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EVE Online is where they all went.

There is a story about that actually, you can find it – but its a walk down memory lane. It sure brought back memories to me!

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ATX – Post-Qualifier 1 (weekend battles from june 30th – july 1st)

So since we’ve seen the first batch of Qualifiers I guess most of you are now either sitting down all psyched up about the matches, some of the surprising setups or possibly with a big question mark on your face, since apparently CCP Soundwave is either on Hoth, in Africa or trying to liberate various cuddly cats from the claws of defeat.


In either case, for those following the Disco at the Undock during the pauses you’ll of course know Read More…

CCP closes exploit

Based largely on information from players in Goonswarm as well as Internal Metrics, CCP Developers closed a loophole in the Faction War System that allowed players to manipulate item cost, and based on that – reward themselves with an unintended amount of Faction Warfare Loyalty Points to be used in the Loyalty Point store.

Faction Warfare Loyalty Points were rewarded largely based on the cost of destroyed assets. By artificially increasing the cost of specific items and filling Freighters with these items to be destroyed in Faction Warfare systems, the cost of the items would stack up against the system. Since assets destroyed in flight has chance to drop as loot, the players would then pick up the remaining goods and iterate on that process untill all goods were destroyed; destroying the same overprized items again and again untill gone.

Market manipulation is possible in EVE Online because buy and sell orders are based on Player Interactions. By chosing to place buy orders and fill those buy orders in systems that are poorly populated, the players involved could trade items to their own alts, thus gaming the system into believing that the average price of the traded goods were in fact legit. Since the cost of items were based on a script run by CCP, it was just a matter of time before these very specific items were updated to having an exuberant cost.

While the exploit has been fixed, it was based on destroying assets and CCP developers are rolling back profit provided by the system.

Exploiting is against the EULA and players that were involved, while actually also providing information to CCP Developers are likely to have bans incurred on them because of the nature of the game rules.

The size of the exploit were said to increase wallets for involved players in the size of several years worth of gametime, amounting to thousands of Dollars. But noone has been accused of anything yet and due to the impending investigation, we’re still awaiting the final verdict.

Alien escapepod touches down near Iceland

Breaking News

An alien escapepod broke the atmosphere at 2pm GMT today. Icelandic search and rescue teams retrieved the pod following an exercise in the close vicinity of the landing site and are eager to open the contents. The result of a hostile engagement between an undisclosed nation and the alien craft resulted in the escapepod being tagged with a GPS signal tracker and a camera recorder. Footage from the landing will be made available through Icelandic resources at a later time.

You can see follow the GPS signal from the escapepod >here<

Camera Feed

Annual Report 2011

2011 started for EVE Stratics! with a new Managing Editor (yours truly) stepping up. With the help of the TGN and Stratics team we created the new portal and started porting content over from the old platform to wordpress. A Lot of articles were initially pulled over, but we’re still missing quite a bit and we’ll work on getting the rest over in 2012.

The facelift was part of a sitewide change that aimed to bring the Stratics portals into an age where editing would take less time than typing the articles and it started right as the Arab Spring kicked off. Wow, what an amazing time to live in! To witness the changes across the world has been quite the experience, even as a spectator! This would later prove to transition into EVE Online, although possibly on a subconscious level.

At the end of January, TGN’s YouTube channel for EVE Online went live and was quickly populated with content by Logan, another TGN Director. The plan was to bring in more content, more directors and more views quickly. This changed Read More…

EVE Online: The Crucible

Following a summer of leaks, rumours, player dismay and outright pitch-fork-riot-moments in the largest trade hub, Jita. Not to mention a hail of media fire towards the developers of EVE Online; CCP Games. The Winter expansion raises several interesting bars. Hope in the form of the public apology from the CEO and outright follow-up on the promises to refocus the efforts to get back on track and start to actually live up to player expectations.

[youtube HrrVDV_NsNo]

The title of the winter expansion leaves a testament of this self-proclaimed summer of failure, with symbolic ties to the Salem witch trials that took place in 1692-93. If it had not been for the global financial crisis that has also left a trail of layoffs in other entertainment sectors and not to mention other gaming companies, one could easily conclude that the company had been purged of their own misfits – while the fact is quite a different story… Read More…

Welcomed POS changes – 07 Nov 2011 Devblog

from CCP's Eveopedia

POS or Player Owned Starbases have long been a staple of life in Eve Online.  Their uses have ranged from being quickly dropped field bases for invading forces to be industrial complexes building the massive Titans and Supercarriers that now dominate Eve itself.  Establishing a POS has never been an easy task, and if you wanted one to stay any length of time, this required a considerable amount of logistical support to both calculate and acquire the fuel to keep it running and doing its business.

That complicated system looks like it may become much, much simpler, at least for the end user.

As per Read More…

CCP Games facing layoffs

An unexpected move this morning meant that alot of forum regulars, as well as CCP Employees will be saying goodbye to some all too familiar faces in the all too near future.

CCP isn’t the first Gaming Company to fold a few decks though, SOE also faced layoffs not too long ago while getting back to core business and this move from CCP Games is no different. Its a time of reconciliation for CCP as they’ve made great strides in once again getting on the same track as their playerbase in a time where player retention in a cooling economy is hard to come by.

Very few people have friends or families that haven’t in some way been affected by the geared investements by large investement banks that lead to the finansial crisis that we’re still suffering from and we’re simply now seeing the aftermaths hit the MMO and entertainment business as well.

We at Stratics have nothing but positive experiences with CCP Games. We hope that the affected staff at CCP won’t suffer for long, but rest assured – they all have our deepest sympathy in this most troublesome time.

Best of Luck


The Stratics Family

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Supers recieve balance pass


Following a discussion with some former corp members, some questions were raised about the validity of the available sources about the supercap nerf. Everyone was referring to the same source (which was either unconfirmed and thus useless or lacking any details). All were excellent points so I talked to a few from the Community Relations team around the end of september, and nudged the Lead Designer (Kristoffer Touborg) and it lead to a clarification of the allready availble sources and some new tidbits!

We had hoped to bring you a pre-blog interview, but unfortunately there was no response from CCP Manifest, which leads us to believe that Team BFF is simply too busy doing FiS.

Read More…

Leaked Bulletin, Crisis for CCP Zulu, Community Outrage and Incarna

Believe it or not, everything mentioned in the title is linked to one and another in what has been a very depressing week for EVE Online players.

Last Tuesday saw the release of the latest expansion, Incarna, and in its wake, outrage from most active forum users. Whilst the game [will] completely change EVE with its walking in stations and new adjustments to turrets, it hasn’t been all good. Many paying customers have been faced with buying new hardware or unable to play the game at all as Incarna fries their computers. The problem is widespread and the Devs are still trying to fix it. It’s also to be noted that Shader 2.0 support will be discontinued by April 5th. This will affect approximately 9000 customers, but CCP is trying to work a discount deal with a graphics card vendor so look out for this.

The walk-in stations are very much like that shown by CCP previous to its release. There’s an all new agent finder, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You can also walk down the corridor to view your ship floating in all its awesomeness. Lastly, there’s a locked door which will eventually lead to a multiplayer area which is still in construction. This in itself as lead to a genius idea of photoshopping in what you think is behind the door. For a good laugh, check it out here. The graphics itself is an improvement on what you typically expect from CCP and could be just a hint of what graphics they do want to implement. There’s quite a long waiting time whilst you load the station so I’ve gone ahead and disabled the walk-in station. Even then, I’m faced with a static image of, “the door” instead of being able to spin my ship around for hours.

This new expansion also brought around an update to the turret system which is explained thoroughly and better than I could in this Dev Blog.

And while the artists were adding the additional locators to all the ships, the programmers upgraded the hi-slots so that a turret slot could now occupy any hi-slot. Locator pairs or triads on ships are numbered 1 through 8 (of course not all 8 are present on all ships, there just isn’t enough room) and static, and now hi-slots correspond to them left-to-right, so slot 1 is where turret pair/triad 1a,1b,/1c would fit – which means, if you don’t like the layout of the turrets, move it to another hi-slot and the turrets will shift their position on the ship. (Prior to this update, turrets used to fill the turret locators numerically regardless of which hi-slot you used.)

In the mist of all the new content in Incarna, there is also the NEX (Noble Exchange) store which allowed players to buy clothes for AUR – a new currency implemented in the latest expansion and will be used in DUST 514. Whilst vanity items may be interesting for some people, the price of them just caused outrage, especially the monocle. The monocle would set you back $65 for what is essentially a useless virtual, pixel item. No one else can even see it as no multiplayer is available. This can also be linked to a leaked CCP bulletin which can be found at EVE News which has CCP Soundwave talking about paid for items. Scarily enough, it seemed as if CCP was going to introduce more vanity items, and maybe even “instant win” items for real money. CCP Zulu made a blog post but failed to say there was no intention to introduce these items, only worsening the situation. I would personally quit the game if more microtransactions were introduced, especially if it gave them an advantage over me just because they paid real money for it. CCP Zulu has come out with a new blog trying to damp things down and apologise. The tl;dr of it was that they’re inviting CSM to an urgent meeting in Iceland in just a few days time. I may not be a business expert, but surely they should be having meetings with CSM prior to things like this happening, especially as the success of CCP relies upon making the community happy.

That’s it for this blog post. What do you personally think about NEX and the leaked article?