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One nice feature of Toontown is that every toon has a place to call their own. To get there, open your Shticker book and go to your map page. Simply click the Go Home button.

You are instantly teleported to your estate in front of your home. Every account gets an estate with 6 houses for each of the toon’s they can create. The house you get is determined by which colored slot you created your toon on.

NOTE: You won’t see the flower pots and boxes around the house until you purchase a gardening kit. This also includes the wheelbarrow in the sandy area where you sell your flowers.
The mailbox out front is where all your cattlelog purchases and gifts from other toons are sent to you. The mailbox flag is raised when you have something in your box. Simply walk up to it to retrieve your mail. You can elect to take out an item, delete an item, or leave it in the mailbox. Up to 20 items can be held in the mailbox.
All your friends can visit you here and are free to roam about as long as you remain on your estate. Show off all your things to your friends! However, once you leave, they are all booted out in 5 seconds back to the playground.
If you buy a doodle, your doodle will be found on the grounds of your estate running around and having a good time. You will see all of the doodles that all of your toons have purchased and you can interact with them all.
You will see a few ice cream cones about the estate that will restore 3 laff on your toon.

There is a very large pond for fishing as well! Some fish are best caught here like the Holey Mackeral. This pond is unique as there are 3 fishing targets in it. Also there is no fisherman to sell your fish to. You’ll have to run back to the playground to sell your fish. However, a good time to fish here is during Bingo Wednesdays. During bingo, you are allowed to sell all the fish in your bucket when it’s full just by trying to cast again.
Walk up to the doors of the house to enter. Your toon is also free to wander into any of the other homes. Below is a picture of a typical starter home with default furniture. There are two rooms, a living room and a bedroom in the back. Each room has one window.

There are 3 unique iteractive items in every toon’s home. These can’t be deleted.
The phone is used to call Clarabelle and order items from her cattlelog. Just step up to it and you’ll ring her up. You can buy new furniture, wallpaper, flooring, window views, emotes, speedchats, clothing, doodle tricks, and more!
Your jellybean bank holds all your excess jellybeans. It initially holds 1000 jellybeans. Later on, you will have the opportunity to buy bigger banks from the cattlelog (2500, 5000, 7500, and 10000 beans). Just step up to the bank to swap jellybeans between your pouch and the bank.
Your wardrobe holds all of your clothes. It initially holds 10 items and later you’ll be able to buy a bigger one from the cattlelog that will hold 20 items.
Sadly, none of the other items are interactive. You can’t sit in the furniture, start a fire in the fireplace, etc.
To manage your house, click house-like icon in the upper left corner just below the chat buttons.
Your toon will go invisible and it brings up the menu shown to the right. You are initially shown items, if any, in your attic. Any furniture you take out of the mailbox comes here.You can click the 3 tabs on the side to display any items in the room, trash, or attic.
The four buttons in the circle don’t have a lot of use. The top two will zoom your view in and out. The bottom two will swivel your view left and right.
You can also use the arrows keys to move around the house as normal though your toon is invisible.
Lets try to rearrange the furniture some. Just click on any furniture object, like this chair for instance.

A move menu appears on the item. Click and hold the hand button to move the item around the house. Click either of the two arrows to rotate the item. Some items like pictures are restricted to the walls so you won’t be able to move some objects just anywhere. Some objects you are allowed to put on top of other objects, like tables.
To move an item to the attic, press the arrow key just above the Move Furniture menu.

And there it is!

You could also click the Trash tab and use the arrow to send items directly to the trash.
Sadly there’s a fairly low object limit to your house and it counts everything you have in your attic as well. Once you start buying stuff, you’ll have to be deleting your old stuff just to get the new items out of your mailbox.
Since we’re talking about trash, lets ditch this ugly chair. Click on the trash can.

This puts you in delete mode. All the item backgrounds turn red. Click on any item to send it to the trash.
You get a confirmation.
Now just click the trash can again to get out of delete mode. Click the trash tab to see the contents of your trash.
Once you’re done decorating just click the house-like button again to close the menu. Any items in your trash are permanently deleted.

Adding/removing flooring, wallpaper, and window views (decor items) is a little different. You can never leave those areas bare. You have to have a new decor item sitting in your attic first. Then just move your view to the room you want changed and click the new one in your attic. The new one is placed in and the old one goes to your attic. Now you can delete the old one. This gets annoying when you start hitting the object limit as you are forced to delete a furniture item before you can ever get the new decor item out of the mailbox.
Enjoy your home!