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The Official "The Devs broke factions, now fix it!" Thread

Discussion in 'UHall' started by PJay, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. CovenantX

    CovenantX Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    The main reason the rank system was changed [imo] was to bring value back to some of the original artifacts. [Some of these should be upgraded to better fit current stat caps]

    That said making faction items require 0 rank & drop to your pack in trammel rule-set areas and Only equip-able in fel sounds very reasonable imo.
  2. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    No, it weeds out those who are abusing the system. A lot of people who are quitting are those that don't want to suit all their trammel characters. This is kind of funny because quiting they are going to anyways. And although they might have one or two faction characters, I would rather see them strip them now and rework the system to get those who would participate in factions regardless of faction gear.

    The biggest error of the patch isn't the gear, it's the points.

    I agree that the idea is to increase participation but I don't agree that this should include distributing all the faction gear freely.

    PVP got to this point because of lack of attention by the Devs. And what attention it has got is 0/2. However, if they looked at the amount of attention these types of threads have incurred, they should be able to clearly see it as a viable part of the game.

    But we're about to shoot ourselves in the foot again. As Cadderly said in anther post that he could kick himself in the ass about over criticizing the last attempt because the devs were willing to work on it. 2-3 years later theyre making an attempt again, and the process is repeating itself.

    If you're not happy about the fix I understand, I'm not impressed either. But lets be productive, instead of complaining about quiting factions or the loss of gear.

    It's an easy fix for the devs here. I didn't really see the new rank system as being that bad, but they need to expand the top rank brackets. They need to WIPE the points out completely.

    Given the poll I provided, we/they need to address the faction gear problem(s)/solution(s).

    Lot of people complaining about the points decay not working correctly. Have they submitted a bug report? Or they just going to the forums hoping someone sees it?

    I don't begrudge anyone getting armor, I begrudge them expecting to have it without putting in any effort other than getting silver.
  3. archite666

    archite666 Guest

    I believe the entire faction point system is wrong.

    It's competitive within each faction. That does not make sense. We should be competing against other factions, not members in our own. I shouldn't be hoping members of my own guild die in order for me to wear the gear I want.

    It has been a competition within each faction and that very idea is flawed. Instead factions should be based of points you get for activities in fel. Afterall, thats why everyone was mad. People were mad that other players would get the gear only to never set foot in fel. Faction points should be based solely on each player and what they do in fel. Here are my previous suggestions.

    1 rank per 10 kill points
    No max points
    Points decay at the rate that they do now
    No competition between players, as in your rank is simply deterimined by how many points you have. If you have 70 kp, your rank 7.
    Add ways to get kill points in fel. Either from killing faction monsters, or killing faction guards. You could even add a system where you get points for going to the sigil room of enemy factions.
    If you kill an enemy factioneer you get points and they lose points, same as now.

    The end result?

    Every couple of days players would have to go to fel and do any of the above to maintain their ranks. They would have to go to fel, and risk getting into fights as other players will either be doing these same activities or watching these areas looking for fights.

    No trammies would be able to simply use the gear free of commitment.
    Only true pvpers would use the gear.
    Trammies would go back to using doom gear.
    Fights would break out all the time at the areas where points are farmed.


    You could make it so controlling towns allowed you to simply visit your own base to recieve a set a number of points based on how many towns your faction controlled, thus giving you a reason to capture towns since you would have to farm less.

    Anyone else think this is genius?

    Anyone think this is stupid?

    Tell me what you think.
  4. PJay

    PJay Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    Wow this Post went mental!! And who changed my topic title?? talk about dictatorship (Stratics)

    Wether you want to argue or not about the faction artifacts they are the only reason we have faction players today. Before they were introduced noone was in factions because there was no reason to be in one.

    Up untill shame / runic reforging there was no way to beat an equipment setup including faction artifacts thats fact and whoever thinks its not isnt worth talking too.

    Now the main points about the current changes are:
    1. Top 5% of the faction you belong too can be rank 9 or above.
    2. Competition isnt between factions its between the faction you are a member of
    3. PvP fights are more or less biased due to equipment
    4. Mages Badly hit can be worked around but why bother just leave factions
    5. Potential for major exploitation by other factions to prevent a faction getting Rank 9+
    The actual way the faction worked before this was fine because most people had Rank 10 and therefore had access to all the equipment they needed.
    With the current system all were going to get is endless people saying you only killed me because i lost rank 10 today. And in honesty i want the people i PvP with to have the best equipment and the best template then a win or loss means something.

    Fundamentally these changes just dont make any sense and as my original post said What is the Point of being in a faction now?

    As for fixing the Trammies who take the artifacts home there is allready a perfect way to solve this problem which would also make factions even more fun and thats to take faction fighting to Trammel. Clearly there would be rules such as you can only take a Blue factioner but then at least those using them in trammel actually have a risk attached to using the items.

    But in honesty with the new reforging and shame/wrong loot theres not a huge reason to have faction arties in trammel.

    MOSMOS Adventurer Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    New faction system is suck! honestly I wish to tell you..
    no horse.. the basic...ride..
    hard to get point..
    the rank is drop too much... nearly all armor is basic... or imbued is better.
    do the dev. team understand how avarage can get a point per player in each time?
    real suck concept of new faction system.
  6. Kryl

    Kryl Guest

    Decay rate is way to high for people with multiple faction chars.
    Rewarding the players with the most faction points is a total dissaster because it leads to stealthers and cheaters dominating factions.
    I don't like the ideas of getting points any other way as from killing enemy players. Too many ways to exploit the system to farm them on monsters and base fighting.
    Faction base fighting is booooring and we all know the bases suck atm, thats why the last 15 tries someone tried to "fix" the sigil stuff they failed. Noone wants candelabra-O-mania and sit at a base fielding for hours without a fight.

    What if the system could calculate the time you spent in faction fighting areas into the point system. All real factioners spent way more time there then in tram imo. So if trammies just want em for artis they have to enter those areas and are most likely forced to fight. (Should not work while hidden ofc). This could even go along with a cature the flag system or a shard wide (time zone wide) pvp system that you queue for (solo or in a party) and that finds you another group to fight against in a battle field. And you gain battlefield points there.

    There are tons of ideas out there, and most are better then changing the system by taking arties/points away from people. This game needs for pvp based action and less pixalcrack.
  7. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Well, actually, the proposed decay rate is lower than what it used to be though it people are saying there are issues with it decaying correctly.

    Someone mentioned putting the decay rate at the bases a lot lower so they couldnt use candlebras.

    It is possible for them to also increase the decay rate of points in trammel. However the game shifted from skill based pvp to item based pvp a long time ago.
  8. This is what I thought factions/fel was about in the first place. Risk vs Reward. Not having 20+ fully geared characters through exploiting a broken system in order to avoid stat loss.

    Seems to me most of the constant crying is coming from people who were abusing the system to receive the bonuses of factions, while avoiding any of the downsides (statloss and actual PvP).
  9. Maximus Neximus

    Maximus Neximus Lore Keeper Governor Stratics Veteran


    Or how about the players who pvp on multiple shards. It was hard enough to find pvp before this. Now that it's impossible (while having a real life) to maintain rank on more than one shard (let alone character), the game has become less fun for those who mainly pvp. The point/rank system (not point totals) needs to be reverted or seriously fixed.
  10. LordDrago

    LordDrago Certifiable

    I think the best solution to faction artifacts is to make the them open to all faction members (or maybe fewer ranks/denoted by kill numbers with a very small decay rate), but make faction members attackable on all facets. Only those actually wanting to PvP in factions will use the gear as a PvMer not wanting to do so will become skree bait wherever he/she goes.

    Will also make any PKer "working" off murder counts at the Luna Bank, in Factions just to get the gear, but not willing to go full factions a bloodbath just waiting to happen.
  11. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    Or you could spend gold to get suits and spend your time mostly on one shard. Factions were not designed to be some arty ATM and it became that. Now its being fixed. Your getting nerfed. It hurts but now is the time to move on. Maybe its time to figure what shard there will be enough pvp to satisfy you on and then concentrate there. The change has already happened and now its time to figure what comes next howling that you don't like it isn't whats next its a temper tantrum.
    Berethrain likes this.
  12. LordDrago

    LordDrago Certifiable

    Or this :D
  13. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    I agree with Mirt.

    If people actually used the faction system to pick fights instead of randomly jumping around from shard to shard hoping to find one I think they'd find more fights instead of feeling the need to jump around.

    Less work maintaining all the characters on x amount of shards, less reliance on faction arties, less abuse, more pvp.
  14. This is what I've been saying from the start.

    Since EVERYONE is in the same position of not having the rank to wear the faction artis you're still on equal footing with your competition. I swear these guys think that they're alone in losing their faction arti crutches.

    On a side note I also see this as a positive for players who are dedicated to 1 shard since they will probably be able to maintain rank on the shard of their choice, which I think someone who is dedicated to their home shard should have the slight advantage when it comes to battling people who do not dedicate their time to that particular shard. I know some people will disagree, but then again those same people disagree with anything that doesn't favor them :p

    Overall I'm in favor of anything that stops anyone that doesn't PvP from benefiting from a PvP system (ie...trammies wearing faction artis). So I'm fine with this change.
  15. Speaking the Truth

    Speaking the Truth Sage Stratics Veteran

    The game is still skill based. The fact of the matter is everyone can craft identical suits with ease. So two suits that are the exact same items have nothing to do with the outcome of the fight. It still comes down to skill.
  16. Speaking the Truth

    Speaking the Truth Sage Stratics Veteran

    It's called incentive. You seem like one of those players that blame the 3 mana regen that is affected by diminishing returns the reason why you lost.
  17. Speaking the Truth

    Speaking the Truth Sage Stratics Veteran

    No, it was more pvp when I could pvp on every US shard instead of 2. Use your head, a lot of people did stuff like that. Start off on shard A, hear a group is on shard B, go fight with them there, ect. Now it's sitting on one shard with not a lot of action. Your solution is already in affect now, and let me tell you, there aren't huge fights all the time now, so you're mistaken.
    slayer888 and Maximus Neximus like this.
  18. That happens after every major change. As soon as more PvPers get over being butthurt about losing their arti ATM machine and realize that everyone is in the same boat as them, the action will return.

    Btw.. PvPers have been making money off of PvMers for years selling them Power and Stat scrolls that could only be gotten in Fel. Maybe go find your friendly neighborhood crafter on one of your secondary shards, pay them a pretty penny to imbue you a nice suit to PvP in?
    Berethrain likes this.
  19. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Given the replies about those who play multiple shards, they are saying you have a to play a lot of different shards to even find a fight if they're lucky. And in order to do so, they need the faction equipment readily available.

    Right now very little people actually participate in factions. I hear they do still some on LS but from what i understand the majority of "faction" fighting is champ grinds and gate fights. However simple math will tell you that if you condense the pvp populace over a couple shards instead of say 8 for example, there is going to be more fights. But this isn't likely, so we're left trying to appease the carebears so they can keep their faction gear in hopes we ocassionaly see them come to fel once in awhile.

    And this patch wasn't my solution. If it had been, you'd have no points and you'd be actually having to participate to get the gear. The decay rate would have been still 10% and I would have left the rank determination alone.

    You'd still have those crying about losing the equipment, but they've been crying ever since they mentioned wiping the points.
  20. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed Stratics Veteran

    Then why is everyone crying about losing faction gear?
  21. archite666

    archite666 Guest


    There are people that still get all the arties. Thats the problem. The people who could afford billion dollar suits and run gimp templates have them now.

    What are you blind?

    You just made the top 1% even better and unbalanced.
  22. archite666

    archite666 Guest


    See my reasoning above.

    The arties are not gone, they are now in the hands of the top 1%.

    No incentive to fight now.

    You don't pvp so you should have no opinion here.
  23. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    Kind of the question I've been wondering. I think it just has to do with the fact that at one point they could wear the gear and now only a few can.
  24. garillo

    garillo Journeyman

    The scale down was a bit harsh, but I believe this was a step in the right direction. The faction artifacts should be more available to players, but should still be kept for those players who have proven they are in the upper % of the population. You have to EARN these things. PvP is not an EM event where everyone gets a prize. It's reactive and requires more from the player than PvM (unless a mystic grinder,everyone get a hailstorm up!), therefore should yield better rewards.

    As an alternative, how about buffing the capablities of what reds can do and where they can go. The populations are so low, why keep restricting these player slots to one facet? Work on a system that flags people to defenders/aggressors involved in combat when healing/buffing, move the most consistent form of "pvp" away from the guardzones and lift some of the zone constraints on where reds can travel. It's not like a majority of players don't just sit at a bank all day. They're safe there, and even more so with all the thief nerfs over the years. They can continue to sit there. UO held less than .6% of the MMORPG Market in 2008. Chances are in this big, big world you can go where you want with little chance to be seen.

    Think about it. People are in factions because they claim they want to pvp. PKing = Player killing PvP = Player vs Player They go hand in hand and are by no means mutually exclusive.

    Right now, the tram ruleset is a safe Haven for scripters/exploiters anyways. You could just be getting a small police force for free with changes similar to the ones above. The word "guards" will always work, regardless of the facet you're in.
  25. WRONG

    I've been pvping since before there was a Tram. Which is why I'm adapting, not crying on the boards.

    Gee..... I thought we PvPed for the thrill of fighting other players who are unpredictable, etc. Not to earn stuff.
    Xalan Dementia likes this.
  26. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    It's because people don't want to have the chore of resuiting all of their characters. It's unfair to expect people to do so after having the gear for so long. It's because people just want to be able to log on and play the game, and you can't do that when parts of your suit are sitting in your backpack.
    Why is this hard to understand. It's not fun to resuit multiple characters on multiple shards on multiple accounts. It was an unnecessary change at this point in the game.
    Reduce the points, it was obvious what shards had the most abuse of the system, but don't make it so people can't log on and play when they want to.
    Maximus Neximus likes this.
  27. Flutter

    Flutter Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    The problem with this statement is that the points are going to the thief who steals the most sigils, not the best pvper.
    spoonyd likes this.
  28. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    No, no one likes rebuilding suits. Those who absolutely hate doing this should probably avoid WoW completely as that game might makes those who always want the best gear rebuild often. I wouldn't necessarily raise hell over having to rebuild suits, imbuing makes it a lot easier than it use to be.
    garillo likes this.
  29. Maximus Neximus

    Maximus Neximus Lore Keeper Governor Stratics Veteran


    QFT. After a decade plus of PvM, PvP is the only thing I still find consistently fun. I don't want to spend my limited playing time trying to loot ingredients, play the runic lottery or imbuing/crafting game. And despite what some may think, not every pvp'er is a billionaire who can make new suits each publish... Then there's the time spent out of game to make a spreadsheet of what to put on the suit. But that time sink is a whole other can of worms...
  30. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way Professional Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

  31. rareitem

    rareitem Journeyman

    All people posting here were playing factions ??, omg where the hell were u all hiding all this time??????
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  32. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Wrong. That's not the case. There was no faction arties came out before 2008. The actions of pvp limited only to blue/reds. After faction arties came out, the actions become more involved in factions. Now faction is going to die, so people will go back to blue/reds. But one fact, we need to realize is that, the templates people play now will not ever pick up anymore or need an extremely long time.

    Again, the topic of this thread is called "Factions broken, fix it". You come here and get off topic and telling everyone to imbue a suit and pvp. YES, you are speaking VERY CORRECT and the TRUTH. But the problem is, it still not helping factions. If I am gonna imbue/reforge/SA arties my suits, I will stay in blue/red because there will be 0 purpose to play in factions.
  33. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    It's wierd. Like I said, the solution to improve participation in Felucca isn't to restrict people from wearing faction artifacts. This WILL not bring factions participations back alive nor improve pvp in Felucca. Whether you have faction artifacts or not, if people have the will or intention to come over to Felucca, they would. What pvper have in mind is very simple, they just log on, look for fights, either die or kill for the fun of it. That's it. Their intention is not to care about whether your trammie carebear who is using artifacts or not.

    What faction artifacts really help is that it could boost the participations rate, subscriptions of extra accounts. Because faction artifacts actually provide a head start to players on customizing their new armour and templates. With not able to maintain faction artifacts, people would just choose to focus only 2-3 chars in their gaming experience. Take me as an example, I had 30 chars before Pub 75, now I am actually only using 1 pvm, 3 pvp chars, total of 4 characters out of the 30. The other 30 characters, I just leave them in ZZZzzZ mode and never log on anymore. I still don't have the time to take out the items from one acc. to another. Once I am done on this, I will be closing down more accounts.

    The main point is, everyone nowadays have the similar items on their body. Everyone only got one purpose for their templates:-

    Such as:-

    an archer would have

    45 hci
    45 dci+
    40 lmc
    25 hit point
    mana increase
    stamina increase
    mana regeneration

    a parry mage would have

    70 dci
    40 lmc
    100 lrc
    25 hit point
    mana regeneration
    mana increase
    2/6 casting

    Basically, by imbue + reforge, already could make the above basic requirement. What faction artifacts do is just a substitute to accomplish the above with some pieces that have VERY little bonus such as the ornament of magician.

    So in my proposal, I say that, everyone should have the opportunities to wear faction artifacts as a FIRST INCENTIVE to get people into the system.

    Then we put the SECOND INCENTIVE to get people to play under a fun, long lasting random event systems within factions to involve into pvm, more into pvp, crafting, pvp tutorial etc... which I am not gonna list out the idea right now again.

    Honestly, by allowing every single players to wear the faction artifacts, I really couldn't find the unfairness in it. Could anyone lighten me up please?

    1. I am wearing faction artifact to bash on a balron, you're wearing the same, you could do the same, where is the unfairness?
    2. I am wearing faction artifact to fight you, you're wearing the same to fight me back, where is the unfairness?
    3. I am wearing faction artifact (Rank 10) because I am top pvper + top nerd, and I kill you everyday where your pvp skill limited is still going to die to me under (Rank 1) artifact. So I should continue to enjoy and kick your butt until you quit factions one day. This is called fair?

    Well, I got nothing to say honestly, and have no idea what the HECK you guys have in mind. Everyone wearing the same craps will have problem.

    So you guys in RL whine that, it is not fair because rich is more rich, poor is more poor. What's the difference with your logic and reason that you DISAGREE of people wearing all the same in UO? Ironic more please?
  34. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Crying? We're giving opinions here and telling the DEV that what the fixed is to further break the system. So why are you crying that when everyone can wear the artifacts? What does it hurt you? :)

    When A is wearing
    B is wearing
    C is wearing
    and then you "yourself" is also wearing???

    Confused. !?!?
  35. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    I think "confused" would be an understatement to that little piece of rabble right there...
  36. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Sorry, please be specific on your statement, I really don't understand. English is really not my main language, honestly.

    I had a straight forward question.

    I said you guys are crying when

    A is wearing the same set of items
    B is wearing the same set of items
    C is wearing the same set of items
    and then you yourself is wearing the same set of items

    So where is the unfairness in this and why would you cry about it?

    Ok, so people say that only the top % should be wearing the best in pvp.

    OK, I think what UO need to do is FORCE everyone into factions and then must participate in the system so that we could find out the top % and differetiate everyone from wearing different sets of armours!!!


    Because now if I am a blue or a red, I could customize a suit same as everybody! ITS NOT FAIR!!!

    The same / best suits should be allowed to only the top %!!!

    PLEASE!! CRY ME A RIVER!! my goodness... no brains :)
  37. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    In short I am not sure what you were trying to talk about with this:
  38. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    And your main point is?

    I thought this is UHALL and we have the right to discuss our opinions right?

    My opinion is that they break faction in Pub 75, thank you :)
  39. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Uh, ok.

    I am just asking everyone here:-

    Where is the unfairness when everyone have the opportunities to wear the same faction arties? When everyone is wearing the same faction arties, what is it to whine about anymore?

    CLEAR now?
  40. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    Yes, if everyone had exactly the same of everything there would be no unfairness. The points people were making I think was that with imbuing there isn't a problem with fairness regardless if someone doesn't have faction gear.
  41. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way Professional Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    My opinion is they broke factions when they added artifacts from a vending machine.
  42. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    OH MY GOODNESS. So if everyone have the equal chance of joining factions and get the artifacts to use, what is the different with everyone imbuing the same suits in their same templates? Can't you guys be open minded and NOT try to care on what other people are doing? Learn to ADAPT!!! Don't be greedy. You can't say he is rich, so it is not fair correct?

    The point everyone making about imbuing, so not need faction arties is utterly bullcrap and make no sense at all.

    If faction artifacts haven't come out, people would be pvping under imbue/reforge suits now.

    Faction artifacts come out, people would be pvping under faction artifacts/imbue/reforge suits now.

    It freakin doesnt matter at all and I find it really ignorance of trying to put an arguement into this point.

    If I am to imbue a suit, why I need to join faction?

    For the 20 mins Stat loss?
    For able to get attacked anywhere in Felucca?
    For guarding 10 hours sigils (PLEASE!! dont try to make me puke!)

    There is 0 purpose at all!

    The reason people joined factions in 2008 is ABOUT THE ARTIFACTS, the pvmers who joined factions is about the artifacts to pvm.

    The pvper who joined factions is about the artifacts to pvp.

    That's it. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Geez!!!! By limiting or restricting people to work like a dog and become a nerd for maintaining their artifacts WONT WONT WONT WONT push up the participations rate. Because even you guys have already got the answer! You guys said you can imbue a suit already. So with so many substitutes here (imbue,reforge,SA artifacts,ML artifacts, Doom artifacts), why would I still need to be in faction?

    So conclusion, with more and more people adapt into the above, they just quit factions. Factions participations rate = decline. Factions pvp = game over. Lesser templates out there. Lesser fun out there. Pvp starts to riot. UO PVP going dead. UO becomes a history forever. That's all I wanna say and give everyone a clear insight and picture.
  43. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    My opinion is that your opinion is wrong. Factions had a participation rate of 2% before vending machine of artifacts added. Factions had a participation rate of over 10% after vending machine of artifacts added. Factions participations still continue nowadays because people had their faction artifacts on their combination of suit in which it is more convenient and find NO reason to readjust their suit again to pvp, so they stick to faction character to pvp.

    Your opinion is very biased and couldn't follow the math. But I can't twist your mind, so you could continue be the biased person you are but not like I would need to care what you think.
  44. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    You know you could probably make a better case if you could control yourself and not get pissed off at other peoples input just because it differs from yours...
    Flutter likes this.
  45. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    No I mean, I am pissed because you guys wouldn't accept common sense.

    We are talking about factions here and you said it wouldn't be a problem when there's imbue. Come on, more off topic please?

    So why not you god damn say, if UO haven't implemented item based, or just say UO haven't implemented factions at all. We do not exist here at all?

    The main point of this thread is fix faction, not destroying faction. You guys come over here and tell everyone to adapt and imbue their armour so they don't need to worry about faction artifacts at all. Yea, so its similar to telling people to go and imbue/reforge a suits then quit faction.
  46. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    Not common sense, your personal opinion...
    Tell me then, what's the point of factions? Nothing but artifacts? Because as you suggest all I hear is "give us all artifacts or factions is pointless." That's all I hear from you. Yet imbuing gives one just as good if not better armor. If factions is just about artifacts then lets just do away with factions, add a vender in all the towns to just hand out armor to everyone.

    To me factions is about PvP, not artifacts or getting special equipment. The special equipment should just be an option, something you can get not something you need. To fix factions they need to do something different, better options for towns they control (remove guards or add guards to towns), expand the fighting into other facets, etc.
    garillo likes this.
  47. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Viper, you read 1 point of my comment and then ignore the rest. Then how do we debate in this situation?

    Did I just say open artifacts to everyone and not do anything else?

    GEEZ, I have been posting over 100 of posts recently about revamping of factions, and you ignore all of it and said I only proposed handing out armours to everyone... Please go check out my ideas before you start to reply to me..
  48. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Viper, in order for you to easily see what I proposed:- (this is only 1/10 of my idea)

    . Currently, we should treat the artifacts as the 1st incentive and basics for every single players a welcome message to try out factions in Felucca and in pvp.

    2. After point #1 is fulfilled, we should revamp the current faction system to create another incentive that will be long lasting forever. The only ways to improve UO and improve gameplay out of boredom is to create random event/occassions. In which many things you wouldn't be able to expect unless you go and try it. Which is the biggest incentive for participations. Some examples and supportive can be referred such as the EM events recently.

    In my other posts, I have suggested the idea of the following with restrictions such as:-

    a.) Players who joined factions have the opportunities to wear the faction artifacts of all upon purchasing by silver coins.
    b.) Players who entered Trammel with the faction items:-

    restrictions options:-

    #1. all faction artifacts bonus will be disappeared
    #2. all faction artifacts will auto uneqiupped upon entering Trammel ruleset
    #3. incur 20mins or 30mins or even up to 60 mins of stat loss for any factioners who die under trammel ruleset by monsters/npc
    #4. upon entering several areas of trammel ruleset (such as the bosses, doom guantlet, etc..) area, faction artifacts will be unequipped automatically

    c.) Grant commanding lord the ability to remove all traps through the faction stronghold once every 24 hours
    d.) Remove sigils totally from the system
    e.) implement another guarding/defending bases system with more interactive and fixed time schedule. Say for example "8pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday" in consecutive routine of TB base, SL base, CoM base, Minax base. Town crier and faction messages will be presented to everyone who is online 1 hour prior to the battle as a reminder.
    f.) Faction guarding/raiding have a total of 2 hours span
    g.) Instead of sigil, Faction Warlord will be replaced as the KEY npc who determine the winnings of the defenders of that base.
    For example, TB is guarding, TB Faction Warlord will be appeared in the throne room within that 2 hours of war, other opposing factions are to kill this Faction Warlord within the 2 hours.
    h.) spawn of silver coins (each pile 100), will be spawned all over the ground upon the death of the Faction Warlord. TB faction cannot attack it's Faction Warlord, only opposing members can. Top 16 players with the top damage will be having a 1% chance to get "random rewards". (Random rewards ranged from most things that exist in UO exclude for the ultra rares/em rares/ etc..)
    h.1) silver coins will be placed randomly to up to 16 players (from 1k-2k range), to each and every single player within the faction stronghold in their backpack. Top 16 players under the highest contribution points (to be explained below) will also have Approximately 5-10% chance of getting "random rewards". (Random rewards ranged from most things that exist in UO exclude for the ultra rares/em rares/ etc..)
    i.) faction commanding lord have the ability to create and control faction guards in the faction stronghold, there will be a limit of up to 2 in level one and up to 10 guards maximum in level 4 upon upgrades and will consume the silver coins directly from the faction stone.
    j.) Successfully guarding the base will grant TB, the ability to control and customize their town : Britain

    TB = Britain
    SL = Yew
    CoM = Moonglow
    Minax = Skara Brae

    k.) Commanding can appoint up to 5 finance ministers and 5 sheriff of Britains
    l.) The control of Britain lasts 1 week
    m.) Random EVENTS will be occuring for any controlled town within the week. Event will be announced 1 day prior to it's happening.

    Random events can involve:-
    - pvp fights related
    - pvm fights related
    - crafting related
    - treasure hunting related
    - scvanger hunt related
    - solving puzzles
    - pvp tutorial that intend to guide newer players to understand more about UO, factions and PVP (functions similar to quest of new Haven)
    - etc......

    n.) Functions of finance ministers and sheriff of Britains has been revamped in which the finance minsters and sheriff must have a very high cooperative teamwork in order to make their town upgrades.
    o.) Finance minsters are mainly based on the economy of the town itself on generating faction silvers for the town. Faction silvers can be used to upgrade different facilities and construction of the town.
    p.) Sheriffs are mainly based on keeping the town clear of crimnals from other faction npcs/players/thievery etc... Each sheriff can have the ability to only place 1 town guard for patrolling in 1st level and up to 5 in highest "4th level".

    Contributions of guarding/defending base table:-

    1. There will be different structures of facilities in every faction stronghold
    2. Walls, canons, or some other structures that are purchased through faction stones by the faction commanding lord
    3. Walls, canons, or some other structures CANNOT be damaged by own factions

    The table below is just example and consists of how points are arranged:-

    Upon the start of battle, every single faction players will have a POINT system in their character. This POINT system CAN be stored for the next defending (works same as the doom system); so meaning the more participation, the higher chance you get your opportunities to roll for "random rewards" in the end of the defending (assume you're the winning party). Upon rolling and checked that you've gotten your roll chance (whether u get your reward in that 5-10% or not regardlessly), point will be resetted for that character.

    Earn points table:-

    1. last killing an opposing members will get 2 point (cannot repeatly killing the same)
    2. damage which contribute to the death of an opposing members will get 1 point (cannot work repeatly on same victim)
    3. repair walls/canons, etc.(only can be done by crafter with the required crafting skills; some area, require tailoring and material, some area require tinkering and material, etc........) 2 points per structure for highest contribution; cannot get point for repairing the same facility over and over within 5mins again. Only damaged structure can be repaired to get point; if 1 crafter is repairing first, he will gets 2 points in the end of repair process, the others only get 1 point on the repair and process of repair can speed up if multiple crafters repair altogether.
    4. healing friendly members/guards who is getting damaged by opposing faction members; any damage caused by self destruction will NOT grant any points to the healer. After a set amount of healing/curing, 1 point will be granted
    5. other functions to be added....

    Anyways, not gonna type too long, but above is just my 1/10 part of proposal for enhancing factions.
  49. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    I might suggest the same to you as well, you only covered one point and avoided the questions. But I am not going to pour over hundreds of your inflammatory posts, I have no desire to do so. Reason being is that it's just tedious to read someones angry writing. I've just posted from what I gathered from your angel in your recent posts. Your posts here have an odd intense focus solely on armor.
  50. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    Uh, back to the point, did you read all of my suggestions? Because you guys only focus on argue with imbue or faction artifacts! So what do you expect me to reply?
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