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The Legends Pvp Thread

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Mentiras, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Early morning June 13

    Drac is busy creating a candelabra maze from hell (PvP tip: While this tactic is frowned upon and controversial, make sure to leave a clear path or a GM will show up and remove them... you may also end up missing a door), Gandalf is imitating the great action hero Rambo as he skirmishes outnumbered around brit, there is some "awesome" chat pvp going on in general... :rolleyes:

    Sounds like another round for some sigil defense. It was only a matter of time before OF managed to get a decent force ready to attack. This time it was foreshadow who said, "Did you guys know there are traps out here? Oh crap there are a ton of guards here... Ack they are here, let me in, let me in!" (before faction recalling b/c the gate is slow). In came around 12 (*6-8*) OF with dragons following closely behind. We tossed a few fields as the gate continued to rise and I might have shrieked as 2 greaters crashed towards me. There also might have been some button mashing as I lured one of the dragons towards the back lines, leaking important bodily fluids from the wound in my backside. Unfortunately in the chaos I had passed a fellow guild member who was stuck in the Candle maze and could have used my help. OF was up on kills early, especially after our good old castle guards uped the kill count by whacking reds who fielded (PvP tip: Don't field in TB base around where the guards spawn... /sigh always learning ;)). After some back and forth and a solid push by OF we managed to come out on top this time around. We had the slight number advantage and more mages which definately helped.

    Roughly around the "stat timer" ended we got round 2 underway which went mostly the same, although during the fight a thief managed to run in and take a sigil. Well played sir thief... well played. It has been a better night for us.

    Round 3 was roughly 40 or so minutes later around 2 am est. and we found ourselves repeating last nights mistake of chasing a "pretty butterfly" (Gandalf is rather attractive), instead of sitting in base like good pvpers. Damn our A.D.D.! While 2 were trapped outside behind the mass of guards, our 4 mages and morale booster Donna lost a lengthy field fight against OF and their dragons. Numbers were still close and the battle lasted awhile, good fun all around. So close only to drop the ball at the end. Learn those pvp tips... :gee:

    MVP of the night: Ghetto for 3 shotting a few dragons.
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  2. RL'S pker

    RL'S pker Sage Stratics Veteran

    Sounds like some fun battles.

    I work 3rd shift, and seem to miss most of the fighting after recently coming back to the game.

    I'm waiting to finish getting my Astwihad character suited on my account. Just wait until ya see his new template set up:devil: . hehe in the mean time I've jumped on DJ's account and played his New O Recruit character a few times.

    Don't mind the **** talk I do in game, It's all in good fun. Except when I talk about Bocfus. That guys needs to grow a pair and stand his ground a little...I mean come on! He's gotta go through shoes like I do underwear!
  3. Otis Leroy Funk

    Otis Leroy Funk Journeyman

    "Don't mind the **** talk I do in game, It's all in good fun. Except when I talk about Bocfus. That guys needs to grow a pair and stand his ground a little...I mean come on! He's gotta go through shoes like I do underwear! " RL'S pker

    Thats is why he had to leave Chessy, no more shoes to buy :(
  4. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Definately glad to have people returning and some decent pvp happening again. Hopefully we can find some more events to fight over. I know timing is tricky as it seems guildies on both sides have different work hours. Let me know what people might be interested in and some rough hours that are decent for availability. We aren't opposed to doing some public harrowers like fluffy did, we actually got to raid one recently and it was a nice change from defending.
  5. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    June 13 started roughly 10 pm est, ended around midnight (If we miss our bedtime we don't get tucked in).

    Mostly LGC vs OF field fighting going on, with a splash of Nick and Jeff. There was certainly kills on both sides, with the wild card of Nick and Jeff as added danger. If you are caught alone Nick and Jeff will make short work of you, however tonight was not as successful for them with both guilds moving in groups. It can be said that an example of insanity would be: repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome, this didn't seem to worry these 2 "insane" pvp genuses from comming back each time they were beaten. Maybe that is what makes these 2 so dangerous combined with their skill. I must say that I personally have respect for Jeff as he lets his actions speak louder than words. It felt like tonight we were more successful in the field (Tiny ego boost?), but with deaths on both sides and back and forth pvp, does it really matter? For some, I suspect yes (usually the more vocal ones).

    One of the funnier moments came at LGCs expense. During a fight near the brit healers we got Wayne train low and then poof he vanished. Calls of "Surround him!" went out in vent. PVP tip: Unless holding hands and "checking each others pockets :eek:" is gonna reveal someone, make sure to carry conflag pots/supernovas. I swear I could hear the laughing as Wayne stealthed away only to come back and return the hurt.

    MVP of the night: Gandalf for lasting over a minute on foot with 5 LGC on him, his mount LGCwont1v1 following close behind... seems appropriate in this case.
  6. RL'S pker

    RL'S pker Sage Stratics Veteran

    good write up bud. Tonight it was a lot of fun with the back and forth. Garg throwers sure do hit hard, and often.
  7. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Ohh how I miss **** talking with RLs...even when we fought each other!
  8. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    June 19 10 pm est.

    While playing Diablo 3 with my other brothers I suddenly noticed a red blinking off to my side. Golly jee! It was the batphone, there must be some pvp happening. I logged into vent and was immediately be-rated for being a noob who plays other games. After a quick cry I recalled to minax and jumped into the fight. It appeared that it had been going for a bit before I got there. There were 12! (*3-4*) OF being fielded by a measly 2 (*4-5*) LGC, after a few minutes of pushing we rushed into the base. There was quite a bit of chaos in my opinion, as players were running and battling inside of the base. After a minute or 2 of "organized chaos" we managed to kill one and the numbers slowly dwindled in our favor. Huzzah! there were high fives all around, and some pvp chat as always.

    MVP of the night: Astwihad, pvping against at least 3-4 while solo for several minutes.

    * In vent people were mainly happy to have gotten a decent fight. - I guess the weekend was a little slow. I was busy beta testing The Secret World so my apologies for not being around. *
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  9. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    June 21 12:30-1 am

    So, there I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden the phone rang.

    - Hi there! Would you be interested in buying some pvp?
    Umm... whats the catch?
    - Well, I'm calling to sell YOU, the exclusive chance for pvp, all YOU have to do is agree to sit in game and watch the screen in Brit for an undisclosed amount of time.
    Wow thats awesome!... I'll pass. Its time to actually get sleep at a decent hour.
    - *sigh*... Ok, but we have added you to our call back list.
    Wai...t. * Click, Dial tone *

    10 minutes pass. Phone rings.

    - Get in game, we see a few around brit.
    * School girl squeal * Be right there! ( Skewed thought process... Sleep!? Psshhh. )

    There was mostly just light skirmishing compared to the other reports. After one push where a few OF and LGC died, they made a quick retreat and fast second push that was impressive. It caught a few people off guard and was very agressive, it was fun to experience.

    MVP of the night: Candelabras - * Sigh * I spent more time bumping into these things then all the fighting combined. On a serious note MVP goes to all who attended, because pvp is fun. Thanks for contributing to my sleep problems... jerks. ;)
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  10. hazrad

    hazrad Journeyman

    All you pricks and pussies stand by... daddy is coming back soon to give a damn mean spanking. muhahhahahaha :devil:
  11. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Well hello there legends folks, its been awhile.

    I was busy "Delivering fiery justice" (as one of our very fine legends' player said recently) to some Headless miners around 12pm est. when all of a sudden the pvp chat radar pinged with some activity!

    From what I was able to discern from the chat was that daddyLONGstroke had attacked a Despise spawn and killed the spawners. It seemed he wanted to keep the PvPer stereotype accurate and there was some creative trash talk in general chat, he was selling "Despise passes" to the spawners.

    After some funny back and forth between the good natured players we have here on legends it would seem a small team had mobilized and taken towards Despise to defend the spawn. There was complaints heard about it "uneven odds", some "Why are you running?", a few "lols" from all, the standard good time. In the end Victory went to the good guys, huzzah.

    MVPs of the night: A tie between legends player's funny comments (Seledor: "They must be out of passes. - lol!" and XxExoticaxX who got the first "Daddy is down". Hope all had fun.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2012
  12. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Yup. I must have showed up after all the fun because I saw you running out. Nice to see your still running around! Just came back full time myself!
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  13. U.T

    U.T Visitor

    Omni and rl's on Uo
    Rl's still playing mage ?
  14. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    I dont think RLS is still playing. Me I dont pvp anymore. Really there is no one to pvp. I got attacked by Barnabus Sackett and just stood there casting mini heals as he tried to killeth me. I laffed. Anyhow I am mostly a trammy player now.
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  15. Cash

    Cash Journeyman

    only 2 recent posts in the pvp thread, ouch?
    i'm gettin the itch....
  16. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    There is literally almost zero pvp on this shard. I have ran into only one pvp since ive been back. I was in wraith form with all the spawn targeted on me (rat mages lol that disrupted my heals!) and the dexer managed to kill me! Other than that not **** is popping in uo pvp.
  17. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Just popping in for a quick pvp update. There has been some sporadic pvp happening on Legends recently and we may see an increase if things continue to progress. Currently there are 3 big pvp groups that I can discern.

    *Minax* The OF crew and their firends: As always OF has managed to keep their team strong, they currently have at least 2 different tags/guilds that seem to comprise their pvpers and spawners, they also appear to be the largest group at this time. From my experience the hours that they play seem to vary, with the majority of the pvpers logging on in the evening to late night hours. It has been fun and challenging as always fighting OF as they managed to keep their solid pvp core together throughout the games they play (with appearances by some of the more well known pvpers making a return recently), now also bolstered by some new spawners and players.

    *CoM* The Riley (IQ/DOTA/insert more tags) crew: This crew recently made its reappearance over on legends to battle OF primarily [and now LGC, because Drac is a jerk! (I'm his brother so I can say that safely :D)] They seem to be at least 5 strong at times, so hopefully they can continue to make a presence for some good old fashioned pvp.

    *SL* The LGC crew: As far as I know we have been around about as long as OF, recently playing more on LS. Our crew is much smaller now than in the past, but we still have the potential to put up a good fight often enough. With the resurgence of my our friendly rivals OF we will likely be playing more on Legends in the not to distant future.

    We can't forget the other pvpers that make an appearance now and again. The Longstrokers, Nick and Jeff, LD (haven't seen them personally), and I just learned that Vyal came back recently.

    Hopefully we can keep the (often excessively rude) pvp chat to a minimum and remember we share our fine shard with a great bunch of full time PvMers and players.

    Stay classy pvpers, hope to see you out there.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2012
  18. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    We need more stories =)
  19. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Hehehe I'll see what I can do, I'm glad you enjoyed them.
  20. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Yeah...seems you and I have the same sense of humor LOL
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  21. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    i wont pvp...i wont pvp....i wont.....ok, Well Im getting the urge to pvp again lol. Damnit.
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  22. Cash

    Cash Journeyman

    someone wanted a story... picture is worth 1000 words eh?
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  23. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Cool pic Cash, nice to see you playing again, aside from Twinkie I don't recognize the other 2 so thats a plus in my book. (The more pvpers the better.)

    Just a little story from some fighting yesterday.

    Drac has the idea to work a Despise for a fight (I conveniently have dinner arrive at the start...), after getting back to the computer I ask if anything is going on and am told to get my noob behind to the island so I can kill the Baracoon for them (Drac, Q, and Riley - *Drac and Rily don't get along, Q is Switzerland*). I proceed to kill the boss while Drac announces the spawn, Baracoon is at 4% when the first (orange) OF member is spotted, so I make the judgement call to just to kill it (Drac got flak for this, but I wanted to be honest). We get a few 120's so Drac runs them out and I accompany him to the star room.

    *Que Benny Hill music*

    In vent Q says something along the lines of "OJ's down here, where did you guys go? Alot of OJ's here." Now I wasn't back in the dungeon yet and can only guess what obviously must have happened (it was one of those days)... Q (we consider him Rambo) must have chased the great horde of OF (there were only 3-4 that I was aware of) towards the Ogre Lords, mid-chase he tripped on an Ogre Lord club (they leave those things everywhere) and accidently fired an energy bolt at Riley. It missed and hit a stalactite, (dictionary.com ftw) which consequently fell onto the foot of another Ogre Lord (there are alot of them in despise...), this caused the now enraged and hobbling Ogre Lord to swing it's club at Q's head, knocking him out cold, as the now victorious Ogre Lord stumbled over to its victim it tripped (on the same club that started this whole mess) and fell, crushing Q to death underneath it's massive weight (victory to minax regardless). Riley hearing the commotion turned around just in time to witness the Ogre Lord's deathblow on Q and nearly died laughing. *The OF guys snuck up behind Riley* and watching themselves, chuckled as they tapped Riley on the shoulder... *Whack* *Pow* *Thowmp* *Riley's vision fades to black*

    Have no fear, Drac and Trauma are here to save the day! We enter the Tera keep (last sighting of the horde) and we promptly encounter Elmo and Koala (possibly another, it honestly would not have mattered), Drac is footed, I yell "Don't worry Drac, I'll save you with my Cyclone of Justice!", I throw at Koala, *miss* *miss* *miss*... *HIT*... I hit something (fist pump!)... it was Drac... my Cyclone delivering the killing blow on it's return trip, for justice... *This whole sequence is largely made up, we got beat bad.* "Noooooo, I (your killer) shall avenge you!" - I get footed by Elmo, his mare takes a giant bite out of my rear, Koala switches to attack mode (they are really good at this combo), Spellplague, mystery mage jumps in (was most likely just the 2 of them, I feel like I need the ego boost here) Explosion, Flamestrike, Spell Trigger, my matrix like moves dodge most of the damage, a whip cream pie hits me in the face, I am now running half blind towards the star room portal, in the backround I can hear the distinct growl before a Dread mare launches its fireball, I slip on a bannana peel *Oo Ooooooo Ooo* We have lost...

    *End Benny Hill music*

    Minesweeper asks if we will be comming back to fight more (she missed the fight on her way down... thats how fast it was), I tell her my pride is hurt at the embarrassing nature of that encounter. She says, "Don't worry we all have off days.", she also mentions that sometimes she hears Benny Hill music in the backround when it happens to her. :thumbsup: A good idea for a story.

    We got some pvp in yew shortly after that goes roughly the same way, 5-6 on our side 6-8 on theirs, we lost people fast and some of us make a quick retreat. After the stat timer, we popped another Despise, Drac announced it, Exotica tells drac that they are AFK (exhausted from all the laughing most likely), we kill the Baracoon, it puts me to sleep. - *I propose in the future we take turns on spawning for fights.*

    MVPs of the night: Ogre Lords and their clubs, bannana peels, but honestly Elmo and his mare, Koala, and their good teamwork. They have been getting me (and I suspect others) quite often. Thumbs up for Minesweeper as well for being so cool.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
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  24. RL'S pker

    RL'S pker Sage Stratics Veteran

    I just got power back after the nasty snow storm, so hopefully I can get some action on legends. I only get a day or two to play a week, So I'm hoping people on Legends actually log in.

    Oh, also so ya know Minesweeper is a "she" not a "He",lol. Eris will go full mafia on ya if you don't watch out. She's gutted small children for less.

    What's going on Omni? I turned my account back on about a month ago, and log in a little every week. I don't get a lot of play time though.
  25. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Glad to hear you are back up and running and thanks for the save, a quick edit should do the trick... I like Eris, she is always cool in game, hard to keep track of all her characters, hehehe. *Looks both ways. Makes quick fixes.*
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  26. Cash

    Cash Journeyman

    oh i'm not back, just have some old pics in photobucket and that looked like a good one... if u look i was deathstruck by a bow, and BIGS is in map... so yeah that was an old pic
  27. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Oh, bummer! :p Still thank you for the old pics, I didnt realize those details till you pointed them out.

    Past 2 days have had some decent pvp (albeit at wierd hours), thank you OF. Overall (sometimes we all get beat) I feel like we have been pretty equal on the kills vs. deaths.

    The "strokers" and Pennywise made a brief appearance today and OF was attacked by both (LGC included) groups, but they handled themselves well as always. Then after a brief skirmish where Penny was killed, they vanished amidst the fighting. Consequently leaving me lonely and needing someone to protect me as OF returned the hurt. Overall good times and will work on a story for the next post.

    PvP :thumbup1:
  28. RL'S pker

    RL'S pker Sage Stratics Veteran

    Some decent fights have been found on legends of late. Been back and forth in kills, but i think !OF! has won the majority of the fights.

    I was pleased to have a guy actually step up and mage duel after claiming no one in !OF! can 1 v 1. He didn't last very long, but earned some respect for stepping up like that.

    Trauma ya gotta do a little better job on number watching. hehe that Yew fight earlier you guys had the numbers at the start, then claimed we won due to our numbers. There was 4 of us. Eris/jaw/shane/me....vs you,myst,foots,tyrant, Samuel Adams. I'll let it slide this time, but next time I'm becoming your math tutor.

    The second go around we had more people with Twinkie, and twista logging in too.

    Oh, word on the street is Pugs back and working hard to get a crew together. lol the poor fool is jumping in random guild vents trying to recruit. Might get to beat LD down once more.
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  29. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    I would say that is a fair statement, the last couple of days have definately been rough on us in the win category. Drac is out till Thursday which hurts as well since he is one of the few mages we have atm. Our active vent roster is usually just Q and Trent. (Drac when he is on)

    I believe the dueler was Zario and I thought that was cool as well, it's always nice to get a good duel now and again.

    The numbers comment got taken a little out of contect, I was replying to Elite tamer about him saying "They should limit how long people can run for..." and mentioned numbers as a reason I was running. At the time I was fleeing from 3 of you fine folk, so I was responding in that regard. When I saw the counter response I just let it drop, because I didn't want to make it worse in chat. Numbers in general seem to be a sensitive topic for most, there is nothing inherently wrong with having numbers, it just makes getting balanced fights more difficult at times. You guys have managed to keep a good core pvp group together (having great mages is a huge plus, we are lacking there) and there is nothing wrong with that. The actually fight like you said was pretty even, you guys got some fast kills and your group pvp skills were far better than our throw together team.

    The Pug comment makes me smile for multiple reasons... :D It would be great to get a few 3 way fights again. The Legends shard will always be one of my favorites, because we get to fight you guys here more often than on other shards, sprinkle in some more pvpers and that could be pretty sweet indeed.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2013
  30. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Quick post about a legends pvp event provided by Miko and Mayu during their New Years events.

    There was a brief "last man standing" event that took place in a remote cave for about 15 minutes (stealthers prolonged this). OF showed up very strong with 8-9 (rough math, you can correct me if I am wrong) and together soundly defeated the many blues (props for attending blues) that bravely participated. I choose not to attend, so I do not know how they went about getting a winner (congrats Patriot Act), and will not derail the thread by assuming in this regard. OF kindly ressed as many people as they could at the end and even popped a public Harry, which Miko decided to spice up with a New Year's Dragon and Demon. It sounded pretty rough in chat. ;)

    Congrats and thanks to OF for being respectful throughout. It appeared to make a good impression on Miko, and it sounded like we might get some more Fel events in the future. I just hope we might get the chance at some smaller scale pvp, wether it is 1v1 arena battles, 2v2's, or some other event I can't imagine at this moment, but with the team angle taken into consideration.
  31. bobmac

    bobmac Journeyman

    your all bad even after all these years
  32. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    I don't know your character's name and frankly your "words" ring hollow over the internet, but I sure we all would enjoy if you log in and show us how bad we are.
  33. bobmac

    bobmac Journeyman

    i wouldnt enjoy if i logged in tho...
  34. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Haha. Bobmac forever talking smack. Go gettem chief.
  35. RL'S pker

    RL'S pker Sage Stratics Veteran

    lol Bob you were the worst archer mage I think I ever played with.

    It made me laugh when we'd get the evil omen para off, and your dang bow would hit them and set them free. haha funny times!

    What ya up to these days?
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2013
  36. bobmac

    bobmac Journeyman

    Living the dream sir. Waiting for a decent game to play, when theres nothing worthwhile to play I pop in here to check and see whos still around. But ya that necro/mage archer was funny, still killed alot of ppl on it but had to many things to worry about. Wasnt the best choice for a omen/para gank.
  37. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Yesterdays PvP Bonanza Report

    I just want to preface this report by saying there was a ton of pvp yesterday, so if I forget anything, or if anything is grossly inaccurate I apologize, feel free to correct me, and I hope you enjoy the read.

    PvP Log, stardate 00200.1. ( It was 2pm est, I apologize Trekkies if my stardate use offends you.), Our destination is the prison on planet Despise.
    A distress broadcasted in general chat, "OF in despise... *static* assistance required". I set course for despise to attempt a rescue mission. Upon arriving I discovered I was too late, the bodies of the victims lay scattered about the dungeon. After scanning for additional life signs, I discovered the three perpetrators on the center island. There was a chase and shields were set to maximum, I steered towards the Destard wormhole, warp drives initiated (Run!!!). The OF fighters were in pursuit and I was caught shortly after making a wrong turn into the gravitational pull of a black hole (dead ends are rude). I attempted to shoot them with my Phaser, but I must have turned the dial from kill, past stun, all the way to tickle, and I was defeated. It was later discovered that an ensign had sent out a general message from despise, OF was appreciative of this fact.

    PvP Log, stardate 00305.1/2, (It was around 3pm est), Our destinations are the myriad of faction spaceports.
    After my defeat at the hands of the OF raiders I decided to check the status on the ever changing spaceport loyalties, to my luck they were ripe for some "persuasion". The call went out and the SL and CoM (being fixed) federation began the stealthy retrieval of the faction sigils. Seeing as the stones take 10 hours to corrupt and that put the time frame in OF's ideal window we decided to enact alpha plan Distraction, code name... "Spawn-a-lot". The demand for space ponies was high, so this was deemed a priority.

    PvP Log, stardate 00575.2. (It was sometime in the afternoon), Our destination is the cave riddled planet Destard.
    The federation was in the process of battling the alien reptile horde and their leader Rikktor "The Earth Shaker" when we must have been scouted by OF. Luckily for us our Phasers were set to Kill and our defenders were waiting cloaked at the entrance. The first OF showed up out of warp and was vaporized instantly, we engaged another enemy and the fight began as OF slowly built their force. Luckily for us we had the number advantage in this encounter and we were able to keep that advantage in kills as we battled around the entrance. The tenacity of OF is legendary and they made a return challenge after the first fight that went the same way thanks to our numbers, it was a good start for us in one of the first encounters of the evening.

    PvP Log, stardate 00688.3., Our destination is once again the prison on Despise.
    Seeing as we needed to get those space ponies so badly (I want a green one named Hop Scotch. I'm going to put a beret in his hair, and brush him daily, we will prance along in the meadows... sorry back on topic), we were quick to get another spawn started shortly after defeating the terror that is Rikktor. We were fortunate to have some blues that were willing to help battle the vermin spawn for us (Thank you gals and guys, it is appreciated.), I only wish we could have saved them in this encounter. We got word from the front-line that OF had been spotted on their way, in a mad dash we were able to set up a series of containment fields at the warp in site. This netted us a few quick kills and I became over confident, in the middle of doling out crew member high-fives (and congratulatory butt pats...) OF made their second push. They must have held back on the first wave, because they came in force with even more on the second wave. There was some kills on both sides, but OF handily won this encounter and we were forced to retreat as they killed Baracoon the Star Piper. We sent the message out that we were not done for the night and would run at least one more mission.
    PvP tip of the night: Do not give out high-fives and butt pats until the fight is actually over... you will regret it, and it will be awkward to boot.

    PvP Log, stardate 01034.4., Our destination tonight is once again the planet Destard. (In my defense the spawns were pretty bad and we needed quick fights, it doesn't make for great story telling...)
    We were scouted very fast in Destard, so I made the call to put the word out that the Blues might want to start a Despise as well. OF made the tactical move of comming in from the lower warp points and rushed directly into the fight with Rikktor "The (reincarnated) Earth Shaker" we managed to successfully finish the spawn with losses on both sides. We then set up outside the cave entrance and waited for OF, the Despise fight was also won and the Blues were given all the scrolls from Rikktor in addition to their own. When it seemed like OF was not going to come out, we began to warp out... and then they attacked. I believe they managed to kill a red shirt crew member before everyone made it out. We regrouped to go back in and were gated right back into OF's containment fields, I quickly pressed my emergency eject (teleport) button and managed to escape as they got two more quick kills. OF won this fight, but we weren't done yet.

    PvP Log, stardate 01235.5., Our final destination is the SL space fortress.
    Apparently alpha plan distraction had mostly worked and it wasn't until the very final minutes when it was discovered by OF that we had taken the faction sigils. The call went out and our defense force was mobilized, we lost more crew then they did, but we managed to hold out until the sigils had corrupted. Overall we were victorius this day. Picard out. Errr Trauma out.

    One of the best days of pvp I can remember in a long time, thanks to all that participated, general chat was even pretty civil for the majority of the day!

    MVPs of the night: Big thanks to the blues that worked some spawns with us, it can be a tedious task especially when the threat of death and uncertainty abounds. We nicknamed Sariel "The queen of Despise", I believe she ran at least 4 this day.
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  38. Mona

    Mona Visitor


    Trauma your flappy wings locks me up!! So in yew gate when you see a pretentious walking healer walking in mud that happens to be OJ... that will be me.
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  39. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Ouch! Here's to hoping that the internet pixies work their magic on your connection sometime in the near future, until then may your cohorts deliver fiery justice for you and you ping.
  40. BeaIank

    BeaIank Slightly Crazed Premium

    264 MS ping to Legends?
    Sounds like an average day to me.

    If you pop another spawn today, when and if the shard is back from maintenance, I will send a Zath to lag and die among the spawn.
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  41. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Jan. 4th
    There was a fight in despise in the afternoon that OF won, it did manage to last a decent amount of time which was a nice change as their mages usually shut it down pretty fast. I decided to finally finish my mage, because cheerleading from behind my teamates is only so much fun. "Yeah, nice field spell Drac!, Go team Go!, Come on guys keep it up., Don't worry I'll stand here behind you (stam blocking you) and attempt to baseball swing their spells back at them., Fine... I'll cover east bridge then and stare down the mages fielding it... What do you mean I'm not helping?, No you shut up!"

    It was then followed by some pvp in yew on my mage (until you bullies killed him) on 2 different occasions that faired slighty better for us, but in this pvper's opinion was too close to call a win. There was certainly some that did say so, but I honestly believe that OF's coordination was better, their healers for certain do a better job then ours *currently*. :D

    It was capped off by an excellent fight in Serpent's Hold after protecting a Despise spawn VFW was doing. *I personally don't like to kill pvmer's, so when the guild is working together I try and persuade them just to protect, I can't speak for all members of the guild however.* In this case we had a pretty strong team and managed to delay the OF push with our fields/numbers until the Baracoon was killed. We rallied in the star room, OF rallied in Tera, VFW rallied in Luna (Smart folk! Turns out we should have as well.), the call to push was made... 2 Ooo OoOOo's off the bat from our side, followed by at least 1 from OF's side thanks to some Colossi (Colossuses if you prefer /shrug). Honestly those things are better pvpers than me and this was proven shortly after, as I joined the ranks of the OoOO-er's. New O made me chuckle as I waited by the gate in the star room, he said, "...died twice to spawn I'm such a noob." Seeing how that had happened to me earlier in the day and I had also thought the same thing, it was pretty funny to me.

    A character switch from a few of us (I reckon both sides were actively switching) and the fight was now at the front of Fire and in Serpent's Hold, people were fighting left and right, up and down, it was glorious pvp chaos. Pug and Vyal had joined the fray in town and enemies were temporarily friends as the fighting raged in the streets. Shopkeepers shut their windows, women and children fled to the safety of their homes, and men squeeled as they turned and ran from the horde of pvpers. Who can blame them? I don't know exactly how we managed to win this part, but we did. Props were given to OF as they had the far more difficult task of fighting off several different groups of players. It was a pretty good day of pvp, in this players book the edge was given to OF for better team play and more difficult odds in several encounters.

    A brief talk with Pug did indeed make it sound like he is trying to get a pvp team over here.

    MVPs of the night: PvPer's in general, there was alot of GF's and not much drama. Honorable mention to VFW, even the most hardcore pvper appreciates the few non-pvpers that play with us here in Fel.
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  42. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Jan 5th

    We got beat bad today, so it takes a great amount of energy to write this, but credit where credit is due. It will be more brief than usually, the repeated beatings have affected my memory... !OF! -->:gun: :gee::whip:<-- !OF!

    I wake up at 1:30. Yeah I said it... 1:30pm. It's the weekend don't judge me. Hopped in the shower (just because I woke up late doesn't mean I can skimp on hygiene) and not two minutes later I am prompty informed I am needed in Tera. I briefly consider heading down in my towel, but decide being a cold, skinny, naked player is just too much for me to pull off at this time, they should be fine in Tera for a few moments more. I show up and there is a decent length battle, but OF manages to kill the Mephitis, and most of us. People commented on it being "pretty cool" that there was pvp at 2 in the afternoon, I agree. Pretty cool indeed.

    !OF! - 1 | *US* - 0

    We do a despise and OF raids with a decent size crew (far from their full team) and we soundly win. Moral is up! Hindsight would later lead me to believe this one was a "gimme", they must have noticed we were off our game, and felt bad.

    !OF! - 1 | *US* - 1

    Apparently we were in the mood for some spider slaying (not a terrible idea, they are creepy). OF must have decided they hate spiders more than we do, because they raided the spawn very strongly and decided to show us how to hold the spawn and kill the champ at the same time. Thanks for the lessons you likeable jerks!

    !OF! - 2 | *US* - 1

    At this stage it was difficult staying 100% motivated, I'll admit. There was a fight in Despise for some silly reason... why do we fight so much? Can't we all just be friends? Ha! What am I talking about!? It's fun, thats why. So yeah, OF won this one also... *mumbles something*

    !OF! - 3 | *US* - 1

    There was some yew fighting later on that went better, but all the important fights save for the one time OF was nice to us (I'm sure of it!) was won by them. I must admit I like yesterdays report better. See you gals and guys tomorrow. Not a shutout. Yes! *Weak fistbump* Small victories. /sigh :cool:

    MVPs of the day: The Longstrokers showed up and put the smack down on a few of us in Despise as well to add insult to injury, but like how I started the thread, "Credit where credit is due."
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  43. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Jan 6th

    Not as much pvp to report, but I had to stop in to mention the fight at Britain moongate. Wow, what a fight indeed.

    It was shorty after playing some back and forth with the sigils in the early afternoon when we managed to get a pretty sizeable force on. I feel like 8 would be a safe estimate. We decided we were ready to make a serious push at the sigils which Minax had been successful at keeping under control for most of the morning. We met up outside the Minax base and began our run past the lookout house to grab the sigils and then get back out fast. (You know what?... I want a lookout house. I bet its freaking awesome in there, with milk and cookies, and a TV to watch when you are bored. There is also probably a cool password to get in, like Excelsior, or a set of secret knocks...) Well, as we made our way down the corridor (past the cool lookout house) to the base we sprung the poison traps that had been placed, inadvertently sending a warning to the devious OF players.
    PvP tip: It might be a good idea to create some kind of character that can detect traps, possibly even remove them? Just think about it... could be helpful.

    The team was seemingly in and out without any trouble at all, when the first vent call went out, "Minax at the gate, don't worry it's only 2 of them.", "Crap alot of Minax at the gate, get here quick."
    This began the 30 minute long back and forth fight that was the highlight of the day in this pvpers eyes. There were constant calls, "Got one at my dot.", "Got two at my dot, need help.", there were deaths left and right, "Damn, they got me. I'm comming back on another character." At one point a Stewart Little (Sorry not sure who this was... Is this like the new "New O recruit" names?, You crazy people!) took the time amidst the fighting to say something along the lines of, "Wow, what a fight." *My apologies for not getting this 100% correct, but the general meaning stuck with me.*
    I can't honestly declare a winner for this encounter as both sides made some great kills, there was an absolute ton of switching, and it was just such a blast I think we all won. I will however give huge props to OF for the players that continued to fight in stat for the battle and will admit that ultimately in the end we made the call to leave the field and regroup.

    There was also some small scale pvp during the day, but after the major fight OF's numbers were much less, and we held a pretty significant number advantage for the remainder of the day.

    MVPs of the day: Twinkie/Batosi and Vicious Koala. These two brave souls continued to show up and fight for the majority of the day in pvp encounters where they were almost always outnumbered.
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  44. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Jan 8th

    Dear diary Journal (more masculine...),

    Today was pretty much a "normal" day, as usual it was mostly uneventful during school hours and in the early afternoon. There was a few fights between the debate team (LGC) and the chess club (OF), but this entry doesn't read like your typical high school drama (Sometimes we do act like we are still in H.S., think about it.). During the daytime hours the debate team (LGC) rolls around strong throwing opposing viewpoints at the other cliques. Groups like the big bad chess club (OF) aren't able to field their full rosters in the early hours due to all the extracurricular activities they participate in, and often debate outnumbered. Those teacher's pets are always trying to make us look bad! This was pretty much the case all day until the debate team got word that drama club (LD) was hanging out at the 711/*your typical convenience store* (Despise), this wasn't going to fly without a debate...

    The debate team (LGC) suited up. Pocket protecters - Check!, #2 pencil - Check!, (blue, black, and red) ball point pens - Check!, index cards - Check!, and lastly, debate notes - Check! (We chose to debate; Which soft drink is better, Coke or Pepsi? - I never said we are the best debate team). We headed out 5 strong, word was there was at least 3 drama club (LD) members hanging out at the 711. When we got there we rushed in strong, Drac kicked open the double doors ( a simple push would have been fine) and bolted towards the Slurpee/Frosty machine (center island). We proceeded to debate the crap out of the drama club (LD), "Pepsi is better, because it's sweeter, and the brain craves sweetness!", "Actually my good friend that can play against Pepsi as well, studies have proven that during prolonged consumption the sweetness is often too much, and Coke wins out.", consequently by the time we had finished debating all the drama club (LD) members lay passed out on the ground. Victory was ours, or so we thought.

    The chess club (OF) had been waiting and gathering their members for the battle of the night. One of the debate team members shouted from the parking lot (fire entrance), "The chess club (OF) just pulled up and they are gathering by the doors!" Shortly after the fight began.

    The chess club (OF) captain (Queen in this case might be more appropriate) yelled, "Pawn to B4!" Q then picked up a bag of Fritos and threw it at the nearest chess club member, "Take that and all your chess nonsense!" Someone shouted, "Knight takes Bishop!" Trent browsed the candy isle while sipping his coffee, a quick glare silenced a chess club (OF) member before he could mutter a word. "Well obviously Pepsi's advertising campaign is far superior..." Drew was heard saying, as he ducked under a flying chessboard. This scene went on for a good 30 minutes. There was lots of fainting and nosebleeds on both sides. "Check!" The chess team (OF) was closing in on the Slurpee machine and we were dropping fast. Our mouths were dry from all the debating, and our hands were bloody from paper cuts, it was difficult to stay focused. A tactical retreat to the ATM machine (star room) to hold off the swarm of chess members netted us a few quick debate wins, but just as many chess pieces captured... "Checkmate!" The chess club (OF) had won this time... the sweet Slurpee goodness (Coke Slurpees in this instance...) was lost, but the debate team (LGC) promised to be back!

    Goodnight diary Journal​

    MVP of the night: RL's on Ast. When RL's is on he often brings an aggressive play-style that is hard for us to counter (at this time), you can feel the difference in the tempo of the fight. This was the case today when he showed up towards the middle/end of the battle and we started to lose more than we were winning.

    P.S. See you all tomorrow at school. Coke > Pepsi! :D
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  45. bobmac

    bobmac Journeyman

    pm me vent info one of these days rl. Be nice to catch up with a few of ya trammies...
  46. jopromol

    jopromol Journeyman

    my head began to ache when i read Jan 8th post! I couldn't remember if I was on the chess or debate team.... But I will tell you this, I'm excited to hear the drama club may be bacl in town. I'm telling you Trauma, your talents for writing have been overlooked- you missed your calling! Good fights on legends lately, thanks for playing everyone and see you out there
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  47. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Good feedback. Dan told me the same thing, so I added more guild tags to the post.
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  48. Mona

    Mona Visitor

    Haha! That is just too funny. It's been fun. I leave for Sicily on Monday and I will not be back until April. My gaming will be significantly reduced and most likely !OF!'s as a whole. It happens every year. I am sure you've noticed through the years we do not play the entire year. I will try to get on when I can. Believe it or not I ping legends better in Sicily than where I am now.

    Thank you Trauma for the witty journals. We've enjoyed them.
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  49. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    It has often been my pleasure to say "Good fight." to you and your crew. As I'm sure you are aware, not all of us gamers are successful in regulating our emotions when playing, your respectful demeanor in game has not gone unnoticed by me. I'm sure you hear this from your own group of friends, but I will also say, that you will be missed while you are gone.
    !OF! is by far one of the best guilds I have played with, competed against, and been defeated by in UO. I hope that everyone will be able to continue to play and enjoy the game when their schedules allow it. At the very least maybe we can manage to keep enough pvp going to give you a few more entertaining posts... If all else fails, April is only two and a half months away.

    Thank you.
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  50. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Jan 10th

    No major fights today, but a whole lot of field fighting (can't be understated, hopefully we can keep the pvp popping) in yew and by Minax base later in the night. I would give the most wins today to OF, but there was alot of deaths on both teams. If I had to describe the amount of deaths... I would just say, that after awhile we must have tired a bunch of you out with our tenacity, extreme amounts of running, excessive overconfidence, and repeated death crys. Muhahahahaha!

    Oh and I went 0-3 to Vicious Koala in mage 1v1's today... Yes I will be keeping track and thank you Koala for the 1v1's. You can all make me feel better by telling me he is at least your second best mage, reply anytime, I'm waiting.... But, in all seriousness good fights, and I apologize for interrupting your packing and suit building Eris. It's all their fault!
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