Fish Species

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Some fish blow bubbles-this one is a bubble-a rubber balloon bubble called the Balloon Fish! It’s full of hot air, and comes with strings attached, but this new kind of flying fish makes a great pet. Why? Because it comes with a built in leash. It can be tricky to catch though, because it’s terrified of fishhooks!

Balloon Fish – 1-3 lbs – Very Common – Anywhere
Hot Air Balloon Fish – 1 lb – Common – Toontown Central
Weather Balloon Fish – 3-5 lbs – Rare – Punchline Place
Water Balloon FIsh – 3-5 lbs – Common – Silly Street
Red Balloon Fish – 1-5 lbs – Very Common – Loopy Lane

Now here is a fish with good taste! Smooth or chunky, grape or strawberry, you can’t go wrong with a Peanut Butter and Jellyfish. They stick to you through thick and thin – especially to the roof of your mouth! But Toons have yet to uncover the mystery – why doesn’t their bread get soggy?

Peanut Butter & Jellyfish – 1-5 lbs – Very Common – Toontown Central
Grape PB&J Fish – 1-5 lbs – Common – The Brrrgh
Crunchy PB&J Fish – 1-5 lbs – Common – Daisy Gardens
Strawberry PB&J Fish – 1-5 lbs – Rare – Donald’s Dreamland
Concord Grape PB&J Fish 1-5 lbs – Ultra Rare – The Brrrgh

A feline with fins? A gato with gills? Most cats hate water, but not the Cat Fish! This is one kitty who doesn’t mind wet whiskers! Best way to catch a Cat Fish? Mouse-flavored jellybeans! (Yuck!) The Cat Fish makes a great pet, and they are afraid of nothing – except Dog Fish!

Cat Fish – 2-6 lbs – Very Common – Daisy Gardens
Siamese Cat Fish – 2-6 lbs – Extremely Rare – Elm Street
Alley Cat Fish – 5-11 lbs – Common – Lullaby Lane
Tabby Cat Fish – 2-6 lbs – Common – Daisy Gardens
Tom Cat Fish – 5-11 lbs- Very Common – Donald’s Dreamland

The Clown Fish (as seen in Cirque de Filet) is famous for his watery wisecracks. He used to tell salty jokes just for the halibut, but the halibut didn’t laugh because he was floundering. Now he tells jokes for Toons in Toontown, and everyone says he’s a real top bananafish.

Clown Fish – 2-8 lbs – Very Common – Toontown Central
Sad Clown Fish – 2-8 lbs – Common – Toontown Central
Party Clown Fish – 2-8 lbs – Very Common – Toontown Central
Circus Clown Fish – 2-8 lbs – Rare – Toontown Central

Want to catch cold? Try catching a frozen fish! This relative of the Brrr-Acuda might seem like a cold fish, but makes a solid pet that will melt your heart – you’ll be smitten and frostbitten – so wear a mitten! The Frozen Fish loves ice blue jellybeans.

Frozen Fish – 8-12 lbs – Very Common – The Brrrgh

This Sea-lebrity is bigger then Squid Rock and MC Hammerhead put together. He’s always putting the ocean in motion with songs like “My Foolish Carp,” “red Snails in the Sunset,” and “You Don’t Send Me Flounders,” and now he’s making a big splash in Toontown-put your fins together for the Star Fish!

Star Fish – 1-5 lbs – Very Common – Anywhere
Five Star Fish – 2-6 lbs – Very Common – Minnie’s Melodyland
Rock Star Fish – 5-10 lbs – Rare – Minnie’s Melodyland
Shining Star Fish – 1-5 lbs – Very Rare – Toon Estates
All-Star Fish – 1-5 lbs – Ultra Rare – Toon Estates

Here’s a fish with it’s own kind of portable holes – he feels right at home in Toontown! It’s a good thing this fish has nothing to hide – you can see right through him! A healthy diet of swiss cheese, and swiss cheese jellybeans, keeps the Holey Mackerel well ventilated. What a way to lose weight!

Holey Mackerel – 6-10 lbs – Extremely Rare – Toon Estates

The Dog Fish comes in many varieties. Common ones, such as the Bull Dog Fish and Hot Dog Fish can be found in Toontown, but rarer ones, such as the Goldfish Retriever, the Dock-sund, The French Puddle, and the Shark-pei have never been seen in these parts. Perhaps one day they will! In the meantime, the Dog Fish makes a great pet, however it often gets sand fleas, and it will wet the carpet!

Dog Fish – 1-3 lbs – Common – Donald’s Dock
Bull Dog Fish – 18-20 lbs – Rare – Donald’s Dock
Hot Dog Fish – 3-5 lbs – Rare – Donald’s Dock
Dalmation Dog Fish – 3-5 lbs – Common – Donald’s Dock
Puppy Dog Fish – 1-5 lbs – Very Common – Donald’s Dock

Some call him the devil in the deep blue sea, but don’t let his mean looks fool you. The Devil Ray is an angel of a pet! Feed him red hot cinnamon jellybeans and he’ll wag his pointy little tail. Catching a Devil Ray is a hot way to spice up any fishing expedition!

Devil Ray – 1-20 lbs – Ultra Rare – Donald’s Dreamland

There’s love in the air – and in the water! The Amore Eel wraps around everything she sees. Watch out, or you’ll be her “main squeeze” – then you’ll really know what a crush feels like! Most creatures avoid here, but she doesn’t worry – there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

Amore eel – 2-6 lbs – Very Common – Daisy Gardens
Electric Amore Eel – 2-6 lbs – Common – Daisy Gardens

Use EXTREME CAUTION around the Nurse Shark! If the Nurse Shark says, “This won’t hurt a bit,” IT WILL! If the Nurse Shark says, “Open wide, like this,” STAND BACK! If the Nurse Shark says, “Let me check your blood pressure,” drop your fishing pole and RUN AWAY!

Nurse Shark – 4-12 lbs – Rare – Minnie’s Melodyland
Clara Nurse Shark – 4-12 lbs – Very Rare – Baritone Boulevard
Florence Nurse Shark – 4-12 lbs – Very Rare – Tenor Terrace

Yes, there is a “sandy claws” in Toontown, and we call him the King Crab. He shellfisly guard his sandcastle, and if he pinches your nose, it can be a royal pain! Maybe one day he’ll meet a nice Queen Crab, and stop being so crabby.

King Crab – 2-4 lbs – Common – Donald’s Dock
Alaskan King Crab – 5-8 lbs – Very Rare – The Brrrgh
Old King Crab – 4-6 lbs – Very Rare – Lighthouse Lane

The astro-nautical Moon Fish actually came from the area of the Moon called the “Mare Undarum” or “Sea of Waves.” Looking for a place with more atmosphere, they migrated from Moontown to Toontown, where they find green jellybeans to be as delicious as the green cheese they normally eat at home. Are they good pets? Why, they’re out of this world!

Moon Fish – 4-6 lbs – Very Common – Donald’s Dreamland
Full Moon Fish – 14-18 lbs – Ultra Rare – Donald’s Dreamland
Half Moon Fish – 6-10 lbs – Very Rare – Lullaby Lane
New Moon Fish – 1 lb – Common – Donald’s Dreamland
Crescent Moon Fish – 2-6 lbs – Rare – Lullaby Lane
Harvest Moon Fish – 10-14 lbs – Common – Donald’s Dreamland

OK-lets be honest, here. The Toontown Sea Horse isn’t really a fish. It’s a horse having some kind of aquatic identity crisis. When you catch one, humor him. Call him “Sea Biscuit”. They are strange, but not as strange as the fish that thinks they are horses. One of these almost won the Kentucky Derby last year, but it’s jockey kept slipping off.

Sea Horse- 12-16 lbs – Very Common – Toon Estates
Rocking Sea Horse – 14-18 lbs – Common – Toon Estates
Clydesdale Sea Horse – 14-20 lbs – Rare – Toon Estates
Arabian Sea Horse – 14-20 lbs – Very Rare – Toon Estates

Some fish live in pools – this one lives for pool! This cool pool fool is either striped or solid, and thinks everyone should “get a cue”. Be careful if you play him, though – he’ll eat you alive!

Pool Shark – 9-11 lbs – Common – Anywhere
Kiddie Pool Shark – 8-12 lbs – Rare – Daisy Gardens
Swimming Pool Shark – 8-12 lbs – Rare – Daisy Gardens
Olympic Pool Shark – 8-16 lbs – Very Rare – Daisy Gardens

Some Toons can’t bear catching the Bear Acuda – they say it’s bar-bearic. However, bear in mind the bear facts: the Bear Acuda loves jellybeans almost as much as picnic baskets. Give him his favorite flower (straw-beary), and he’ll give you a big bear hug, and sing you a song – he’s a bear-itone. If you still think catching them is bar-bearic, you’ll have to grin and bear it.

Brown Bear Acuda – 10-18 lbs – Very Common – The Brrrgh
Black Bear Acuda – 10-18 lbs – Common – The Brrrgh
Koala Bear Acuda – 10-18 lbs – Common – The Brrrgh
Honey Bear Acuda – 10-18 lbs – Rare – The Brrrgh
Polar Bear Acuda – 12-20 lbs – Rare – The Brrrgh
Panda Bear Acuda – 14-20 lbs – Very Rare – The Brrrgh
Kodiac Bear Acuda – 14-20 lbs – Very Rare – Sleet Street
Grizzly Bear Acuda – 16-20 lbs – Ultra Rare – Walrus Way

The Cutthroat Trout is the original “sword fish”. He spends his days swimming through sunken ships searching for lost treasure. He’ll go after jellybeans, but prefers gold doubloons.

Cutthroat Trout – 2-10 lbs – Very Common – Donald’s Dock
Captain Cutthroat Trout – 4-10 lbs – Rare – Barnacle Boulevard
Scurvy Cutthroat Trout – 4-10 lbs – Very Rare – Seaweed Street

Scales come naturally to fish, but this guy can play anything in the key of “sea”. The Piano Tuna made it a big splash, playing old favorites like “Salmon Chanted Evening” and “That’s a Moray”, as well as the modern classic “Like a Sturgeon”. But he has nightmares about sushi – so never ask him to play “Chopsticks”!

Piano Tuna – 13-17 lbs – Rare – Minnie’s Melodyland
Player Piano tuna – 12-18 lbs – Very Rare – Minnie’s Melodyland
Upright Piano Tuna – 12-18 lbs – Rare – Minnie’s Melodyland
Baby Grand Piano Tuna – 12-18 lbs – Extremely Rare – Tenor Terrace
Grand Piano Tuna – 16-20 lbs – Ultra Rare – Alto Avenue