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What's most important in a good game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by fengzi597, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. fengzi597

    fengzi597 Adventurer

    Are you kidding me? Aesthetics including graphics and character design is only an added plus, which is definitely not the most important thing in a good game. They may seem nice at first, but that doesn't really affect the fun of the game. Even more, many games with good aesthetics are just Apple of Sodom, such as Crysis, Mass Effect, and Far Cry 2. In addition, sometimes excellent graphics are a double sided sword, coz players have to get a high hardware to run it.

    Gameplay obviously comes first! It is the core structure of the game as a whole. If the main concept of the game doesn't work or isn't fun, it will totally ruin the game. Aesthetic will only get you so far if the gameplay is absolute ****. I won’t play any boring games even I like the way they look. And I used to have a lot of fun with some games with nice gameplay and bad graphics, such as Minecraft and Runescape.

    In short, gameplay is far more important than Aesthetics. If the gameplay is good, then who the hell cares about the aesthetics.

    Furthmore, below's my top 4 things that I look for in a good game.
    1. Gameplay (According to what I have said above).
    2. Storyline (A lot of games are very popular due to their great storyline, which makes me wanna play through the game again).
    3. Aesthetics (Great graphics and art style will make a game better, but which is not the main point).
    4. Sound (Without doubt, it is the least important).

    What do you think is most important in a good game?
  2. fengzi597

    fengzi597 Adventurer

    Does anyone wanna talk about this topic?
  3. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    I'll give my view on the subject.

    Aesthetics is important to certain players. As the statement was pertaining to just those type players that prefer graphics over anything else. Not all gamers in general. I prefer to have some nice eye candy to the game I am playing but "CONTENT" is most important to me.
  4. Lady_Emma

    Lady_Emma Visitor Stratics Veteran

    i think content and the ability to choose your quest and adventures is important. I like the housing system and player vendors in uo too
  5. Shakkara

    Shakkara Slightly Crazed

    I think it depends on the genre and the person.

    I personally like to have customizability and freedom in my games; I want to feel that my choices are respected by the game and that they culmunate into a strategy to play through the experience. A strategy that I came up with, and is different from most other players. I also like to have the feeling of ownership in a game, that I designed something in the game (even though its just decorating some personal space) that I can be proud of.

    Of course in any game its important to achieve something. The way in which stuff is achieved should be exciting and dynamic, so it doesn't feel like a grind or second job, but instead gives me fun and varied gameplay.

    I personally don't mind graphic so much, as I can play roguelike games that have characters intead of graphics just as well as graphically-heavy games. But I think it is important that the game has a nice atmosphere, I don't need to have good graphics as long as the graphics fit the type of game and give me a feeling of immersion. I am put off by terribly bad graphics, I rather have nice 2D graphics and a resolution of 640x480 than badly done 3D stuff.

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