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Sampire weapons

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Khoga, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Khoga

    Khoga Guest

    Could someone give me a quick breakdown on what weapons sampires primarily use?

    Right now I have the setup that Lynk posted on his thread with a broadsword/radiant for each slayer type + a leafblade (which i quickly realized I couldn't make as good as his).

    Like so many others I chose to go with 120 swords because the popular opinion is that it is the best weapon-type to have. My problem is that I can hardly find an instance i'd want to use a broadsword over a leafblade. I absolutely love having the fient to make mobs that hit like trucks sustainable. Add to that the fact that you still have AI for weaker mobs and it is basically the perfect 1H weapon in my opinion.

    The other option I have been looking at is making a set of Daishos for Fient/Double and just using consecrate+double for nice dmg instead of AI - do any of you do this? I am assuming the appeal of 1h is the ability to chug pots, but I don't find myself using them often.

    I do see radiant scimmy as a big advantage as you don't have to imbue 30 SSI - allowing for hit area/ml/sl/slayer/di - is this the big reason people choose swords? Does anyone use double axe? I really like the double axe, but the 30 SSI imbue required takes away another mod.

    Any insight on this topic would be great. What weapons are you using and why?
  2. Ender

    Ender Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    If you have the soulstones for it, train up all three weapon skills (hell, include archery if you want; I did). Switch as needed.

    But my favorites for each skill

    Radiant Scimitar - fast, one-handed, whirlwind primary special
    Ornate Axe - hits the hardest of all melee weapons, just make sure you can keep either 180 stam and 35 SSI or 150 stam and 50 SSI.
    Daisho - Feint is fantastic as you said

    Leafblade - Feint and AI? Yes please.

    Black Staff - almost as fast as Radiant Scimitar, slightly more damage, whirlwind attack; 2-handed gives you a parry bonus compared to 1-handed, macing weapons damage stamina
    Diamond Mace - 1-handed, great DPS, my favorite macing weapon other than Black Staffs
  3. Gorbs

    Gorbs Sage Stratics Veteran

    I switch between swords and fencing using soulstones. What I'm fighting determines which I use. For example, I have a 100% energy, demon slayer leafblade. If I'm going to Paroxy, I use fencing so I can go use that on Putrifier. If I'm going to do Rikki, I use swords. Potions are a crutch I need during the spawns (because I'm impatient), so the 1-h radiant is necessary. For the spawn part you may even be more effective with a double axe (HML, Reptile, Hit Area, DI, HSL), but can't chug at will and have to watch your stamina a little more. For the boss encounter, AI from a broadsword does about 30 more damage than AI from a leafblade, if I recall correctly, so swords over fencing makes sense. I wouldn't waste mana on feint against Rikki, so that's another reason to go with swords. I'd like to try macing (war axe), but don't think I can get ssi and dex high enough to make it pay off.

    If I'm using fencing I carry:
    leafblades (HML, HSL, HLA, DI, Slayer) or (HML, HSL, HLA, DI, HLD if no slayer)
    1 radiant scimitar (UBWS, HML, Hit Area, DI, x) where x may be a slayer, HSL, or random odd property from runic crafting
    1 radiant scimitar (UBWS, Spell Channeling, HML, DI)

    For swords I carry:
    1 broadsword (HML, HSL, DI, Slayer, SSI)
    1 radiant (HML, HSL, Hit Area, DI, Slayer)
    1 radiant scimitar (UBWS, Spell Channeling, HML, DI)
  4. I'm looking at the following weapon combos (50% SSI for boss, 20% from suit for spawn):

    1. Radiant Scimitar + Bladed Staff
    I can chug and then equip if needed for bosses, and the bladed staff will give me a bit more parry to boot. This may be hard-headedness in order to avoid the typical radiant + broadsword/longsword, though.

    2. Black Staff + War Axe
    This is the one I think I'll go with first for the "coolness" factor; I plan to imbue the black staff and then enhance with bloodwood (20% SSI on the suit makes it so ash is overkill, so with bloodwood I can get HLL and HP regen 2 onto it). I can swing a War Axe at 1.25 with 50% SSI when jousting isn't needed on bosses.

    3. Black Staff + Hammer Pick
    Same as above, but massive AI damage (even more than broadsword/longsword).

    To be fair, I prefer using templates/a slight variant that not everyone else is using, which may explain some of these choices (e.g. radiant + broadsword).
  5. Ender

    Ender Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    War Axes and Broadswords have the same weapon speed and damage. No need to raise SSI or Dexterity.
  6. Gorbs

    Gorbs Sage Stratics Veteran

    You're right. Sorry, I meant to say Hammer Pick. Also, looking at a recent post in Lynk's "My newsest sampire" thread and checking stratics weapon calculator it looks like leafblade damage is pretty close to the broadsword. I'm going to assume my memory was wrong and the difference in damage I mentioned on AIs was due to something lacking on my suit or character's skills when I'd last AI'd a dragon with a (dragon slayer) leafblade.
  7. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    :heart: longswords

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