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Doodles, a Toon’s best friend.
What are doodles?
Doodles are cute little jellybean shaped creatures that have the amazing ability to make your toon laugh, and we know laughter is good for a toons health. They perform a variety of tricks at your request. Their success at the trick depends upon their mood and temperament, and the amount of training they have received.
How do I get a doodle?
Doodles can be bought in the pet store on every playground. To purchase a doodle, you just walk up to the counter in the pet store. The clerk will show you a panel where you have three options. You can buy a doodle, return your doodle or sell fish. If you are buying a doodle for the first time, the return doodle option will be there, but unavailable. If you have no fish in your bucket, the option will be there, but unavailable.

To adopt a doodle click the “Adopt a Doodle” button.
Scroll through the doodles available by clicking the left and right arrows. The doodle’s traits are displayed under the picture of the doodles available for purchase, and also if the doodle is a boy or a girl. There are two differences between boy and girl doodles. Girl doodles have eyelashes while boy doodles don’t. The other difference is in the name. There are several boy only names and girl only names, but the vast majority are for both boy and girl doodles. Click here for a list of the doodle names available. Be sure you have enough jellybeans to purchase your doodle! When you find the doodle you would like, click the adopt button.

The blue adopt button lights up. Click it when you have found the doodle of your dreams.
Then the option to name the new doodle becomes available. You can choose a random name or you can choose to select one by going through the names alphebetically. There is a ton of names to choose from to name your doodle. You may want to find one that matches your name in some way, or a name that seems to suit your new pet. Since you only have three minutes to complete the proccess, you may end up doing it again if you can’t decide on a doodle name quick enough. You can not rename your doodle, so it’s better to start again then to hastily choose a name you may later regret.

Use the random button or manually select a name.
What if I want to buy a new doodle?
Returning your doodle is easy, you can return it in any pet store. Old doodles must be returned before you can purchase a new one. They look very sad when you are turning them in. The clerk will let you know that they will find your doodle a good home!

Click the check button to return your old doodle.
What doodles are in each playground?
Each playground has different kinds of doodles. The doodles in Toontown Central are the cheapest, grumpiest and hardest to train. Donald’s Dreamland has the easiest doodles to train. The 4998 bean doodle learns at a much faster rate than any other doodle you can buy, as well as having some of the best personality traits. The other playgrounds have doodles that fall somewhere between. If you don’t need a doodle right away, it’s best to save your beans and wait until you can afford a Dreamland doodle, but if you’re itching to try the doodle experience, buying a Toontown Central until you can afford a Dreamland doodle is a good way to go.
Toontown Central has doodles that are fairly inexpesive. The prices average from 200 to 300 beans. Doodles here have one to four visible traits, several of them very negative. Often hungry, often tired and often bored are traits found here frequently. They take the longest time to learn a trick, even though they may perform them often.
Donalds Dock doodles cost between 900 and 1200 beans on average. They are often “standard” doodles or have one or two traits. They take a very long time to learn a trick.
Daisy’s Garden doodles average between 1600 and 1750 beans. Most doodles found here are labeled as “standard” and most have one trait visible. They take an average time to learn, but that’s still a very long time.
Minnie’s Melodyland has doodles that average between 2000 and 2500 beans. Most doodles have one or two traits that in the middle of the trait range, but often negative ones are showing. They take an average time to learn tricks.
The Brrrgh’s doodles range from 3000 too 3800 beans on average. They often have four traits showing. A lot of the traits here begin with the word “sometimes”. Doodle purchased here don’t take as long to learn tricks, but still take longer than a Dreamland doodle.
Donald’s Dreamland has the most expensive doodles ranging from 3900 to 5000. They almost always have four traits showing, three out of those four normally being positive traits. The doodles here learn the fastest of all doodles, the ones costing 4998 being the fastest.
Care and Feeding of your new Doodle
Doodles are very easy to care for. When one is clicked on, a panel comes up. There are six buttons on the panel. Feed will give your doodle a jellybean making you one bean poorer but that bean can satisfy a hungry doodle. Scratch is the way you pet your doodle. If your doodle tends to wander, give it a call. The purple middle button will show you the owner of the doodle. The arrow button will open the trick panel, allowing you to check the doodle’s training progress. The “X” button will close either the training panel or the doodle panel, depending on which one is chosen.

Doodles need frequent care.
Doodle Charm
Each doodle has a distinct personality. When you go to purchase one at a playground pet store, you get to see its strongest traits. The traits of a doodle strongly affect its mood and learning ability. Unfortunately, you cannot absolutely tell how good your doodle is just by the traits they show in the store. Doodles have some level of all the traits, you just can’t see how much. You don’t get a refund of your beans if you decide to trade your doodle in, so you have to decide if you and the doodle are suited for each other in the pet store based on what you can see, or spend a lot of beans looking for your perfect doodle partner.

Sometimes, always and rarely mean different things with different traits.
Each personality trait can influence how well your doodle performs, both at home and when called in battle. Very excitable means that they recover after a trick quickly and are ready to perform the next, rarely hungry means that you can save your jellybeans because they don’t eat a lot. Some of the better doodle traits, often found only in Donald’s Dreamland doodles, are rarely confused, very excitable and rarely tired. These traits all help to ensure your doodle is ready and willing to perform, allowing you to more easily train the doodle and the doodle to be ready in battle.
Doodle tricks.
Most doodles love to do tricks. You can purchase doodle tricks in your Cattlelog. Be sure to collect them all. Doodle tricks have low healing ability at first, ranging from 5 laff to 11 laff, but with hours and hours of dedicated training, the amount of laff you get from a trick can range from 10 to 22. To train a doodle, you repeatedly tell it to do the trick, making sure to praise it when it does a good job. You can watch the training meter go up, but the meter fills up very slowly. Each trick will, with dedication, give double it’s initial laff when your doodle is fully trained. This means that for jump, you have to fill the meter five times to get your doodle maxed in jump and eleven times to max your doodle in speak. Doodles do get experience for successful tricks in battle, but often it’s better to train them at home until you are reasonably sure that your doodle will perform the trick when called. During invasions your doodle will get double experience just like your toon gets double gag experience. In buildings, doodles get the same additional experience that toons get for gags. Calling your doodle into battle too frequently will annoy your teammates, especially if you should be helping them to destroy a cog rather than training your doodle.

Watch your doodles training progress.
Doodle Moods
Doodles like to be fed well, scratched often and appreciated in speedchat. Doodles will respond to several phrases besides just the training phrases. Telling a doodle “You rock!” has the effect of making your doodle happier. Be careful of stinking a doodle, or they will get upset. When your doodle is feeling strongly, whether it be hungry, madly in love with its toon owner or cranky because someone said “You stink!”, you will be able to tell by an icon over its head. If you tell your doodle to “Follow me.” it will follow you around the estate. Playing chase with several doodles can be fun!
Phrases that make doodles happy.
Any Hello speedchat.
Any Happy Speedchat
You look nice.
You are awesome!
You rock!
You are a genius!
Phrases that make your doodle unhappy.
Any Stinky speedchat.
Lets work on that.
This isn’t what I’m looking for.
Phrases that your doodle will respond to.
Any Pets speedchat.
Follow me.
Meet here.
What’s my Doodle Saying?
Affectionate Angry
Bored Confused
Excited Hungry
Lonely Tired
Doodle appearance
Doodles come in a wide variety of colors from the darkest scaly green to white with pink spots, you’ll have to shop around for a doodle whose appearance you like as well as one that has the personality traits you are looking for. Below are charts of the various features you can find on doodles.
Ears, Antenna and Horns! Oh My!
Cat Ears Dog Ears
Horns No Ears
Antenna Bunny Ears

Crowning Glory
Can be alone or in combination with any of the ears.

The Nose Knows.
No Nose Flat Nose
Piggy Nose Clown Nose

Tail Tales.
Bunny Tail Crown Tail
No Tail Cat Tail
Fluffy Tail

Body Patterns
All patterns except the bib are on the doodles back. The bib is on the front, under the doodle mouth.
Small Spots Leopard Spots
Stripes Large Spot
Giraffe No Pattern
Front Bib

Lizard DoodleThe lizard doodle is unique. The front pattern and the back pattern always go together. Although there can be a large variety of appearances for this doodle, the colors it frequently come in are greens and browns. The back spots can be multiple colors.
Lizard Front Lizard Body