Guild Wars 2 will have dungeons. This topic will discuss how dungeons are in the game.

Guild wars 2 dungeons are PvE instances each with their own story. The dungeons are a team oriented so you can be grouped up with 5 players. Guilds and random players can join together for some dungeon fun. There will be eight dungeons at release. During your personal story dungeons can be found starting at level 35 and every ten levels after that. Level 80 has 3 dungeons that can be found.

The 8 dungeons has two different modes.

The first mode is called ’story mode’ which relates to the story of the ‘Destiny Edge’ an adventuring group from Tyria that was famous for dedicating themselves in stopping the elder dragons. Players will come along these members in the game and try to unite them again after their differences for them to battle Zhaitan. The story mode is only related to the Destiny Edge story.

The second mode is called ‘explorable mode’ which is more difficult and requires more teamwork and coordination to play. Explorable mode becomes unlocked after the story mode has been completed. The party will have 3 options and the grouped players will vote on which option to take in the dungeon.

So each time a player goes in the dungeon in explorable mode, they may experience something different the next time they try it again.
As already stated, each mode, the story and explorable, allows for 5 players per group. The content does not scale like the rest of the game, so depending on the number of players in your group, the difficulty remains constant. If you have 4 players the level is the same if you have 5 players as an example.

The actions and decisions of the groups influences what happens during the groups dungeon play-through. So if the same group goes back in after there first initial run through the dungeon may experience something totally different in their second run. Also ‘dynamic events’, will have an influence with dungeons.

Players will receive rewards after competing a dungeon. Story mode will give out a token to claim a weapon. Explorable mode will give out a token for armor. Now each dungeon has their own unique rewards. Weapons and armor from one dungeon will differ from what you will receive from another dungeon.

Dungeons are optional and players do not have to do them. Not playing any of the dungeons do not hurt your personal story line but it may enhance it if a plyers try. Players who like a challenge and experience group play is what dungeons are focused on. So any player can play the game all the way without ever having to do a dungeon. The choice is what you want to do with the game.





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