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The Divinity's Reach Periodical's

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Zosimus, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend


    As I sit here and pen this, I glance at the candle light flickering by the partially open window, reminds me of how fragile our paths are in the lands of Tyria. We humans must forge stronger alliances’ and friendships’ with the other races if we all want to exist. The dragons have pushed us back in our cities and we fight every day to survive. I hear the children playing in the dim lit streets below my window and I wonder if they understand the true dangers outside our walls of safety at the moment. The streets seem filled with more and more children now days but by what choice? Many have lost their parents in battles with creatures outside our walls. Dragons have taken over the lands and all the races fight for survival.

    Many of the races are preparing themselves in the next few weeks and months for battles of such magnitude, that may never be seen on these lands again. I see many races come and go from the city and hearing their tales of danger and glory. They spin tales of lands so beautiful and some ravaged by the evil that has corrupted the lands. Danger is everywhere and we are preparing ourselves. I look at my armor and weapons along the wall, hoping that they will guide me and protect me and my fellow adventures.

    I have been sending correspondences by carrier pigeon to old friends all over Tyria so we can muster enough to add to the growing armies to defend our lands. Few have responded back and are traveling here to Divinity’s Reach as I write this. I fear the worst may have happened to some of my old friends but I will try to avenge them. I think back when my fellow group of adventures were so many and now we are so few.

    To the people of Divinty’s Reach and Tyria, I plan to record my days of battles so it may give hope that our struggles are for not. I and my fellow adventures fight for you and do not worry or shed tears for us when we walk into the dark lands to bring back the peace and the light. Smile and rejoice if we can bring such dreams back into the light. These stories and adventures will be brought back by my personal carrier pigeons for all to see and hear so please keep an eye out for weekly periodicals.
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  2. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend


    As I write this to the people of Tyria I still feel the aches of recent battles in my bones. I can see the sun setting in the sky as I glance up to gather my thoughts and the eerie calm in Divinity’s Reach weighs heavily upon me. The once vibrant city of activity is still busy but the sounds of children playing and laughing in the early evenings are not much these days. The sounds now days are mostly crafters and tradesmen preparing the citizens of our city for battles they may not return. Children sitting quietly and whispering as they see their parents planning ways to protect them while they are gone to ensure that their children will still have a future. I just stare at the window watching the sun go down as night falls upon us.

    The wind blows slightly into my face, from my open window. It wakes me from daze of thoughts that I should not worry at this time. I have more pressing issues to speak of. The attacks from outside our city has intensified in the recent weeks since my first message. The city of Divinity’s Reach has answered these attacks daily. Word has come to me that other races capitals are also dealing with such issues outside their walls. Sightings of monsters so great and feared, that were once considered children stories, are now alive and haunting us.

    Some of my old friends over the lands of Tyria has made it back to Divinity’s Reach. Rurak Gistere, a warrior with a smile that can swoon any lady but can also kill a centaur, just made it here in the past week. A tall man with a physique of a brick wall to match. His long dark hair slightly showing some age from the last time I have seen him. He seems more of a somber man than his early days that I knew of him. He boast’s tales of glory and losses in his travels across Tyria but something has changed him

    Preciosa an elementlist, has traveled back from the Lands of the Norn trying to learn their ways. Her beauty still amazes me after all these years. Her long dark hair, her slender body that moves with the wind as if they are one. Her skills in her arts are just as deadly. The last man that has crossed her path the wrong way is probably still running after she singed his beard off. She brings tales of battles in her travels back and rumors of sightings of beasts we still whisper of in the night.

    I still await word from others that are trying to make it back here. I fear they will have no different tales that I have already heard or experienced already. My armor needs repair, my shield still has blood of centaurs on it. My sword once sharp is now dull. I know what lays outside our walls of Divinity’s Reach and I fear it will only worsen when I return outside those walls again.
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  3. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend


    It feels like weeks has past but only days since I last wrote of the troubles brewing in Tyria. My trusted friend Rurak Gistere has already been warned after a keg brawl at the local tavern by the Seraph he started. Rurak mind seems distressed and I know when he is ready he will talk what troubles him. As I look over at him sleeping in my extra bunk, his thoughts still seem to haunt him even in sleep.

    The door opens to my room quickly and startles me and Preciosa walks in urgently. You can see the seriousness in her face and something is bothering her. She hands me a parchment stained with blood and she says, “Bad news my friend.” and looks at the parchment as if she is willing it to speak to me. I open the parchment up and begin to read it out loud not thinking as I do it. I realize this comes from Baltzer Whitebear our companion from the north territory. He writes…….

    Tohr my good battle companion,

    I fear my travels will take a different path. We may cross paths in our journeys in the future but I and a few of my Norn brothers and sisters have been in many great battles. You should see the glory we have shared in our adventures.

    A huge group of Jotuns has given me many battles and one has came close of ending my journeys in this world. I am recovering from a wound that may not heal but I have faith in the wild spirits that I may recover.

    Drink and have many great battles without me and one day you will truly know what a great day us Norn do have in life. I have lived my life as a great warrior should and I am proud that I have done so.

    Baltzer Whitebear.



    I roll the parchment back up and notice Rurak had awaken. Preciosa glanced at him and back at me and she says “What are we going to do? Many messages that you sent out Tohr has not been answered. Now we receive this by pigeon carrier and it does not bode well.” I look at my armor against the wall, and reply sternly, “We still move forward to defend all the races of Tyria that need help. We will make new friends and still have hope that others will meet us on our journey.”

    Rurak gets off the bunk and smiles, “My friends, we will try to make a difference in this world if it’s only us three.” He puts his left hand on Preciosa shoulder and his right hand on my shoulders arms outstretched. He smiles again as he looks at her. Preciosa gives Rurak a sly look, “That smile may work on women but I am no ordinary woman so lets prepare ourselves for our journey and use that smile on our foes.” I could not help myself and caught myself smiling. The first time I had in a long time. I thought to myself it’s coming soon and the time of new adventures and if we can make a difference.

    We all gathered our packs, weapons and armors. We will have a busy day repairing armor and sharpening our weapons for our travels. As we walked out of the room and I closed the door, I could feel the sun warmth on my face. The day seemed peaceful and the street seemed more vibrant today. I think we know, I think all of Tyria knows what is coming. We are ready and we begin to defend our homes, our lands, our people, and our history.

    As we walk our way weaving through Divinity’s Reach streets, Baltzer Whitebear my dear Norn friend is on my mind. Yes we will meet again in this life or another as I thought as I turned the corner to the market. Preciosa kicks me in the behind and whispers near my ear, “This is just the beginning so move a little faster so we can make our paths in life mean something.


    We prepare…………………………..
  4. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Part 4


    After getting our armor and weapons repaired, Rurak, Preciosa, and I made ourselves outside the gates of Divinity’s reach. We walked around the hills and paths down to the covered bridge passing villagers on our way. The sun was shining and there was a slight morning breeze still. The smell of the flowers brightened all our moods in the fields near by as we walked.

    Suddenly we could hear cries of help coming from down the hill near the turn. We could see villagers limping and some running in the distance. We quickened our pace and came up to the first villager. He was an old man, a farmer I could guess by his clothing. His shirt was stained with a fresh blood and a few cuts on his arms and hands.

    He was visibly scared and shaken. Rurak grabbed him by his arms, “What happened old man?” he asked. “We are being attacked by centaurs again and they just killed my family“ the old man said. “I barely survived if it wasn’t for my eldest son holding them back while me and his ma was trying to get away.” He started to fall as of faint and Rurak tightened his grip on his arms which seemed to stop the man from falling out of consciousness. His cuts still oozed fresh blood and he said in a dry raspy voice, “ My poor Elaina, was killed by an arrow to the back while we was a running.” The old man started to sob and pulled away from Rurak and stumbled up the path we had come.

    Preciosa was already taking out her staff while Rurak looked back at the old man. I could see a glint in Rurak eyes filled with sorrow. I put on my shield and sword preparing myself for battle. Other villagers where still coming by, some sobbing, others with faces filled with shock. Some were hurt, while others were just trying to run to get to a safe place. I turned back toward Rurak and he was still standing there watching the villagers go by. I said in a sharp tone, “Rurak snap out of it! We have to help these people or the attacks will come closer to the city.” he gained his composure and the big man pulled out his 2 handed sword readying himself for the attack.

    A little girl was one of the last that came around the turn and she was crying and screaming. We rushed to her and could see why. There was a small group of four centaurs coming right behind her about to slay the little one. Preciosa ran straight for the little girl as I ran by both of them.
    The lead centaur was a ranger and he had his bow drawn back with an arrow ready to fly. I used my magic as a Guardian and used the shield of absorption to protect both Preciosa and the little girl. The centaur’s arrow flew and bounced back. Rurak came from the right charging in and using his war cry and charged right into the group of centaurs. Swinging his great 2 handed sword like it was a light stick to him holding them back. I charged in and behind me I could hear Preciosa calling upon her magic casting fireballs at a centaur on the left. The centaur’s scream was a death bellow as he die3d be fore he fell on fire to the ground.

    Rurak was still trying to hold them off and took down one of the centaurs with a mighty swing of his sword. The creature had no chance from Rurak’s mighty swing and he cleaved the creature in two. The two remaining centaurs bellowed in rage and battle lust. I came running to the lead centaur and jumped into the air. He had pulled his bow back and shot his arrow while I was in the air coming at him. The arrow bounced off my shield and my sword came across his neck and he stumbled back. At first I thought I may have missed then the centaur just dropped and his head rolled away back down the hill.

    The last remaining centaur decided to go back down the hill after it saw it comrades die to a well armed small group of humans. As the centaur ran and Preciosa was calling upon her magic to finish him off, we heard a hunter’s call go off from the top right of the hill above the centaur. A flock of birds came down and started attacking the fleeing centaur. The distraction was what it all took. We could here the shot of an arrow come from then hill above and the centaur dropped in it’s place. The arrow had pierced the monsters heart.

    Preciosa still had the frightened child in her grip. You could see the fear in the little girl face. Tears had cleaned her soot stained face. She was still sobbing and would flinch at the nearest sound. I said “ Keep her safe while Rurak and I see who or what took out that last centaur.” Preciosa replied, “Be wary my good friend Tohr. Even though the beast was slain does not mean who did it is a friend to us either.” I nodded and kept my shield up to protect both Rurak and I as we walked down the hill a little father.

    We reached the slain centaur, and Rurak sneered, “ They still smell bad, even in death.” Before I could say anything to Rurak while I was scanning the hill side near us, a ranger walks out behind the brush and laughed. “Very true warrior but in death they will stink the air no more” in a melodic voice. Rurak held his sword up higher and I braced my shield close just in case of an attack. The ranger laughed again and said, “you both are very untrusting fellows.” I replied, “The lands are not always safe even with our own kind in these dark days of Tyria” and I let my guard down slightly, “No need to worry about me being a foe guardian. For I am Gwissi, a ranger that tried to warn the village near of the attacks coming.” she said. “They did not want to listen but when the attacks came I did what I could to help.” She looked down at the ground as if she was looking for something but she said softly, “Many did not make it. The mother and father of the young little girl could not be saved. I tried, as she glanced back up and looked at me, but all I could do was slow down the centaurs enough hoping at least the little girl could get away.”

    I looked at Gwissi in the eyes and could sense she was telling the truth. I said “Come back up the path with us a little way so we can regroup with our friend.” Gwissi nodded and Rurak took the rear guard as I lead the way. The smell of death, smoke and fear was still in the valley and hills around us. “I am Tohr and the big man behind you is Rurak”I said to Gwissi as we walk back towards Preciosa. We get back to Preciosa and the little girl and introduce Gwissi to her.

    Preciosa says to me. “Tohr, how are we suppose to move on with the little one with us. She is alone and scared. Maybe her parents are….” and I cut her off with a serious look. Before I could say anything the little girl started crying, “Daddy and mommy fell down while we were running and couldn’t get back up. The big monsters were coming after us so I just ran. Daddy and mommy just never moved.” and she cried into Preciosa robe. The look of understanding came across Preciosa face. “We could take her back to the city to the orphanage” Rurak sated. “That would delay us though” I replied.

    Gwissi nodded in the direction where we just came from down the hill and we could see more villagers making it up the hill. Some still battered but many with minor injuries. I walk over to the leader of this rag tag group and explain the situation. A woman comes over and talks to the little girl and takes her with us back towards Divinity’s Reach with the rest of the solemn group.

    The little girl looks back and waves to us all and just keeps walking on the hill. Gwissi sighs slightly. “I wish I could save that little one from that path.” What path?” Rurak asks.“Living in an orphanage. I grew up in one and I ran away as I got older and became a ranger and have lived in the open ever since.” Gwissi said in a soft voice.

    “Well Gwissi, you can come with us,. We are trying to reach old friends and help anybody that needs the help in Tyria. Of course that is up to you.” I offered. Gwissi nodded and said, “Maybe I do need to help others she said more enthusiastically. I know how it feels when you are alone and scared and nobody is there to help when you need it.” Preciosa. Looked at Gwissi, well with this group you may come to regret that decision but time will tell.

    We walk down the path into the smoldering valley with our guard up and I think to myself, this is just the beginning.
  5. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Part 5


    As our small group walked on our way to the village down in the valley, we could see the smoke from the distance. The smell of burning wood and smells that I do not wish to talk about, filled our nostrils. Sometimes you could hear cries of help and battle from time to time so we all quickened our pace.
    We came within site of the village and you could see some villagers still fighting off the remaining centaurs, while other villagers laying still on the ground. The centaurs did not discriminate. There were women, men, and children that were their victims. Rurak let loose a low growl wanting to rush into the fray. Gwissi was already getting her bow and war horn ready. Preciosa was getting her staff and mumbling spells in her mind as her eyes began to look like fire was beginning to come out of them.

    I spoke to them all, “Friends do not rush in with anger and be fools with our lives. We are not sure where the full army of the centaurs are and they may be near. Stay close ,I said as I looked into their eyes, and watch our backs if we need to retreat.” They all nodded and we ran to the nearest of villagers that needed help.

    The three centaurs did not see us come from behind as Gwissi let loose her arrow while Preciosa made a firewall. Gwissi arrow caught flame and hit one centaur in the back of the head exploding through its skull and dropped to the ground. Rurak and I caught the other centaur as he turned around while Rurak took out his front legs with a swing of his might sword and I crushed the beats skull with my shield as it fell. The third centaur turned had no chance as Preciosa fireballs burst the beast into flames and was in ashes in seconds.

    The villagers that were still alive came to us running. They were thanking us and Rurak took command and said in a stern voice of command, Grab any wounded and go back up the hill where we came for safety.” The villagers took his message in heed and began to look for any surviving wounded and began to make their trek up the hill. Gwissi noticed in the distance that some other people were fighting in small pockets of centaurs here and there but these were not villagers. These were well trained men and women of many professions.

    Gwissi pointed to the east, “Look Tohr, there are others here helping the village, she said in a triumphant voice.” Preciosa looked back with hope in her eyes and added in a optimistic voice, “My friend Tohr, looks like your efforts have paid off.. Some of the citizens of Divinity’s Reach must of been reading your periodicals posted in the taverns and buildings.” I nodded “ Lets add our strength to them so we can help and save who we can.”

    Just at that moment Rurak and Gwissi saw to the west a large group of centaurs coming to flank the ones in battle. Rurak began to run to our brothers and sisters in battle and yells, “No time for talking, we need to help them!” Gwissi was following as Rurak said it. Preciosa said to me in a hurried voice, “Go with them Tohr, I will be there in a minute.” I had no time to ask as I needed to catch up with Rurak and Gwissi.

    As I ran to try to catch them I glanced back at Preciosa. She leaned down and picked up something from the ground. She put it in her pack quickly and she was running as fast as the wind. I will ask later of what she picked up but now as we came closer to our brethren in battle Rurak warned them of the centaurs on the west about to flank them.

    Battle erupted around us as we ran into the fray and suddenly bright flash as lightning hit the ground near me blinded me. I could hear the battle but I could not see. My body felt like it was falling to the ground and I could faintly hear Gwissi call my name. Then the darkness enveloped me and the sounds of battle was no more.
  6. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Part 6


    I found myself in lands that looked familiar but was very different to me. My body felt mists to the wind as I was floating in and above the land. I could see people all around and could hear children laying an laughing. “Where am I? What happened to me?” I said aloud. A voice no louder than a whisper replied to my questions. “You are seeing the lands of Tyria in a time when peace ruled the lands.” The voice continued as it felt like it was coming from my mind, “ My young Tohr, your need and desire to help the people of Tyria has awaken me from my deep slumber and I have only a short time to give you this message.”

    As the voice was speaking I was moving around and through the people like a ghost. I felt I was flying at times as I soared into the air and moved at great distances viewing different areas of Tyria. I thought to myself and asked, “Have I died in battle?” The whispering voice replied again to my question as it heard my thoughts, “no my young Tohr. You are very well alive but are in between worlds at this moment.” I looked around and could not see who was speaking to me but I had to ask. “Who are you and what message do you have to tell me.”

    The whispering voice was silent for what seemed a very long time and suddenly the lands turned bright white to me. I felt like I had to cover my eyes but I could not as the bright the light was piercing my eyes. A dark shape started to form as it walked towards me. I could see the figures black ancient armor and a long scythe attached to the figures back. I could not see the face of who was in front of me as they walked towards me. They had a hood covering their face but I could feel the figure’s eyes on me. The person spoke but in a voice that was very deep and vibrant, “The message I bring is to you my young Tohr, is to not give up. You must help lead the people of Tyria. These will be trying times and it will not be easy.” The person paused as it seemed it was about to be interrupted but continued, “You and all the races of Tyria have great battles in front of you and there will be losses but do not give up hope. You Tohr, are the key to help unite what has been long forgotten.” He then tossed an object to me and I caught it to my surprise but did not look at it.

    The person turned and began to walk away. I yelled, “Wait! Please stop!” Who are you?” Without turning and as the figure was fading back into the light, they replied, “You carry my first name as I am you third great grandfather my young Tohr.” Then he vanished as he came but the word Tohr was ringing in my head and getting louder each time. I could hear voices yelling my name. The bright light began to have color and sounds coming with it. I could hear metal against metal, I could hear screams of battle around me. Then the colors started to focus into shaped and I could see Rurak standing near me looking down in a guarded position protecting me. Preciosa was on her knees with a look of concern on her face as she was looking over me wiping what felt like water from my forehead. I realized I was laying on the ground and felt like a group of Jotuns had thrown me around like a keg brawl. Gwissi came into sight, “Is he alright?” all the while shooting arrows into centaurs coming near. Preciosa pulled away the rag she was wiping my forehead with and I could see the fresh blood on the rag and said, “He will live, and looked at me and continued, You will have to get up and move Tohr.”

    I rolled to my side and pulled myself up with some help with Preciosa and Rurak. I felt a little light headed but more balanced after a few seconds. “What happened?” I asked as I could see some of the battle still going on around us but many bodies from both sides, wounded and dead surrounded us. Rurak began to answer my question, “You came into the battle just as…” and Gwissi came out of no where and finished his sentence for him. And a Elementalist centaur had casted a lightning strike just near you and you fell.” Preciosa added in, “ From my view I thought you was directly hit and feared the worst had happened but as soon as I got to you Tohr, I started to use my healing skills on you. You were almost gone but you suddenly came back to us.” as she smiled.

    I smiled back to all of them and said, Thank you my friends for protecting me when I was downed and for saving my life.” Rurak decided it was time to remind us all that there was still a small battle still going on a little farther away from us, “Lets break this conversation and push back the remaining centaurs while we can.” Gwissi agreed and ran to the west back into battle but it looked like she was skipping while running. Rurak beside her glanced at her and rolled his eys and yelled his battle charge as they ran to the battle.

    I began to grab my shield off the ground and to help out but Preciosa stopped me. No my friend you will not go into battle. We will stay here and help the wounded and make sure you are alright.” I nodded reluctantly but did as she said. As we both started to look and tend to any wounded my thoughts went back to that dream or was it a dream I had. It felt so real to me and then Preciosa interrupted me in my thoughts. “By the way Tohr, I found this in your hand as I was tending to your wounds. Where did you find such an object is beyond me but this is very old.”

    I looked at the object as she handed me and realized it was our family crest badge that glowed when I touched it.
  7. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    he Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s VII


    Preciosa gaze went from the glowing crest to me with a curious look on her face. She drew her hand away, “Tohr there are strange events happening in Tyria but this seems even stranger to me. Unless you can wield a sword and shield with both hands plus hold a family crests that looks ancient my friend, you are more of a guardian than I expected.” I thought to myself to tell her of the vision or dream I had after the lightning attack from the centaur elementalist. I chose my words carefully and spoke in a voice that almost not seemed my own, “I will explain in time but we must tend to these wounded first.” Preciosa stared at me with very much concern, “You almost don’t even sound yourself, maybe the head wound is more than it seems.” she said. I looked at her with a pleading gaze hoping she would understand, “Trust me at this time and things may seem clearer even though they are not that clear to me yet.” I put the crest in my satchel for safe keeping and the glow faded as I let it go in the pouch. She nodded and we both started going to the nearest wounded around us to help who we could.
    The battle in the distance started to go silent. I could hear cheers of victory and the few that survived was moving back towards our direction. Preciosa stopped tending a wounded man that looked like a villager but his clothes seemed richer than some around him that was no so fortunate. He had a gash across his chest where it looked like a sword had sliced him but he would live from his wounds. He was groaning but he seemed half conscious. She looked to the west and pointed towards a man walking our way and I noticed it was Rurak. He was helping someone walk with him and I realized it was Gwissi. I started towards both of them “I am going to help him and see what happened” I said to Preciosa. She replied in a somber voice “Aye and see if there are any wounded in that area that may need some help Tohr”

    As I was walking towards Rurak and Gwissi a little on my guard just in case if we had another attack coming, I noticed Gwissi was limping. Rurak had his arm wrapped around her helping her walk. She was clenching her teeth and sweat pouring from her face as she struggled to walk. Rurak saw the concern on my face and said, Those damn centaurs were ferocious in their initial attack. Gwissi wanted to be a heroine and rushed passed me to take them all on.” Gwissi was still clenching her teeth and the look of anger immediately took over her facial expression, “Shut up Rurak! You slowed down and I passed you clumsy oaf!” she yelled. Rurak looked back at me and rolled his eyes, “Yes I have heard this 13 times since we pushed the centaurs back that it was my fault. I slowed down because I saw 7 centaurs that came directly upon us off from the main force.” “Yes keep saying that to yourself!” she said all the time with the look she could hit him over the head if she could.

    All I could do was smile and asked Gwissi if she was alright. She nodded said its more of a sever sprain but she would recover. So I helped Rurak walk her back towards Preciosa all the while Gwissi was tormenting Rurak in her gasps of pain that he was slow as a Jotun. Preciosa was hearing the taunts as we came closer. Rurak looked like the battle was nothing to him compared to the onslaught of insults coming from Gwissi. Preciosa began laughing out loud and Rurak just shook his head while he was gazing at the ground.

    We set Gwissi on the ground by this log and I started to tend to her ankle. Rurak goes in to detail, with an interruption here and there from Gwissi complaints, of the battle. He told us that there were about 40 well trained men and women defending off the centaurs when the main force came in. Rurak said at least 7 humans went down from the rush of the centaurs’ attack. Him and Gwissi came in right when the attack came in but helped hold the centaurs off from flanking most of the people in the vicinity. “We pushed them back with many dead centaurs laying around. We had a hard to follow them and push them back farther as many dead centaurs were on the ground.” as he told his story. “Plus Gwissi was hurt but she did very well with one good leg raining death by arrows on many of a centaur.” he said proudly. Gwissi still mad at him hit him in the back of the head with her war horn lightly “You are still slow Rurak even if you praise me. It wont change my mind.” she said. Rurak just shrugged his shoulders with defeat.

    Preciosa was tending to Gwissi ankle and looked at her “This will help for the time being but you need a days rest at least before we can travel on. She continued but was looking at Rurak, “Is it safe Rurak or should we be prepared for another rush of attacks from the centaurs? He replied, “Tis safe my friend and had that grin of his creep across his face, we won the battle but it was costly.” He looked back at the area they had come and said in a drifting voice” Out of those forty defenders, seventeen only survived the battle. They tended to any wounded but are moving back to safety of the village for now.”

    I thought the same, we need to move to some shelter and see the damage this has caused to the village. Gwissi needs to rest her ankle and Rurak needs to rest his bruised ego. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted and the man that Preciosa was originally tending spoke, “I know of house in the village we can go to for now that can give us some shelter. My name is Francois Villon and I know the village well but I am not a resident.” he said and was holding his chest where the blood was still fresh on his clothes. The sun was setting and I did not want to be out in the open and quickly replied, If you can take us there we will be very grateful. “ but it concerned me he knew of this house but was not from this village. We all gathered our belongings and helped Gwissi to her feet.

    As we all walked towards the village, some places were claimed by fire and smoke as the closer we walked. Our new guide Francois knew his way well as he lead us to the house that was untouched in the raid from the centaurs. This troubled me more but I felt I should keep an eye on him more closely.
  8. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s VIII


    As we all settled in after entering the house, Francois sat down at a table and lit a candle to help light the room as the sun was setting. From the windows we could see the flames of houses and storage buildings in the distance. Gwissi was helped to a room by Rurak and Preciosa for her to rest her ankle. I sat down in a chair that creaked a little under the weight of my armor across from the table from Francois. He was still holding his left arm across his chest as to ease the pain from the gash he received from the battle.

    “How are you feeling Francois? I asked. He glanced in my direction as if I had interrupted his thoughts, “ I will survive but I would prefer to not live with the pain at this time” he said with a small laugh. “ I would like to thank you and your friends for saving me , especially the elementalist” Francois added. His gaze went back to the direction where Preciosa and Rurak had taken Gwissi. The flame seemed very dim compared to the flames from afar and seemed the night turn to day the darker it was getting outside. I glanced back at Francois pouches and noticed they all seemed very full and one pouch had an expensive gem filled necklace hanging from a small tear on the side of the pouch. It sparkled with the candle light from the room.

    I looked back at him and was thinking that he seemed out of this place to be in this village at all. Was he a traveler or just passing through? Am I thinking more than what it truly is? I asked myself these questions. Francois noticed my gaze towards his pouch and reached down and pushed the necklace back into the small tear in the pouch where it was dangling from. “I am glad you caught that or I would of lost a valuable treasure.” he said but his eyes said otherwise to me. I thought, No, there is something not right with him but quickly replied, “ A valuable treasure indeed. Would of have been a shame to lose such an item to a centaur.” Francois laughed and nodded in agreement.

    Rurak came back into the room first and sat down at the end of the table. His chair also creaked under the weight of his armor. He looked tired and grim. His armor and sword was still stained in centaur blood. The smell of the dried blood was creeping in my nose and Francois must of smelled it too. “Warrior” he said, ‘there is a room down the hall that you can clean your armor and sword with. There is a water barrel and some old cloth you can use to clean them with” he added. Rurak looked at us both and asked, “Do I smell that bad? with a look of disbelief. I laughed, “Yes my friend, you need to get that taken care of.” Rurak stood up as the chair creaked again straining under his weight when he forced himself up, “ I cant win either way today. Between Gwissi saying I am slow and you both saying I smell, next it will be Preciosa saying I snore when I sleep.” At that precise moment when he stopped talking Preciosa walked in and added with a smile, “Rurak you do snore and can keep up all Tyria if needed be.” We all laughed including Rurak then he walked down the hall to get cleaned up.

    I was still smiling and laughing a little when Preciosa looked at me, “Tohr, you need to rest also if we are going anywhere tomorrow.” The look of concern was on her face and I agreed with a nod. I know that look and was not going to argue with her. Francois chimed in, “There is a room to the left of your archer friend you can rest in guardian.” He looked towards Preciosa with admiration, “And to you lady Preciosa you can have the room I was staying in up the stairs there as he pointed. The room is large and has a comfortable bed to sleep in.” Preciosa looked at me and back to him, “Thank you for your kind offer but at this time you also need some rest and I am going to take first watch tonight. Those centaurs may come back thinking the village may be easy pickings for them.” Francois did not argue but looked a little disappointed, “You are a brave lady and I want to thank you for saving my life today.” and he walked over to her and grabbed her hand and reached down and kissed her fingers and bowed to her. He walked up the stairs with his pouches a jingling at each step he took until he reached his room and the door closed in behind him.

    “Eccentric fellow” she said after he made his departure. I agreed with her and added, “Seems a little out of place in my opinion for this village.” I said in a low voice. She leaned close down to my face and whispered, Rurak and I will take turns on watch tonight but you and I must talk in the morning.” I knew what she wanted to talk about and once Preciosa had her mind set an army of centaurs would be much easier to deal with. “We will talk in the early morn before the others awake.” as I looked into her blue eyes and could see the candle flame reflect off of them. She nodded and said. I am going to check on Rurak and then begin my watch as she leaned back and walked down the hallway.

    I scooted the chair back and stood up and went to the room next to Gwissi room. I opened the door and in the dark room I could see a cot and a small stand. The flames in the distance only lit up that small corner of the room by the window across from them. As I took off my satchel and weapons and laid down in the cot, my mind went back to the family crest that mysteriously was given to me today. I reached down and grabbed it out of my satchel and it began to glow again a bright orange and yellow light while I held it. As I laid there looking at it in my hand I felt a calm and peace that I had not felt in a long time. My eyes began to close as if sleep was winning this battle and I drifted to sleep.
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    The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s IX


    As I slept, the image of my great ancestor Tohr Magere, would come and go in my mind. I had the feeling that he was trying to warn me but he couldn’t as something held him back. The connection we had during my injury was not the same in this vision or dream I was having. Tohr Magere image came at me suddenly with his hand reaching out towards me, with fire enveloping him. I heard a death scream and I awoke and I could smell burning flesh and a weight fall upon me.

    I struggled to rise and push whatever was on me and I could see Preciosa standing by the door entrance with a dagger in her hand and flames upon it. I heard heavy footsteps coming from behind her and Rurak appeared. “Are we under attack again?” when he stopped at the door and wearing his cloth under garments he wears under his armor on and his sword in his hands. Before anybody could reply Gwissi had limped in with her bow in hand and her eyes fell upon what was on top of me. “Is that Francois and is he not one of us?” she asked with a look of confusion. Preciosa walked over to me and helped pull the dead body off of Francois that was still smoldering, “No he is not one of us Gwissi. He is not what he seemed and portrayed to us.” as she answered Gwissi question.
    “Tell me what happened.” as I sat up in the cot while looking at the dead body in front of me. I noticed he had a dagger in his left hand. Preciosa began to tell her tale of taking first watch while Rurak was still cleaning the centaur’s blood off his armor and sword. As she was gazing out in the window and watching the fires of other houses and buildings in the distance start to dim if they were burning out she heard a noise behind her but did not see anything. “I saw the candle on the table flicker as a slight breeze had caused it.” she said in a soft voice. At first she thought Rurak had caused it if he was nearby but as she went to check he was not in the hallway where he was cleaning his armor at. She added, “I decided to go check on Gwissi and you to make sure you both were safe. I walked in and checked on Gwissi and she was asleep on the bed and seemed alright then I heard that noise again as it seemed something that had brushed the wall in your room Tohr.”

    Preciosa paused for a long moment and looked at Francois dead body and began to speak again with concern in her voice, “I walked back out of Gwissi room and looked into your room Tohr and did not see anything then out of the shadows a figure moved and Francois had a dagger in his hand over you while reaching in your satchel. He then acted as he was going to silence you for good when he put the dagger closer to your neck and started to reach for your hands as if to take something from you.” As soon as she said that to me I realized I was holding my family crest that was given to me in my vision. I looked around the dimly lit room and noticed it had fallen on the floor and picked it up. “It must of fallen when the attack was made.” I said. I put it in my pouch as Preciosa started to finish her tale but Rurak interrupted “ What object does she speak of Tohr? Is it important in our journey?” he asked. “Things will be explained in the morning my friend but let Preciosa finish her story.” as I answered his questions.
    Preciosa began again while Rurak and Gwissi stood silent listening, “As I said he was looking to end your days here on Tyria from my perception so I took out my dagger and used my dragon claws skill on him and then the rest you all know.” as she finished her tale. I stood up “ Thank you Preciosa for saving my life again. This seems like it’s going to be a habit for you.” I said with a smile. “It’s not funny Tohr!” she snapped back. “You have been a good leader for us all these years and I came, I mean we came close to losing you.” Rurak eye brows raised for a moment and he looked at Gwissi and she nodded as in understanding what was really being said.

    I ignored it for the moment and said we must find out what he was up to as I looked at Francois lifeless body laying on the floor. I bent down and grabbed his satchel and pouches from his corpse. I noticed that same gem filled necklace again dangling from that small tear in the one pouch from earlier. I looked at Preciosa, “This is what you must of heard when he was stealthing around to get to me.” She looked at me in confusion and I added, “It must have been scraping against the walls while he was going from shadow to shadow. The necklace saved my life by alerting you it must seem.”

    Rurak stepped over and grabbed another pouch and was searching through it. Gwissi grabbed another and was searching. She pulled out smaller bags with a few copper coins in them or some with precious metals and jewelry but some had blood stains. Same for Rurak as he was getting some that looked like they were taken from the dead as he said. He found a parchment and opened it began reading it to himself.

    It dawned on me who Francois Villon truly was. He was a thief by profession and he must have been in the village for a while robbing these poor folk for a while. He had knowledge of the village I thought and he knew how to get here to this house very easily. He must have been taking whatever treasure he could find from the fallen victims of the centaurs and was attacked himself while in the act.

    I said aloud, “He is a thief and must have been after anything of value I had on me. Luckily Preciosa saved me and anybody else from being Francois next victim.” “He is more than a thief “Tohr Rurak added, “I found this.” and handed me a parchment that had some wear to it. I opened up the parchment and began reading it. My face must have been telling a story as I read it. Gwissi asked, “What is wrong Tohr?” I kept on reading ignoring her for the moment. Preciosa was about to ask and Rurak put his hands on her shoulder to get her attention and she turned her gaze to him, “He will tell soon.”
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    The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s X


    As I read the parchment I felt like the wind was taken from me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. All the years I had been looking and here is some evidence right in front of me from a dead stranger that almost took my life if it wasn’t for Preciosa saving me. How could this be? I said to myself. I re-read the parchment again making sure I did not miss one word on it. I saw the signature and I knew the handwriting very well.

    I sat back down on the cot, while Rurak looked at me with knowingly concern. Gwissi and Preciosa did not understand the situation and had similar looks as Rurak but with more confusion mixed in. I was very silent and just stared into the darkness of the corner. Finally Gwissi impatience of not knowing what was going on intervened. “Tohr. Are you alright? You seem like you seen a ghost. What troubles you?” she asked. I looked at her with a numbness and just handed her the parchment. She limped over to reach for it and took it out of my hand. Preciosa leaned close to Gwissi and started reading the parchment. Rurak looked at both of them and back to mend said, “Tohr, this may answer many questions why you could never find her.”

    Preciosa looked up and sneered, “Who is SHE Tohr? As she looked at me angrily. Before I could answer Rurak jumped in on the question , “Preciosa, this is not your concern. This is Tohr situation and long before he met you.” he said. Preciosa temper flared and she looked back at me again, “Who is she Tohr? Who is this woman who wrote this letter? Is there something you are hiding from some of us as you call friends?” she asked angrily. I was still numb to it all. So much has happen the past couple of days and now this. Was the timing of this right or was it all coincidence? I asked myself. Gwissi stepped back as best as she could because Rurak and Preciosa began arguing while I was in deep thought.

    I said in a low voice, “She is my sister” but they did not hear me because Rurak and Preciosa kept arguing. I repeated myself a little louder and Rurak had heard it but Preciosa kept yelling. I had to get up from the cot and step in front of Preciosa and said to her with a numbness in my voice, “She is my sister. I been searching for her for years. We grew apart when we were teens. She is older and I looked all around Tyria for her but her trail grew cold and I feared the worst” as I finished Preciosa face turned red as she was a little embarrassed.

    Rurak slapped me on the shoulder, “Tohr we all need much needed rest and we have so much to talk about in the morning.” as he looked at all of us. I agreed and nodded to him. Gwissi felt very grateful to get out of the awkward situation and said good night to us all and went back to her room. I looked at Preciosa and smiled, “You get some rest while I take my turn as a watch. I cant really sleep much at this time.” She looked at me and smiled back and walked out of the room but brushing her hand on my arm as she left. Rurak eye brows raised again as I turned to him. “Don’t give me that look Rurak” I said. “Oh, no, no, no Tohr! You have it all wrong what I was thinking.” as he rolled his eyes. He laughed and hit me on the shoulder and he went out of the room. He spoke loudly as he walked back in the hallway he from where he came, “This adventure already has more surprises already, and we are still in sight of Divinity’s Reach” as he laughed with it.

    I walked into the table with the candle still lit and sat down. My thoughts went back to the parchment. The signature was hers, I know it. I thought she was dead! I said to myself. Those men at the tavern in Lions Arch said she had fallen off a cliff. I believed them because she was hired by them to protect them on their travels from the lands of the Norn to Lions Arch. They lost their goods in an ambush and she was taken over a cliff while guarding on her their most precious cargo of gems.

    Now I find my sisters signature on a parchment directing Francois to recruit more mercenaries and to incite the centaurs to draw out the Seraph from Divinity’s Reach. I was all confused and I put my face into my palms in heavy thought. Is she behind the attacks from the centaurs? Is she recruiting the separatists and uniting them? Why does she have an argument with the Seraphs? These questions and more were whirling through my mind.

    The last thing that came to my mind as I looked up and said under my breath softly, “Feronica, I will find you and try to understand all this? The candle light flickered on the table from time to time as I sat watch while all my friends were asleep.
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