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[UO Herald] New 3rd Party Program Approved For UO: UO Mapper

Discussion in 'UHall' started by UO News, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. PJay

    PJay Seasoned Veteran

    well it only refreshes when you move so it might be something you cant resolve Id also prefer if possible not to have a healthbar on myself because ive got that information ingame however other players on the same servers healthbars are very useful.

    The map quality is poor when zooming its really fuzzy / blured at 160% and when im with 4 - 5 others i need to zoom further id say maybe 180% and well it just looks really bad. Maybe its the scaling uve used? i dont know im not an expert.

    If you check the quality of uoc's map to ultima mapper u can see what i mean on uoc you can zoom in to allmost see every game tile no chance with ultima mapper.
  2. Deaol

    Deaol Lore Keeper

    Issues with the atlas and the new nvidia 296.10 drivers (5series cards)

    Atlas flashes and is unusable when brought up. Tried on my ATI setup and atlas worked fine. I doubt many will have this issue just thought I would share.
  3. PJay

    PJay Seasoned Veteran

    Ive made a pic to show the two side by side at 150% zoom.

  4. MalagAste

    MalagAste Stratics Legend

    Yes but one is tilted like the world is and one is not.
  5. PJay

    PJay Seasoned Veteran

    The Dev has meantioned hes intending on adding tilting at some point this was to demonstrate the difference in quality.

    Just for you same tilt uoc at 200% mapper at 210% zoom interesting the coordinates are different :S

  6. PJay

    PJay Seasoned Veteran


    And one with them both fully zoomed in same tilt.

    *Waves to Raze*
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  7. Raptor85

    Raptor85 Certifiable

    it's because the images are stored as jpegs, and poorly compressed, the developer (and i know he's watching this thread) needs to flush libjpeg down the toilet where it belongs and use libpng instead, that will clean up the maps to be clear and easy to read (necessary for thunters).
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  8. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    i dont mean physcial maps. in the enhanced client you show a path to where the game is located on the c drive. you provide a browse option to adjust that path. for the classic client no such path is included. so im thinking mine doesnt work because your default points to a different path than where my game is located in my c drive. does this make sense?

    many thanks.
  9. Nalynn

    Nalynn Visitor

    Yes, that is correct.
  10. Nalynn

    Nalynn Visitor

    Hey MadMartyr, I'd be willing to let you do a remote session if it will help you clear this up. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it earlier today after I got Tug's updated UOA files. There IS progress, at least now the little pop-up window shows a 1 for # of Clients and Current Client.
  11. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    They are stored as JPEGs to reduce the download size, as Mapper doesn't currently rip the maps straight from the MULs.
  12. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Are you saying that it isn't refreshing when others move who are connected to the server? Or when you move the map with your mouse or zoom?
  13. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    There is no need for it to know where your Classic Client is stored on your hard drive. It does not directly access any files stored in that location. Enhanced client support requires the path in order to obtain location information, Classic Client does not.
  14. Raptor85

    Raptor85 Certifiable

    That's great except they're uselessly blurry for some of the primary users of your application (thunters), PNG is lossless compression so the images will still be significantly compressed and download sizes kept small (at least until you fix it to auto-generate the maps) whilst still retaining full quality of the image.
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  15. Airhaun

    Airhaun Seasoned Veteran

    Yes, please add an option to remove the healthbar. While it is handy, when fighting in the same screen as yer buddys the healthbars overlap each other and its hard to see the names of others in your party. And let me say great program, thanks much!
  16. Cypher2

    Cypher2 Journeyman

    Ok, it is now working, the issue seemed to be UOassist was not sending the information. (UOAM was not tracking either). UOassist is back working now.

    What level of effort would be required to build in a chat feature similar to UO where the notifications are sent from the game window through to the map chat? Our Alliance will probably not make the move over to Ultima Mapper until their is a tilt feature, even then there will be resistance due to the lack of map chat.

    Thanks for building this!
  17. Nalynn

    Nalynn Visitor

    Hey MadMartyr,
    I think I solved the problem. I tried running Mapper as an Administrator and it works. It was the ONE thing I didn't think to try! A friend of mine suggested I try it and voila! success!
  18. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Chat was considered at one point, then dropped due to a couple of different reasons, chiefly the existence of chat in the game client in its various forms. Second to that was the fact that many people also use Ventrilo or TeamSpeak already. There have been quite a few requests for it, however, so it will be added to the list of features to explore.
  19. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Excellent. I was positive that it mentioned that in the FAQs, as well as earlier in this thread. I could be wrong. The installer should have automatically set the Run As Admin flag for Windows 7 systems, but Vista doesn't make this an easy task (and yes, Win7 fails to take heed at times).
  20. Raptor85

    Raptor85 Certifiable

    a lot of us used the chat in UOAM due to the UO client not allowing alliance chat between faction/non-faction
  21. Nalynn

    Nalynn Visitor

    FAQs??? There are FAQs??? Who ever reads FAQs?!!! ;)

    And yes, it was mentioned earlier in this thread - it simply didn't register in my gray matter. Probably because the last 48 hours since the update headaches caused me so much "trauma".
  22. Erica3

    Erica3 Adventurer

    I want to move with Goto, and to put up the marker in the place.
    Is not the marker put up by the shortcut key?
  23. SlobberKnocker

    SlobberKnocker Lore Master

    mad, happy to say that uoa patched this morning for me and mine is now working as intended.

    our guild is testing the server out now and we will probably give it a go to go live this weekend.

  24. Parnoc

    Parnoc Seasoned Veteran

    I can't figure out how to make a personal marker, for houses for instance, or a frequently visited place or a place of interest, etc. I type in a description, choose the icon and try to click the ok button and nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?
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  25. Daelomin

    Daelomin Journeyman

    I really hope that a chat function gets added. Because the chat in old UOAM is much better than the built in functionality in the UO Client.
    People are used to it and they can review logs of conversations a bit later if they are in the middle of a fight. Its also easy to Copy and Paste URL from the UOAM chat and as people have all ready pointed out the UOAM chat can be used by a new group of people ( a faction ) instead of limiting it to a guild/alliance.
    To make the ultimate replacement app its alway best to include all the old core functions to eliminate the incentive to stick with the old app. Something they failed badly with the UO classic client => UO enhance upgrade...

    If Ultima Mapper also gets: 1. Own chat system (like old UOAM) 2. Tilt map function.
    ...I see no reason why to use any other app.
  26. roninaxx

    roninaxx Journeyman

    As one of the first people to test this I can answer a few of the questions ,I have registered version of uo assist but not on all of my accounts mapper still works when I play with the unregistered accounts but does not update my health bar and my location seems to be about 2-3 steps off actual location in the unregistered users (we talked about this mad).other than that no problems. Also depending on machine used I do notice a clarity issue that seems to be display adapter and video card installed.(one is nivdia).I've ran it on multi shards with no issues tracking guild members or even non guild party members allowed to connect to server.
    I use it mostly in fel but have played around in other facets, sometimes after a patch or update until uoassist catches up it seems to have the manual facet select issue,but that seem to be a nonmapper issue and more of a uoassist /uo datastream issue.
  27. Sorchaa

    Sorchaa Visitor

    As a treasure hunter being able to mark would be the icing on the cake , is it not working ? or is it me not doing it right . I have always used uocartograpy ,time for a change :) you hit mark on uocart and it put down an icon
  28. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Either way, glad you're sorted!
  29. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Excellent! I had hope that it would be addressed by Tugsoft shortly.
  30. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    To add a new marker, right-click the map where you wish to place the marker, select "Markers...", "Add Marker". You must enter a description and fill in the "Add To" box, which is a category for marker storage and display. Once you have completed those steps, and selected an icon, the new marker will be added to the database. If you do not see the marker, right-click the map, select "Markers", then "Select Markers", and make sure that the category chose/supplied in the Add Marker window is checked in the resulting listbox.
  31. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    ....who are you? lol
  32. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    The chat function will be added. Of course there are some bugs to sort first, before I get back to new features.
  33. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Honestly, this isn't a replacement app for UOAM, it's a replacement app for UOCart, which was a replacement app for UOAM. Confusing, now that I put it to words. ;)

    Either way, we'll get around to chat.
  34. Haddy G

    Haddy G Journeyman

    First I want to say thanks for making this app. This feature seems to work intermittently for me. I use the steps you listed and sometimes I can mark a locations and other times nothing happens. I'll mess with it some more tonight. Please consider using the EC map files; I think they look better and download size is no object for me.
  35. Sorchaa

    Sorchaa Visitor

    YES my first marker thank you so much Mad
  36. enderz

    enderz Journeyman

    A zoomable map that works again for classic! ty :)
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  37. Eric Ravenwind

    Eric Ravenwind Seasoned Veteran

    Where can I download this; its' most up to date version??
  38. CovenantX

    CovenantX Slightly Crazed

    This UO-mapper program is pretty nice, though the one thing I miss most about UOAM/UOC, is the map Tilt.

    Are there any plans to add a Tilt feature to U-Mapper? [or have I just not found it yet?]
  39. CovenantX

    CovenantX Slightly Crazed

    You actually quoted where to townload it, Ultima Mapper is the link for it in your post. bold text seems to be links in some cases on the new forum. weird eh?
  40. Ezekiel Zane

    Ezekiel Zane Grand Inquisitor

    It's already been mentioned in this thread several times that tilted maps is going to be added.
  41. Valas

    Valas Journeyman


    Will there be any chance of a stripped down server for linux so it can be ran via the command line?

  42. Parnoc

    Parnoc Seasoned Veteran

    Does not work for me. Win7 64 bit. Running as administrator. I select add marker, fill in description, select icon, try to fill in the "add to" box and it will not accept any category - cannot press the OK button. All categories are selected. Licensed copy of UOAssist, with the classic client, and "Use Enhanced Client" is unchecked in the Mapper settings.
  43. Sorchaa

    Sorchaa Visitor

    Hi okay one last thing mad :) I have mapper marking my treasure chest, but one slight tiny prob its marking miles away ,nearly off the screen to be exact . Thanks for all your help hope this will be my last question :)
  44. lucitus

    lucitus UOEC Modder

    A strange stragey of releasing and publishing a tool program, not releasing it here as beta before, releasing it on herald as approved map tool, without a tilt map function!

    But iam thankfull that there is somebody developing it. Thanks!
  45. Mercedes

    Mercedes Visitor

    Nice Job Mad!! :)
  46. Redxpanda

    Redxpanda Lore Keeper

    Same issue with Geforce 210.

    Map seems to be working today (sorta). Is tracking me on my boat just fine but when i go home (Malas) it thinks i am somewhere else. Also, are there labels or do i need to add my own?
  47. Eric Ravenwind

    Eric Ravenwind Seasoned Veteran

    When trying to start UOM, following the directions about unchecking Enhanced client, then selecting the client path to the Classic Client, then right clicking the map - the "Naxt" button doesn't work, and the list of clients in the "Choose Client" dosn't show anytthing but a blank list box.
  48. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Please read through the thread. Your issue has been previously addressed. Close the window with the black box, right-click the map, choose "Select Client". This window should show 1 of X. If it shows one of one, it should now be tracking you on the map, and you can close. You ONLY need to click "Next" if you have multiple clients open.
  49. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    To view the included markers, right-click the map and go down to "Markers..." then choose "Select Markers" and check the ones you wish to see.
  50. MadMartyr

    MadMartyr Technical Administrator Administrator Staff

    Thank you!

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