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What's your Despise Artie drop rate?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Nyses, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    I have done about 10 Despise champs so far and my total artifact drop is Zero. :( I am wondering if others are finding this typical?

    A few guild mates have gotten one drop each, some on their first champ, but considering how long it takes to train up a pet, wait for the call to arms, then actually kill the champ, at an hour plus, it's getting a bit time consuming.

    Anyway, just wondering if my experience is typical, or of the RNG is still just hating on me.
  2. DanteSignas

    DanteSignas Sage Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Of my 3 successful kills, I received an artifact on all 3. Ring and 2 sandals. I have seen folks get no looting rights when there were a lot of people there. Sometimes folks minion gets stuck on wisps and don't do any or much damage to the boss and also, a lot of times we get caught at the mouth of the bridge and not everyone's minion is able to get close enough in to damage. A remedy for that though is to put all minions in defensive and short leash and walk them away a bit so they disengage boss and let him move into an open area.

    Also, I can't tell if it is actually working but I am able to discord it with 120 Disc and a Repond. In addition I am a tamer and i bandage heal as well as magery heal mine and other people's minions.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2012
  3. Bobar

    Bobar Certifiable Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    0 from 5 so far. One time my pet could not attack and did no damage but I still got looting rights probably cos I spent time healing other pets.
  4. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

    3 from 10.
  5. Warpig Inc

    Warpig Inc Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    Zero and most likely remain as such. I'd rather mine and fill BODs. Along with Doom there are activities in place that players enjoy that just need a buffing. Ahh, another pair of ring mining gloves or colored anvil, BAHZINGA!.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2012
  6. slayer888

    slayer888 Lore Keeper

    0, 0 looting rights for ALL bosses i have done, 0 looting rights for dealing damage to wisp as well, the system obviously doesnt like me and probably is bugged i must say
  7. DJAd

    DJAd Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    Went down the day it opened to have a look, got to the boss and after ages spamming the greater heal I got the quiver. I've been back a few times since but not got into it as much. The ring looks nice though.
  8. DJAd

    DJAd Grand Poobah Stratics Veteran

    Also some of the bosses loot is amazing! Some things show as 1000+ intensity, but all cursed etc. Didn't have any luck on my character.
  9. Mr. Smither1

    Mr. Smither1 Journeyman Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    I have been to the boss about 8 times and gotten hailstorm and the quiver.
  10. Zero
    I haven't found one on a vendor yet
  11. Faeryl

    Faeryl Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Zero drops from four bosses, though one was bugged and kept healing. *shrugs*

    I'm not going to give up though!
  12. One boss completed, got hailstorm with 3 of us. One we couldnt kill with about 10-12 of us, but they all had low level pets. I didn't heal much just killed the wisps as rthe others healed the tank pet. Killed about 3 wisps , dropped some good high end loot.
  13. Here is what I have seen so far... no less than 1 drop per boss death and no more than 2. I have gotten a drop from killing the wisp before the boss dies, so it has the ability to drop independant of the boss, but I have killed that wisp 10+ times per boss without getting one so the wisp drop seems to be pretty rare.
  14. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Ma and a buddy took neg karma chars in last night. There were just the two of us. When our pets were lvl 15 and lvl 14, and Conscripted, we got the message our Army was not strong enough to fight the boss. We had to wait till both pets were lvl 15 and it let us in the next time around. After defeating Adrian with just the 2 of us, neither of us got an artie drop, but we both got looting rights. We also killed the wisp 2 times that round.

    The whole experience took over 2 hours :( If it is going to be a grind to get an artie, could it at least let us in to fight the boss faster, we had our pets ready in 20 min, and could have finished them in lvl 2, but it would not let us in until be both hit lvl 15 (waste of time) and we had to wait for the conscript timer ( more waste of time). Is there only 1 instance of the 3rd lvl of Despise? as it seems. And, are we waiting on the good karma guys to finish?
  15. The Mule

    The Mule Journeyman Stratics Veteran

    I dont see why everyone is grinding so much. I always take in a low level (4-5) and level up to 8 or 9 by the time I reach the boss. Generally there's 4 or 5 of us in there to heal. I lost count of how many times I've gone through, but I've gotten 3 drops. Generally as soon as I come out of one, within 10 minutes there's the next one starting. I have yet to lose a pet with the Boss.
  16. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Ya, that seems to work ok, on the positive karma side, but there are usually not enough people on the neg karma side to make it work out. The problem I was running into on the poitive karma side was finding enough critters to kill, when it was busy in there, thus I tried out the neg karma side. :)
  17. Joey Porter

    Joey Porter Guest

    I have been down 1 time and got the ring.

    And I almost NEVER get artie drops from other bosses.
  18. Cogniac

    Cogniac Grand Inquisitor

    My haul so far is zero, because I haven't been able to get a pet beyond level 3 without some asshole running up and murdering it before I ever even get to the boss level.
    MalagAste likes this.
  19. NBG

    NBG Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    2 drops out of 3 kills (wing armor and garg war fork - I always get the garg versions first for some reason - same thing happened in Covetous). Third kill, I arrived too late and could not get pet to damage the lord and even healing the pet being damaged was not enough.

    Kill #1 - wing armor (2 other people there, I was running 2 accounts) - 4players total

    Kill #2, - garg war fork (3 other people there, I was running 2 accounts) - 5 players total

    Kill #3 - nothing (tons of other people there, I was running 2 accounts) - 10 or so players total
  20. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil Premium Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Royal Knight

    My results after 5 kills 0 That's right a BIG FAT ZERO. Zip, zero NOTHING...... nada...
  21. Njjj

    Njjj Journeyman

    12 boss kills, and at least 30 wisp kills, one drop.

    Sent from my A200 using Tapatalk 2
  22. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    I finally got an artie to drop, after 4 days and about 15 bosses (untold wisp kills)
  23. The boss really needs to have at least a minimum drop rate of one. He is not an easy fight, and it really blows to get down there with two or three people and no one gets anything. Perhaps two or three people is pretty rare on a shard like Atl, but on slow shards that is closer to the norm.
  24. LordDrago

    LordDrago Certifiable

    I like the drop rate. Too high, and after 2 weeks, despise will be dead.
  25. NBG

    NBG Lore Master Stratics Veteran

    Drops from bosses should be pretty rare. From what I have seen so far, it seems like the rate is relative high as it is now based on most people's report.
  26. Mr. Smither1

    Mr. Smither1 Journeyman Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Don't worry if you can't loot the corpse, I got drops 3 of the 5 times and couldn't loot the boss. I disco and use nature's fury or the summoned pixies to help damage the boss.
  27. Bleak

    Bleak UO Software Engineer VIP Stratics Veteran

    We are working on a fix now which will resolve Despise boss looting right issues and artifact distribution.
    Merus and Frarc like this.
  28. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus Stratics Legend

  29. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    Cool, any ETA on that ATM?

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