people to start using Britain again.
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  9. Sinder Shayde

    Sinder Shayde Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    I would like to thank Nails for taking the time to put this up. :)

    I had hoped there would be some sort of revamp to the fishing, questing, rewards ect :(
  10. Lord Nabin

    Lord Nabin High Council Sage - Greater Sosaria Stratics Veteran


    I Agree with the Captn.

    I like the fact that there is not a political seat for Luna.

    In Consideration of the new program they are rolling out for the governor system, I think that a percentage from the sale of titles and banners are a good start to help out with the trade fees. How about a percentage of all the NPC sales in a city as a whole.

    Shop where you live is not a new concept. Those interested in the system would be shopping in their town instead of Luna for NPC items.
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  11. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Slightly Crazed

    so says those with real estate interests inside the walls. :(
  12. Riyana

    Riyana UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator Governor

    Well... we all saw what happened to Magincia... :devil:
    Captn Norrington likes this.
  13. Riyana

    Riyana UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator Governor

    Not sure I agree with everything you listed as positive vs. negative (sweet mother of Minax, no customizable castles!! and I don't remember then mentioning that anyway) but this is a great recap otherwise. Thanks.
  14. nextwindow

    nextwindow Visitor

    I thought they said instead of changing the size of dragons they would make the target smaller .
  15. Captn Norrington

    Captn Norrington UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator

    The Valorian Knights

    You do know on every post like this, I've posted that I hate luna even though I live there because it destroyed the community feeling of trammel right? lol I live in luna because I placed in luna the 1st day, if I did not already have a house there I would never have bought one. plus I payed exactly nothing for the house, and will never be selling the house for any reason or any price. I don't mean this in a rude way, but please realize who your talking to before you insult them.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014
    Lord Nabin likes this.
  16. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Royal Knight

    I have only one thing to say to them about no 45 degree furnature..... do you think I don't sit on my mount or anything at 45 degrees?????? I do..... the art for that IS in there! Think about it.
  17. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran

    Yes, turning our furniture 45 Degrees is the most pressing issue with UO atm. Lets start a petition
    Lord Nabin likes this.
  18. Lord Nabin

    Lord Nabin High Council Sage - Greater Sosaria Stratics Veteran


    Ok that was funny
  19. Cyrah

    Cyrah Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Thank you Nails! On the 40k art revamps, that is a lot for one man. Just saying... Plus adding new house tiles & completing old sets...

    On castles & keeps customizing. Is it possible to use the keep yards like castles can now? If we get no doors there used to be a way in there. I would love to have a garden in those yards. :)

    I liked the video, I mostly listen not watch, so it was nice to recognize voices.
  20. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Good list there. I think you need to change point 13 though, I believe they said they'd like to do 1 booster a year, not an expansion.
  21. Lady Michelle

    Lady Michelle Sprite Full SP Stratics Veteran


    We get the answer no customizing for keeps or castles, but we never get a answer for new designs for these plots.
  22. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Lore Master Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    I can perfectly understand Mesanna, why she shometimes felt the urge to sometimes laugh, when a question was asked. People tend to have this "it's a computer, you can do anything with it in no time"-attitude. Lots of people also cannot judge the amount of work and resources, which is needed for a certain task, when it comes to design and implementation. The UO dev team is not that big. Here's a good example:

    Ok, let's think about it.

    First of all, these 45 degree art tiles you're referring to only exist for mobs, characters and equippable items. NOT funiture.
    Second, equippable items have three different views: One for displaying on the paperdoll. This is just the front view. One for displaying when not equipped, like when in your backpack etc. And finally one for actually displaying it on your character, which, yes, have of course art for 45 degree. I'm not sure which game you're playing, but in my UO, when I lock down something, I get the backpack representation of that item. And that is just a simple single top-down-isometric art tile (not counting the mirrored one, since mirroring is done programmatically).

    I also hardly can't believe, that you have tables, chairs or a soulforge on your mount, which also magically start to face in the 45° directions.

    The only things that would allow to let them face other directions, than our current two, are philipps wooden steed and the mannequin with all equippable items. But even for this, there would be needed some new functionality, which would let them be rotated to the new directions. So even that is not just a flip of a switch.

    Looks like you really thought that through...

    There are currently just two different directions: South and east. What else do you want? SW, SE and NE? Or maybe west, NW and north too, just because while we're at it? This is not upscaling existing art! You want to have them to create at least 3 different directions FROM SCRATCH! This is no 3D-Client, where you just type in a number from 1 to 360 and the item faces this way. Look at the size of the dev team and look what they've got on their plate. They're running already at full capacity.
    Promathia likes this.
  23. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Royal Knight

    His excuse was that he'd have to redo all "Character art" for us to SIT at a chair or whatever with whatever outfit"....... And what I said was the art already exists for us to SIT at 45 degrees because I can SIT on my mount at any degree I want and YES at 45. So saying he'd have to redo all the art so we could sit at a chair at 45 degrees is a LIE. As I pointed out. Perhaps they would have to redo LEGS...... which lets face it sitting down there is very little "art" associated with that. What maybe 8 pairs of shoe and a SKIRT with 8 pairs of shoe. That's what I was saying. And Yes I realize that they would have to put IN art for furniture to be turned 45 degrees...... but then I also don't SIT on my table...... can't SIT on my bed.... or 90% of the other furniture. But then this wasn't my question asked because if it where my question asked I'd of asked When the FRELL they were going to put all 4 yes only 4 NSE &W in for most of the furniture because I won't even use a large majority of the crap because you can't form a simple square with it or put all the chairs the same around a table.... Who the hell only sits on the North and West of their freaking table???? Do you? Do you only put your couch South or East facing in a room?!?!?!? Hell no. You put your couch where ever it works best...... which in UO is often on the EAST or SOUTH because that's where you aren't blocking things YOU SEE!!!!!!!! Which you can't do because they don't face that way!!!!!!

    So THINK on THAT.
  24. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran


    Arent there more pressing issues with this game then whether we can sit at an angle?
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  25. Lady_Rachel

    Lady_Rachel Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    *waves her deco tool menacingly*

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  26. Gidge

    Gidge Sage Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend


    If you go just north of Malas you will see the original spot of the moongate. I do not know why they moved it to be in the city walls, perhaps just in testing, but never moved it back out before publishing. This to me is a major factor in the continued lure. Umbra also has the moongate in the limits, but everything is so spread out, it isn't conducive to the ease you pointed out.

    On my shard, there is a moongate on the Brit bank top but it is just one way.
  27. The Zog historian

    The Zog historian Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    There was an old UO comic about a roleplaying PK, I fear now lost to the ether. One storyline was titled "How to live in Britannia on 2000 gold a day," which at the time was a lot of money. The main character (I can't remember the name right now, M something?) said to someone recalling, "But that shop is only two screens away." The game's gotten to where Luna gives us great convenience, instead of running a couple of screens for tailoring, a few screens to the smithy. And never mind that foot run from WBB to the moongate, back and forth until the moons' phases aligned and you were in Yew, then braving it to the abbey!
  28. Gidge

    Gidge Sage Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend


    The site and sound of people running through the gates back and forth would bring me to giggling tears trying to get to my destination. I have often said, siege has it going on with the limited recall. It would make the world so much bigger of it were completely gone.
  29. Yadd of Legends

    Yadd of Legends Lore Master

    Tameable tigers. I keep hearing about tameable tigers. Any clues on what a tameable tiger might be like?
  30. NuSair

    NuSair Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

  31. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Dark Outlaws Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend


    I would be happy if just all new chairs could be turned west and north and I could lying in a bed.

    A few extra doors would do for me, Castles could need a few sliding doors so you could limit access to some rooms. Make them so you can choose to make them always open if you don't want them. Special when I entre my castle, I would like a door to the right and left.
    Yes Keeps need access to the yards.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2014
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  32. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Lore Master Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    In the video he said "they would have to redo all tiles and wearables". I have no clue, why he mentioned the latter, since it was general question about 45° items. I further have no clue, why you are talking about sitting. At least he didn't talk about sitting. It's around minute 35 in the video, if you want to check...
  33. Yadd of Legends

    Yadd of Legends Lore Master

    Somebody else remembers He Man :)
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  34. JC the Builder

    JC the Builder Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    Thanks for this summary. I am surprised that no website has anything other than the announcement about this dev chat.

    I don't understand how you hire someone to just manage Facebook. Is it really too much for one person to be the fansite liaison, update the uo.com website news, manage Facebook, Twitter and such.
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  35. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran

    100% agree. If you are going to spend the money for Facebook, you might as well spend the money for the rest. Social Media is a gigantic tool for games, especially ones which need good PR + more users.
    AppleJax likes this.
  36. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Slightly Crazed

    Don't know how that was an insult buddy. Glad you placed 1st day and it didn't cost you anything. you also run quite a large vendor market from that spot.

    My only take is that Britain and most other towns are deadzones on the map. These are cities and as such should have player interaction to some extent. Instead every city outside of luna looks like downtown Detroit.

    someone else referenced Magnicia's demise. Given that this was one of the coolest events (rubble, which sells in the billions now for the most prized pieces) I would be all for the demolishing of another such city, with subsequent rebirth in the forum of more player housing and such.
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  37. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Royal Knight

    Yes I would be happy if they just faced all 4 current directions as well... and I'd be wanting to kiss someone if I could actually lay on my bed.

    I think some craftable walls and doors would be great for castles, as well as water tiles... and stone tiles. I'd like the ability to craft a slab of stone that worked like a goza mat but looked more like the center of a long table. Something we could make floors, countertops and such with....

    And it's beyond time we get to use our whole keep...
    kelmo likes this.
  38. Picus at the office

    Picus at the office Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    Did anything ever come of the issues with player housing and rubble being deleted. I recall a uproar and a tale of fixing the issue with nothing ever to follow....
  39. Riyana

    Riyana UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator Governor

    WTS Rubble Banksitter 50B OBO

    On topic... I am interested to hear more about their plans for thieves. They were rather thin on details for that.
  40. G.v.P

    G.v.P Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Only thing I have to say is "no new items in UO store" is not a negative to me...why should we be hoping EA will throw things at us to take more money from us? They clearly could have charged us $10-20 for the Vendor Search, for example, but they didn't...why do we want EA to charge us for more? :p
  41. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    I loved the Magincia event. Best event ever, and we were told we could have a hand in rebuilding it. Not sure when that came in, unless it was just us custom building houses in it. A beautiful city, that was destroyed (like I said, loved the event, not the rebuild) and a trailer park built in its place...
    But I digress
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  42. Dot_Warner

    Dot_Warner Lore Master Governor

    Britain [BRIT]

    Very little of what was said about Magincia being rebuilt as New Magincia came to pass, and what did..,well...70's trailer parks are more attractive. Draconi once said that the cities where the demons won would be different than the cities where Britannia won, an overland dungeon vs a rebuilt city. So much for individual consequences and plot outcomes mattering :( Don't even get me started on the horrid way that arc ended fictionally (ignoring EM events). *grumbles about Humility =/= humiliation*
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  43. Promathia

    Promathia EM Bennu Fanclub Premium Stratics Veteran

    lol the end to Virtuebane was the worst
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  44. G.v.P

    G.v.P Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    I liked how people were bitching about Queen Dawn and then they decided to kill her off...lol so drastic and unexpected
    kRUXCg7 likes this.
  45. Flagg

    Flagg Seasoned Veteran

    "Working to change dragon size at EM events"

    Why can't they just - finally - add some new genuinely excellent pets that are roughly in the size of a horse or something. It is incredibly tiresome and irritating how literally every single larger player event turns into bi-daily spread your wings festival by Dragon Gathering of Dragon Owners. Just add a new (good!!) peeeeeeeeetttttttttttt.

    Turning dragons smaller for EM events surely helps. It is a little goofy..and arse backwards. But I guess it solves the problem. Seriously though, please, just add a new (good!!) peeeeeeeeetttttttttttt.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2014
  46. PlayerSkillFTW

    PlayerSkillFTW Sage Stratics Veteran

    If i remember right, one of the shards actually does have a Castle in Malas. It was given to the person as an apology by EA for repeatedly ****ing up and giving another person his account info.
  47. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    There was a drawing or contest years ago, they were gonna give castles out on each shard in malas, but lilke the bank deco, it just didnt end up getting finished
  48. cazador

    cazador Babbling Loonie

    She laughed at questions she pre screened..why even read the question if it is so laughable?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  49. Thrakkar

    Thrakkar Lore Master Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Yeah, there was a thread with all the questions, which she read undoubtedly. (At least I would have)
    But not all questions in this thread were asked. Did she know, which questions the moderators are going to pick?

    Or what do you think, that she intentionally laughed to deliberately mock the players, who asked them?
  50. PlayerSkillFTW

    PlayerSkillFTW Sage Stratics Veteran

    Yeah, kind of like how they were going to place an 18x18 on one of the islands in Tokuno (the one that they turned into Dragon Isle on Napa), and have it be the prize for a contest. Basically your own personal island.

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