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The Official "The Devs broke factions, now fix it!" Thread

Discussion in 'UHall' started by PJay, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. PJay

    PJay Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    Ok so just been thinking apart from factions horses whats the point of factions now?

    Better armour can be created without faction items so the equipment isnt needed.

    Only the top 5% can get rank 9 so im sure the farming will commence and people will enjoy keeping that 5% to themselves.

    Who was consulted / tested these changes (were they all trammies?).

    Lol only problem with factions was the bugs which probably still remain and removing the double tripple kill bonus which was done and reset the current points.

    And before someone says statting people that was a by product i joined factions for the uber equip which now isnt needed.
  2. funkymonkey

    funkymonkey Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    For me I couldn't care if I was in factions, I think fights are better when people are not in factions lasts alot longer.

    But pros are horses I guess and hmmmm well yer that's it.
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  3. Poo

    Poo Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend


    i went from 32 million points to 76, hahahhaha
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  4. Phangs_of_Phage

    Phangs_of_Phage Journeyman

    they really screwed multi shard pvpers lol good thing i"m rich
  5. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Yes screwed me up pretty badly, gotta transfer my items to 1-2 accounts now and unsubscribe the rest...

    Cant handle too many characters and accounts without the faction arties, to be honest, lol..

    but yea, this patch pretty much screwed faction, soon there will be no one in faction when they realize its hard to get the artifacts, no one will bother.
  6. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    LOL war horses can be replaced with swampys

    Anyhow, they screwed this faction system up totally mainly due to the "ranking brankets"

    It is pointless to be in faction due to following reason:-

    1. Who will want to keep on working for his kill points for multiple characters especially in cross shard?? (but the main point now is that you couldnt get multiple characters to Rank 9 or above due to the ranking brackets)
    2. Who will want to use the imbue/reforge equipment and then join faction just to pvp and get Stat loss?
    3. Who will want to join faction and then do a spawn in Felucca?

    I really can't see any incentives that can attract players to join factions now. The system they just implemented is worse than the system they first implemented in Factions 10-12 years ago. Gotta know, its 10-12 years ago, where faction system is new, so many peeps joined and participate into factions war then get bored in like 1-2 years which forces them to implement the faction arties that make the community of pvp increases in numbers again in factions (up to now still the same)... but with this patch, you guys will be seeing blues / reds running over again and not factions anymore. Factions is going downhill again..

    Whoever, implemented this idea must be:-

    #1. no brain
    #2. never participated in faction
    #3. doesn't understand what keeps faction alive still nowadays

    LOL, I guarantee 100% if i do his position, I can perform much better :)

    Too bad, DEVs wont listen until they see a huge decline in faction wars and then maybe in their subscriptions :)
  7. Phangs_of_Phage

    Phangs_of_Phage Journeyman

    I pvp on several shards, so it will be pretty hard for me to maintain rank on any one since my time is spread so much and now since so many enemies will be non faction it will be even harder :/ Like i said i can compensate but i guess there goes my Atl castle :(
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  8. Phangs_of_Phage

    Phangs_of_Phage Journeyman

    Slayers right, very big blow to pvp. Many pvpers play several shards to have good fights and used the faction gear to have decent suits. :(
  9. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    I cannot guarantee 100% that the pvp in UO will be declined substantially.

    But I am just saying few simple logics:-

    #1. If you do not have full set of armour, will you pvp?
    #2. If you cannot equip faction armour, will you join faction?
    #3. If today you could wear faction artifacts, tomorrow your faction artifacts drop in your bag, will you go pvp?
    #4. Will you continue to stay in faction if the above such troubles happen repetitive?

    My goodness, feeling very disappointed that we have some no brain peeps who develop our game.
  10. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    LOL, Devs still don't realize they screwed up the faction communities pretty badly... from this trend, I shall see more accounts quit faction or unsubscribe. :)
  11. Cetric

    Cetric Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    Edited, nm i see that most people lost rank 10.

    Honestly, its changed to what it was originally intended to be, but it does suck if you were dependent on the items. Happy i never made myself fully dependent on faction gear.
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  12. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    The originally intended to be from 10 - 12 years ago now is HUGE difference from the originally intended to be from now.

    You gotta realize the difference in the size of the UO community / faction community after all these years.

    Moreover, their originally intended to be idea is "crap". They should be glad that these 10-12 years didn't implement this idea at all until now, or else factions would have been dead from right off the bat.
  13. SugarSmacks

    SugarSmacks Guest

    Hmm i went from 2.1 Billion to 1.99 Billion. I fail to see how this really helps anyone.

    This is actually pretty funny, the point wipe that needed to happen didnt and the point decay that needed to be removed wasnt. If stupidty was a traded commodity you could count on the Dev team for Ultima to have a high stake in it.
  14. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Sugar, maybe yours haven't updated yet..

    All my 1000 - 2000 million points chars in Asuka already dropped down to about range of 1xx to 2xx points.

    Moreover, most of it has become Rank 7 or Rank 2 due to the stupid Ranking Brankets they changed.
  15. SugarSmacks

    SugarSmacks Guest

    No i take this back the points did update the 2 billion char is now at 20, which is fine by me. It apparently didnt update anywhere near after server up.

    However point decay now when there is no faction multilpliers is still stupid.
  16. Cetric

    Cetric Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    Not what it was 10-12 years ago. Faction artifacts were implemented in the last what, 3 years? Hopefully they find a happy medium to accomodate those like you, but in essence, you essentially abused a broken game mechanic across all of your chars, and it got fixed. It would be like you rolled out the bestial suit on every one of your chars, or made all of your chars a word of death archer, not thinking it would get nerfed.

    I'm just hoping all of these "rank 10 item" dependent people dont just disappear, and that is why im hoping the dev team realizes there is a problem now and does something to accommodate it.

    Hopefully something is done, but a little part of me is thrilled knowing that i took the time to not be dependent on it. I'm wondering if we'll see all the "you aren't in factions, you suck" people reversing their stance on the argument now.
  17. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    I don't understand how points were figured.
    None of my main pvp characters have rank. I understood they were just doing a reduction not a wipe. I'm confused. I can't play my main characters without resuiting them all.
    We don't have enough opponents on Catskills to rank up through regular pvp anymore.
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  18. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Gotta realize that, the most stupid of this system they implemented is:-

    Ranking Brankets (anyone with 0 point or negative DO NOT count forth the ranking calculation)

    most stupid implemented ever by UO.
  19. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    You know, I had little desire to log on anymore in the first place. Making it so I can't log right in and play on my main shard just made it worse.
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  20. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Now you understand why I keep telling them not to implement the patch before they think twice again?

    You know where's the problem now?

    The problem is not wiping the points.

    The main problem here is because of the "Ranking Brankets"

    This balance can never be achieved, so yea, you better go unsubscribe your extra accounts or go quit factions and then rebuild your armor sets.
  21. Cetric

    Cetric Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    If enough people post, and try to make the team understand why something needs to be adjusted, maybe a quick fix can be added. so good luck!
  22. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Cetric, like I said, in the very beginning, if this system was intended to work this way, it is utterly stupid.

    1. Because people will be tired of faction if they cannot maintain their faction arties.
    2. I wouldn't be creating 30 chars and join into faction for the artifacts in the first place if it is SO DIFFICULT to maintain rank 10 or faction arties.

    So, working as intended or not, is still wrong in the first hand.

    There is actually no problem at all with faction artifacts, you join factions, you pvp, you get 20 mins stat loss, but you get to wear better artifacts.

    The point is how to improve the system so that people just don't join, buy the artifacts and go back to Trammel to pvm.

    In which I have proposed the following and wouldn't mind if they make the Trammel Ruleset open for WAR as well:-

    #1. make 20 mins STAT LOSS for getting killed by monsters/npc
    #2. make certain area have auto deequip faction artifacts automatically in Trammel ruleset
    #3. which I think people will not like, make factions war open to Trammel as well

    But I think implementing #1 and #2 can already solve the issue

    Then at the same time, open faction artifacts opportunities to EVERYone. Everyone will have same chance to wear faction artifacts.

    Then create new content for controlling towns / guarding sigils.

    But, yapping here whole day for me, really dont make any difference, because they WONT listen. Period
  23. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way Professional Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    slayer... not many are listening. I have been on the factions is broken wagon for years. In fact... since the last faction thing ruined my shard.
  24. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    I didn't have a million points on my shard like the other shards had. It took 25 points for rank 10 on my character. I maintained those points.
    To log in tonight thinking there would be no point wipe was an outright lie. I wouldn't have expected to play, additionally, I would have started work on new suits for my characters a week ago when it was announced.
    I wouldn't have minded. But they said no point wipe, just a reduction in points. I stupidly assumed that the characters I had maintained and played regularly would have kept enough rank to keep their suits from dropping in their packs.

    It's not the fact of the point wipe, in fact I would have rathered that as I would have been prepared with new suits for my girls. To log in to find out that my rank was indeed eliminated just made me log right back out.
    I would have made suits for my mains had I known. Instead I feel like I was lied to.
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  25. Cetric

    Cetric Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    I wonder if somehow, some people still had big times points, and didn't update yet, and its throwing off the rankings? ehh, hopefully they look at this but id say lets give it a day and see if rankings adjust.
  26. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Hi Kelmo, yes I do agree that not many probably listening, because as you could see if we do a comparison of PVM and PVP communities, even stupid person can answer the PVM communities is much bigger than PVP communities nowadays in UO.

    AGREE right?

    PVM = all facets

    PVP = 1 facet (and some little extra bonus dungeons, thats it)

    So PVM community > PVP community is a fact, and everyone should agree to this extent.

    Anyhow, the main point of why not many is listening is because:-

    1. many pvmers who ARE NOT EVEN IN FACTIONS nowadays
    2. they dont need any faction artifacts for their pvm characters, its better to be on a blue to work on spawn under their imbued/reforged suit; majority of players in my shard I see working on spawn = under blue characters

    That is the reason that many are not listening.
  27. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Cetric, I can answer you, probably not, unless the shard is not updated with the patch yet.

    But for now, all shards should've been updated.

    Anyways, my 1000-2100 million points char has gone down to a range of 1xx to 2xx points.

    Ranking is 7 to 10 (majority of 7 only); only have 1 char in Rank 10 now

    For Formosa shard, all my chars previously have about 10-20 points range, now all dropped down to 1 point left and 1/2 chars with 2 points left.

    All previously chars with Rank 9 artifacts and Rank 10 artifacts has been dropped in backpack.

    Only 2-3 chars out of my 30 chars under Rank 7

    Only 1 char out of my 30 chars under Rank 10

    Other chars are within the range of Rank 2 to Rank 6

    Some chars with 0 points of course become Rank 1 automatically and drop in artifact such as apron, etc...

    Yea, sucks patch, rubbish idea, crappy UO, tonight must go and assemble my items and unsubscribe my extra accounts.

    UO DONT WANT more customers, they want less! GOOD JOB!
  28. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Doubtful, since no matter how many points I had they all seemed to have dropped to 2. One char I didn't play as often has 8 points. I doubt 2 points will ever be enough for rank 10. It didn't seem to matter how many points you started with. It seems very arbitrary. No rhyme or reason to how many points anyone had before vs how many they have now.
    What the devs failed to consider is the number of active people still playing on some shards. The reason I was able to keep rank on my characters was because a while ago the shard was very active. It's not anymore. You must kill 5 individuals in order to get points on the first individual again. Since we rarely see 5 people on my shard anymore (most have left shard or left factions) it seems next to impossible to wear faction gear anymore. Which like I said, is all well in good, had I had some sort of notice so I could have made suits. Now I am just disgusted and angry and don't want to bother. When they said they weren't going to wipe the points, I thought that meant something.

    Keep in mind all my characters on 5 accounts were in factions in one capacity or another. Not all wore faction gear, but the ones I played every day did. This means tomorrow I can't play either. I wont be able to play again until I have enough time to devote to making new suits for the characters I enjoy playing the most often.
  29. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Yeah there were alot of people logging onto legends scratching their heads and being quite shocked that their rank was so low. More than a few of them will now spend the next couple of days rebuilding suits. I'm TB and we are pretty much the only faction that plays consistantly, so now we have alot people (some in other factions) just going to turn red and forgo factions altogether.
  30. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Which should never have to happen.
    I haven't even mentioned that I am GM of my guild and go out of my way to make sure every one of my ppl have enough points to wear their suits to play the game.
    UO is turning more and more into work and less and less into a fun game to play in your spare time.
  31. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    What would people do if the team were planning to use the extended maintenance period for the purpose of converting all currently owned faction artifacts into their non-faction artifact namesake, obviously without whatever bonus the piece had from being a faction artifact? Would people still quit or close accounts if they did that? I have no idea if that's what they actually plan to do, but what if they did?
  32. Vyal

    Vyal Guest

    Not if I keep putting them in stat and taking points, im now back to over 1k points so I don't think this point wipe will work as intended lol.
    Yes and thanks for your contribution on 1 point :)
    ShadowTrauma likes this.
  33. ShadowTrauma

    ShadowTrauma Seasoned Veteran

    Haha nice dude, seeing as you represent the SL faction on our shard 1k is impressive (not like you need to worry about rank). Yeah I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't use faction arties, so I gave my points away.
  34. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Maybe you should answer this question first.

    What if people do in 2008 when faction artifacts come out and the artifacts are of the same level of the original versions?

    My answer is: Surely, there WONT be as many participants as in the artifacts in an upgraded version.
  35. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Tina, that is correct, but you gotta consider that the community of back in the years who participate into faction is SO HUGE that they have to limit 1 char per account in faction.

    Second point is that: there was no faction artifacts back in the days, and while having Rank 1 or Rank 10 doesnt make any differences at all except to ride a faction war horse

    But they removed this requirement because the faction participants have been declined substantially in which they needed faction arties to revive it.

    But now, going backwards isnt the solution, because you no longer have so huge of a community to count in the calculations anymore. There are too many options for players to choose now, they can just say screw this faction bulcrap and imbue/reforge a suit similar or competitive enough to a faction combined gear.

    Moreover, asking everyone to have 1+ points in order to have Ranking, is same as asking newbies to not join in faction. They can join, but they cant use faction arties. Simple as that.

    Now is that fair?

    Moreover, its not only newbies problem, even vets now are having headaches that they need to recustomize their gear again all over. Moreover, like i said, the easier faction artifacts to acheive, the more incentives to create new templates based on the faction artifacts gears (which means more pariticpation into the system).

    Oh well, nevermind, I aint gonna explain anymore, cuz seems many biased opinion here
  36. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    Hmmm....did you look at these spreadsheets I put together on Google to help understand the brackets?

    Welcome to Google Docs
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  37. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Hi Tina, thank you for putting up the figures under your spreadsheet.

    So based on your calculations, there will be 1 out of 50 characters (with 1+ point) that can be Rank 10.

    This is not even including all those people with 0 or negative points...

    So the probability to become Rank 10 is 1 out of 500? maybe?

    So do you think that this "Pub 75 new ranking brackets system" is good?
  38. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    Wait a minute. Anyone in factions, even characters in deficit, can still use the Fey Leggings, the Kasa, the Rune Beetle Carapace, and the Stormgrips. And anyone whose score is in the top 40% can use the Crimson Cincture, the Heart of the Lion, the Hunter's Headdress, and the Ring of the Vile.
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  39. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You're not looking at all of the sheets, are you?? Be sure to look at the one labelled "From One Extreme to Another." It shows two guys in rank 9, one with a score of 99 and the other with a score of 950. A pretty wide disparity, but they end up in the same small rank together because it's a percentile ranking.

    I used 50 characters as a very arbitrary number because I didn't want to put in any more scores!!!!

    I'll go add another sheet with 300 scores in it. Maybe that'll help.
    kRUXCg7 likes this.
  40. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    LoL, so by joining factions is to use fey leggings, kasa, rune beetle carapace, and the storm grips?

    I don't get it. Why so much limitations?

    Top 40% = can use crimson cincture, heart of lion, hunter's headdress and ring of vile, etc...

    Umm... let me tell you one thing,

    Today you are the top 40%, tomorrow you're not the top 40%, and what you gonna do?

    This system will causes you to go into repetitive of these happening.

    Honestly, I surely 100% wont go maintain my kill points for all my 30 chars every single minute. Do you get the point?

    So conclusion = lesser people participate into factions.

    Lesser people partificpate into factions = factions going downhill.
  41. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Tina, i understand fully that it is a Percentile not based on kill points.

    99% to 100% = rank 10.


    Lets assume we got a community so huge that 1000 players have 100 kill points

    ALL 1000 players = 100 kill points.

    But i tell you the truth, there will still be only 10 players in the list of Rank 10.

    Face the fact, factions is totally screwed up because ("0 point" will not count forth the total membership of factions ranking.)

    Because based on the fact, many of my characters is at 1 point, but each still shows different rankings.
  42. Andy316

    Andy316 Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    They better revert this dumb change before PVP dies, and then all there will be left are the PVMERS. lol. This was a horrible change, i mean, there's not even a big of a player base anymore... I don't know about u guys, but i play this game to PvP. and If PVP dies, i'm going with it.
  43. Vyal

    Vyal Guest

    But I am pretty sure the only people mad are the pvmers. I had 0 problems getting more punkte. How hard is it to toss on a regular suit and go get kills?
    It's not fun when a zerg guild bat phones 50 people to zerg a spawn with 4 people at it. Go home with that crazy talk.
    If your to bad to get punkte don't play or get wtf pwned I don't care. This was good for factions even if you pvmers don't think so.
  44. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    ROFL, another example of what I predicted.

    I think UO should hire me to be the developer of faction. I swear and promise you guys, I will be making it alive and fun once again and majority will be playing under it happily.

    But sadly, it can only happen in my dream LOL
  45. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    1000 seems like quite a lot in the new set up, not that I actually understand it. Perhaps if you explained how you gained so much in such a short time people will understand why you believe the problem is not as big as they currently think it is.
  46. Vyal

    Vyal Guest

    Ok find a broker and get the tokens it's a deal. Sure it has the worst ping out of any shard in UO I will just use some Asian proxy.

    & Petra, I killed someone who gave me tons of points and kept getting 1 - 10 points per kill afterwards.
    Not sure how else to explain it.

    Don't back out on me Slayer, you wanted this. Now don't go crawl into a hole.
  47. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    k, take this challenge discussion to PM please, it's not contributing to the thread topic.
  48. Vyal

    Vyal Guest

    Someone meaning either it was a point holder for a zerg guild and still had many points left over. & Considering most people I pvp with have millions of punkte leaving them around 50 - 100 left over x that by 20 or so , you do the math I play to pvp not figure out where each and every single point I have came from I could care less I only play faction characters to stat people so they stop being annoying.
    I don't consider Legends to have tons of players but there is enough people to get punkte up quickly. I hope the clarifies things for you & I also hope you stop assuming I have no idea what I am talking about, I just so happen to run a temp that can put out mass damage very fast and people to back me up while I stat faction members. Just keep at it bait people to yew or despise for fights. Not sure why I have to explain how to get punkte to people, yes it was legit.
  49. Obsidian

    Obsidian UO Forum Moderator Staff Moderator Stratics Veteran

    This issue has everything to do with faction arties and people being able to use them. Why don't the devs just scrap that system and make the normal artie drop rate higher across the board so more people can obtain the items in a reasonable amount of play time on alt shards? Increase the mods for the normal items to match the enhancements of the faction versions.
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  50. funkymonkey

    funkymonkey Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    While your right faction horses can be replaced with "swampys" but what make factions horses better is they can be rezzed by anyone... Thus the main reason for faction horses isn't it? Well for me it is.
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