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(OT) The New Fluffi Babble Thread.

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Cailleach, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest


    I've been around now and then, but since Mary is gone begging just hasn't been the same.

    And I seem to miss all the opportunities to sing for yer people and make some coins with it. That's why I had this cunning plan of luring everybody to a cheap drinking hall, get yer to buy me some ciders and make yer do the work of singin' and spinnin' ... just have to find a place that's willing to take me. I am not sure if my permit for Trinsic would cover this kind of entertainment, and I don't want to risk my spot under the bridge now that winter is coming ...

    Yers clever
    Scrumpy Jack
  2. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    I've heard tell of a new tavern in the Trinsic area. I've put out a call to the tavern keeper to see if she'll let you in. :D
  3. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Now that's just very nice of yer! Yer can have a choice of lollipops when we meet.

    Yers gratefully
    Scrumpy Jack
  4. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Wow I go offline and come back and both John and Scrumpy make appearances.

    Morning babblers
  5. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Ello Kayne,

    that's how sneaky we both are! Yer never see us coming ... but yer smell me leaving!

    Did I ever tell yer the story of when I was in Cove and met this orc that was even dirtier than Crazy Miggies underpants? Anyway, 'tis a dull story.

    Yers stealthy
    Scrumpy Jack
  6. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    I think you did tell me Scrumpy but it was very dull.
  7. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    See, told yer and told yer so!
  8. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Good grace, what is he doing here? *points at the filthy beggar*

    One can not go out in public without being emberassed by his family. *sighs*
  9. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Oh, and good morning babblers!

  10. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    psst, John - don't let Scrumpy find out about the distilleries, he'll have one set up in your basement if you're not careful.
  11. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Oh no, I can only begin to imagine...
  12. Well well well, what do we have here :mf_prop:
  13. Cailleach

    Cailleach Certifiable Staff Alumnus

    If it's a well, then experience suggests that what we have is water ... :)
  14. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Looks to me like an escaped babbler from several years ago. Also Elite pvper and occasional mad fool who worked Doom with Terry. Hiya Bladey!
  15. How are things with you and Terry? Long time no speak really :)
  16. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    all well. Still hanging around in game a lot :) still trying to keep things sorted on Stratics. We got 2 little grandsons now, we spent yesterday with them.
  17. Oh nice one, they'll be keeping you busy, how old? I have a little girl of my own now too, 3 months old. :)

    I'm not really playing any games at the moment, still WoW occasionally but that's it.
  18. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Congrats! boys are 9 and not quite 2 :)
  19. Barian

    Barian UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    There's a Baby Bladey?

    That'll be.................RattleSwinger?


    Oooo.......new smileys.........

  20. Clx-

    Clx- Guest

    <--- still not cured of UO. Linked here by Nix. Can't bring myself to call him BLADE SWINGER. Sounds weird!

    It's been UO nostalgia day in IRC for probably the 5th time in 2 weeks. What is wrong with me?! Nothing is ever going to match this game and it kills me. It was more important to me than pretty much anything else in life for a few years..

    It's nice to see we're still remembered by a few. Always tried to play with a bit of class and recruited on personality rather than PvP ability. Somehow we still ended up half-decent! I was never really a part of the 'Europa community' - only moved to the shard in late 2001, but had a LOT of fun here - and of course met the I-C boys. We're all still in IRC together and meet up IRL on a regular basis. A lot of good things came out of UO for me, but I-C is the best part of it.

    Hi Nico, Petra, Fluffi. Fluffi remind me of your PvP chars? I remember you I'm sure but the names escape me.

    Anyone have any pictures from p16 and early AOS days? I think I enjoy reminiscing about UO more than I enjoy playing any other game..

    Anyone else from the 'I-C era' still out there?

    Nixon ruining another event, the horrible man:
  21. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Ello yer lot!

    Before I could make my way to the election thingie last night, somebody put a powerful sleeping spell on me, so I missed it. I suspect foul play and hereby demand, that I will be made Lardy Prospector immediately! After all, I have a permit and therefore the right to be somebody!

    This reminds me: did I ever tell yer the story of when I was in Destart and met this dragon which pretended to be a kitten? Anyway, 'tis a dull story ..

    Yers demanding
    Scrumpy Jack
  22. That's probably quite an appropriate name for her.

    Quite bizarre that 10-11 years ago (really doesn't feel like that long ago) you were helping me with my maths homework in these very threads... :lol:
  23. LadyNico

    LadyNico Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Hey yourself, Clx. Does the heart good to see you guys around even if it's just the forums.

    And grats on the munchkin, Nix! My baby girl turns 9yrs old tomorrow - Scarily close to double digits. Really must practice my mom-dancing for maximum embarassment factor & cringe points for her party on Saturday.
  24. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Ello yer lot!

    I posted a letter about the position of Lardy Detector in that mailbox by the sicklishly cute wedding chapel yesterday. Didn't hear about when I will be annointed yet, though. So chaps and chapesses, in case yer wonders: I will be the boss soon and THEN yer will get yer nougat swirls and lollipops. Keep yer toothbrushes at hand.

    That reminds me: did I tell yer the story of when I was in the Fandancer Dojo and didn't meet any celebrities? Anyway, 'tis a dull story ...

    Yers knightly
    Scrumpy Jack
  25. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    *is a babbler turkey* Babble babble babble
  26. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Morning babblers and babblettes!

    Where is the Daily Sausage gone? How can we make an informed, non-biased and correct decision when we don't get any proper informations?

    We probably should "occupy" Brit West Bank ...

  27. Saunders

    Saunders Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    I believe it was eaten at the Daily Breakfast, together with the Daily Egg and Toast.
  28. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    :lol: afternoon babblers
  29. Kou (DoT)

    Kou (DoT) Guest

  30. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Wouldn't that make you Lady Protector not Lord Kou?

    I think I know where my vote is going
  31. Kou (DoT)

    Kou (DoT) Guest

    That makes me the perfect candidate!

    How much more underdog can you get?
    I barely even fit the role's title!
  32. LadyNico

    LadyNico Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    If memory serves, someone was taking a break...

    Get back to work, Mr Skivey-Pants! :whip:
  33. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Perhaps Kou, we'll see :)

    Nico its Saturday - thats no work day :p
  34. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    John II a little trip down memory lane for you that I just found lurking in my photobucket account

  35. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Oh, our old guild house ... and the old guild! Sadly, everybody of SRC on this photo is gone now ... except of me, of course. And the guild house is gone, too, since it was Jethros.



    Thank yo for this memento mori (and I thought I would never get a chance to use this expression .. *g*)
  36. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie

    *sticks Head in *

    hey hey all kind people - just wanted to leave a quick hello - dividing my time in Sosaria between Europa and Siege at the moment and so will occasionally pester you with my presence here ;-)

    Tailors for Commanders!!11one11
  37. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    You're welcome John it was a pleasure to have been there to get the screenshot.

    Hey Crest :)
  38. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie

    Oh - i am about to reopen the Vinyamar-Library, 100s of books sorted in more than 40 categories in hours of patient work by Muldran Skully.

    I dont have the original location of Vinyamar anymore, but the Library will be opened on an what i would say adequate location, wich is in the New spiritwood area just next to the farms of skara brae on the mainland.

    I have named the plot 'Elendrik-Square' so far, but am not sure if that is really ok for everyone and dont want to step on anybodys toes - so if you think that there might be objections to that, please let me know.

    I will also post this on the main forum once its all done and the library is open.

    Now i better head home for dinner, shame i miss the battlechicken tournament tnight :(
  39. Fluffi

    Fluffi Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    One of the greatest delights of UO was the anonimity it provided. Fluffi Bunni was always my main character - a role-player who wasn't afraid to go red to protect her freinds.
    But I also had perma-reds who nobody associated with Fluffi. They are the ones who fought IC (and usually died): You guys were better than me, and saying so is not embarassing.
    I know who you are/were... let's just say that I occasionally stole your stuff, but in a straight fight, I was the one one going "OoooOoooOoo" in greyscale.

    Oh dear, my "baby" is 27... does that make me old and boring?

    We just took my neice to see The Specials in Cardiff... Fluffi, Mrs Fluffi, and Fluffis' sister "skanking-on-down" embarrassed a 14-year-old immensely. Keep up the good work Nico!!
  40. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie

    Woot - i didnt even read the babblethread properly and thus two celebrities of my old days almost escaped my attention, but thanks to Fluffy *bows* i was poited to their presence.

    *waves madly to Clx and Nix, but refraining to give them a hug*

    Blade Swinger as a Dady? Wow - my congrats, Sir - though its hard to believe indeed.
    It just feels like yesterday when you as underaged Moderator here impressed me and furthermore helped me to do my first steps into the fabulous Stratics-Europa Community.

    And hey Calix - of course i remember you and the '[I-C] Era' - in fact its quite fresh in my memory and it will be a part of my presentation tomorrow even - so if you like i can mention you all in front of 200+ german businessmen during my explanation of the development of online communication and social media ;-)
    I totally agree with the influence of UO you mention, especially according to people you met and the influence they had and sometimes still have on you, since i experienced this multiple times myself.
    And if you or anybody else of [i-C] ever come to germany, you are more than welcome to visit me, as some of you already did ;-) (and wich was much more than only a great pleasure). My Greetings to you all!

    Bah - seems my temper once again lead my fingers on the Keyboards - but its really nice to hear a bit from people you value and have lost track to, so i hope you excuse me.

    And thanks again Fluffy for pointing me - almost makes up for you stealing my island :p

    yours all

  41. Saunders

    Saunders Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Please feed the babble!
  42. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    *Feeds the babble*

    We nearly lost it again didnt we?
  43. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    *feeds the babble*

    Everybody is busy with the elections and messing around in Shame, so no better time to


    :danceb: :danceb: :danceb: :danceb: :danceb: :danceb: :danceb: :danceb:
  44. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    So much to do! So little time. 25 hour days please.
    oh and the energy to stay awake through them.
  45. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    *hands petra the red bull*
  46. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Take cover, there might be a small explosion later.
  47. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie

    Tbh i am a bit reluctant to reply here since i seem to kill the babble every time
    i post - me: babble-incompatible?

    maybe just ignore my posts.
  48. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    You do not kill it Crest.

    We also wont ignore you :)

    Petra - is Terry cooking again? :p
  49. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Don't you dare disappear Crest! We just seem to be hitting some quiet times :)
  50. Nilrem

    Nilrem Sage Stratics Veteran

    Evening all :)

    Crest, if you disasppear Petra will hunt you down and tie you to the forums with a thread of babble;)
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