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UOguilds.com is launched!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Rupert Avery, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. UOForums.com, announces the launch of its Ultima Online fansite for guilds, UOGuilds.com.

    UOGuilds.com aims to be a database for any Ultima Online guild that wishes to be listed. The site is a searchable, allowing people searching for a guild to find guilds they are interested in joining or allying with. Each guild listed can have their website and forums listed as well as any other information they want under their shard.

    UOGuilds.com offers, in addition to the listing, the opportunity for a WordPress-based website for guilds listed with the site. There are several options available for this service.

    To have your guild listed in the database for free all you have to do fill out the following application: Guild Listing Application Forum | UO Guilds

    For more information, please visit UO Guilds.
  2. CheesePlant

    CheesePlant Guest

    Its great to see more Ultima Online sites coming out and UOGuilds its looking cool.

    I'll keep an eye out for Merchant guilds on Europa, could do with a new posse!
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  3. Hey everyone just to point out here

    UOGuilds.com is a site set up so that people can have their guilds listed for free and can be used by anyone who wishes to look for a guild on their shard.. as said above you can have your guild with a short description and links posted to any relevant information about your guild weather it be a forum, website or how to contact the guild for a recruitment purpose...

    I know many of you want something like this from UO its self and where I would love it too... This could be a wonderful alternative....

    So let me know what you think with any suggestions welcome!
  4. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    Good luck with your new venture.
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  5. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    UO has more unused fansites than unique players

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  6. Thanks for this. It's always nice to see a player help uo in areas that ea will not.
  7. The fact there are so many fansites shows just how many dedicated players there is to make them and willing to plug in the time to create and maintain them....

    Thank you! We are trying to give the community more options to as many different things as we can! :D
  8. Taylor

    Taylor Sexier Than you VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Staff Alumnus

    Good luck and thank you for this contribution to the UO community.
  9. Ivor_MacGregor

    Ivor_MacGregor Journeyman

    Love it, love the domain...I will post my guild there shortly.
  10. thank you both of you!

    We are trying to get a decent number of guilds built up so that new people can use it and find a suitable guild... will be good if it works out :D
  11. Atlantic

    United We Fight (UWF)

    Great Lakes

    Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB)


    Remember it is free to have you guild listed, Simply fill out this form
  12. Europa

    Guard Militia

    Come on guys get your Guild listed for free!!
  13. G.v.P

    G.v.P Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Some of the submitted off-site guild links have double http:// -- not sure if it's because of a form issue or what but thought I should mention (looking at Atlantic links).
  14. Ah my bad will look at them now :D
  15. Sargon

    Sargon Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    This brings back memories.

    Who remembers the old UOGuilds.com?
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  16. I don't what was it like?
  17. Ravenleader

    Ravenleader Visitor

    Hi Rupert - Great job with the new site!!

    The old UOGuild site was a database where you could search for a guild by name, guild abbreviation, or character name - OU wide.

    The guild information would then appear. It contained the shard designation, Name of the Guild w/ Abbrev, The name of the Guildmaster/Mistress, any link to a website and also had a charter feature which would explain the purpose of the guild.

    Below that were the character names of every member of the guild along with any guild given nicknames or designations (ie: Guild Recruiter, War Leader, etc) I remember the Guild "Drunks of Britainia" characters all were given guild nicknames associated with alcohol - really funny.

    When you clicked on a character their actual paperdoll came up showing what they looked like, whether the character was a veteren, novice, etc and below that it listed the 3 highest skills of that character had achieved to that date (GM swordmanship, GM Parry, Journeyman Healing) . It automatically update as a characters skill changed.

    The site also had the feature that would total the number of guild per shard and the number of members per guild. So anyone could determine where their guild stood among all the guilds in UO or only per their shard. It also allow the ranking of guilds by total members, total veterens and had a seperated ranking for PVP guilds & Factions. At one point in time it listed all other guild you were allied or at war with.

    It has been a while but that is what I remember it being to the best of my recollection. I am glad to see that you are bringing the Guild feature back to the game !! Much appreciated and I will be signing up soon!
  18. Conrad

    Conrad Guest

    Are you sure you aren't thinking of the official website here?
    ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Community

    It has been broken for about 8 months now, but it used to do almost everything you described in your post, right down to showing the three highest skills and a currently updated paperdoll.

    Unfortunately, clicking on any of the data specific links leads to an error message with the name of who to complain to...a Mr. Rowland Cox. Petitioning this guy might get him to fire up the old database. It had data available to it that nobody else does--the actual servers. Interestingly, it is still tracking and posting the actual guild member roster counts, you just can't dig any further. This tells me the website is still polling the servers for data...they just turned something off.
  19. hen

    hen Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    I just looked at the auctions site. There are 36 auctions across ALL shards.
  20. Sargon

    Sargon Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    It was a web hosting site that a decent number of UO guilds used back in the Pre-UOR time period. So my aXe guild on Chesapeake, for example, had a website with an 'axe.uoguilds.com' domain. The site had a directory of all the guilds who were hosted there, which was quite a large list at the time. The website was run by evilseed, who I believe also created the original (and highly illegal) version of UOExtreme. I remember UO Guilds as a great community resource in the early days of UO.

    Here is an archived link.

    UOG - Ultima Online Guilds - Your best guilds on us
  21. That is basically what we aim to be.. I didn't know it had been done before :)
  22. The Auction site is a different project to uoguids.com... This not the thread for that...

    We are how ever trying to get ultima auctions more used :)
  23. Kael

    Kael Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    This is sorely needed...

    Thanks for all the initatives you have started up for the community Rupert!!
  24. Izzy MBC

    Izzy MBC Adventurer Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    I'm not actually in the Guild, but history has me biased (positively) towards Clan UK on Europa, I hope they put their request in :3
  25. No Problem :) It wasn't just me, UOGuilds.com is the baby of UOForums a few of us had a hand on helping create it. I will let them know you like it :)

    Perhaps you could ask the Guild leader about it :)

    More guides the better....
  26. Spiritless

    Spiritless Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    Yay. Another unused site Rupert will relentlessly spam everyone about for a few months until his next one. [imglink]http://i.imgur.com/AopZk.gif[/imglink]

    For the record there's already tons of guild information in various sticky threads on shard forums, like this in Europa for example. I suggest perhaps putting in the effort to go through these, determine which guilds are still active then add them to the site yourself rather than expect to build this up purely through user submissions. At least then you'll have something fairly comprehensive and perhaps semi-useful.
  27. Tina Small

    Tina Small Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran


    Rupert, I love the idea of being able to find information about UO's guilds in one location. I have a few suggestions for additional questions you might want to include in the application form, since not every guild that might want to be listed has people around still to maintain websites and forums.

    • Guild's Current Recruiting Status: Is the guild actively seeking new members, and if yes, what are the application, referral, testing or probationary processes?
    • Guild Loyalty Requirement: Can you belong to this guild and other guilds simultaneously?
    • Age/Experience Requirements: Are there age and/or UO experience requirements?
    • Guild Leadership Structure: Dictator, council, total anarchy? Are there ranks? Who can add/eject members?
    • Guild Economic Structure: Are there dues? How are guild-sponsored events financed? How is loot from group activities allocated?
    • Shards where the guild is present and fairly active at this time.
    • What types of events does the guild periodically sponsor? Are the events for members only or open to the public?
    • Guild Communication Methods: Is there a forum? Do members regularly use ICQ or some other instant messaging system? Do you use TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, etc.?
    • Faction Affiliation, if any.
    • Alliance/Warring Status: Guilds you are currently allied or friendly with? Guilds you are at war with or who are your traditional rivals?
    • If a PvP guild, what is the guild's typical policy on returning looted items to nonmembers?
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  28. I was actually thinking about some extra things to put in the form recently because many of the guilds don't have or want forums so I was going to ask how to contact them for people wanting to join, I think I will take on board the ideas you've mentioned here and build it into the application for...

    As to why I don't just go an add guilds... its simple I wouldn't want to add a guild that doesn't want to be there so if they want to be there they can let me know and get added :D
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  30. New Guild Added
    Royal Arms & Armors​

    To Get your Guild listed apply here
  31. startle

    startle Siege... Where the fun begins. Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend


    Well done, Rupert - well done! Very professional. This is a win/win for everybody....

    Just sayin....
    Rupert Avery likes this.
  32. Thank you Startle :) Always nice to know someone is happy :D
  33. Oh how I wish that still worked.

    It was a very cool feature and no offense to any 3rd party site like the OP, but the afore mentioned site had info that you'll never come close to collecting.
  34. Of course this site is noting compared to the official guild data base that has not been around for a long while. but even if and when that comes back up this info on UOGuilds.com has info that even that site didn't have. like contact details.. about the guild etc.. Sure we don't have info on guilds numbers and average skills But we have no way to get that info and so provide the info that players need in order to find a guild that might suit them.
  35. There has been quite a few guild added since my last update!

    Nidaros Trading Company (NITC) - Chesapeake
    The Protectors of Nidaros (TPN) - Chesapeake
    A PWAL Team 2 - (PWAL) - Europa
    The Society of Archers Guild - Atlantic, Baja, Catskills, Chesapeake, Lake Austin, Lake Superior & Siege Perilous
    The Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB!) - Atlantic, Catskills & Great Lakes
    Lineman Knights - Atlantic
    Night Wolves of Justice (NWJ) - Lake Austin
    Slayers Of Britannia (SOB) - Great Lakes

    Check out UOGuilds to have your guild listed!
  36. Here is a small list of guilds just added!

    CLAN OF VALOR (C^V) - Legends
    The House of Ludes - Catskills
    Always and Forever (AAF) - Europa

    Check them out!

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