How To Fish


Are you itchin’ to start fishin’? When you open your Shticker Book, you’ll see a tab with a blue fish on it. This section of your book will help you keep track of your fishing.
The first page shows your Fish Bucket. All the fish you catch are kept in your bucket until you sell them to the Fisherman.
The second page is your Fish Album. Your album is like a checklist to show you each species of fish that you have caught.
The last page shows your Fishing Trophies. For every 10 species of fish you catch you will be awarded a fishing trophy.
To begin fishing, just walk onto any dock at any pond in the playgrounds or streets. The moving shadows in the water are the fish. Your goal is to cast your lure as close to a fish as possible and catch it. Each time you cast will cost 1 jellybean from your jar.

Casting your lure is very simple, and with practice you’ll be a fishing pro in no time. Click and drag the red button marked Cast. As your mouse moves, your arrow changes color and direction. Your lure will cast in the direction your arrow is pointing and the darker your arrow is, the farther your lure will cast.

When your lure touches a shadow, you’ll get the message that you caught a fish and it will go into your bucket.

There are a few different things you’ll catch while fishing. The first time you ever catch a certain species it will say New Species. Any time you catch a heavier weight fish of that species than before it will say New record. If it is a fish you’ve caught before or a fish that is the same weight or smaller it won’t say anything.

You also might catch a boot. Boots are worth nothing, but they still cost you the 1 bean you used as a lure.
Sometimes you’ll catch a jar of jellybeans. They go directly into your jellybean pouch and any extra go into your jellybean bank. The bigger your rod the more beans you’ll catch.
Once you have caught 20 fish, you can either click the yellow X button in the lower right corner or you’ll get a message telling you that your bucket is full.
Before you sell your fish, take this chance to open up your Shticker Book to the Fish Bucket page and view your catch and how much they are worth.

To sell your fish, all you need to do is walk up to the Fisherman.
A window will open showing you what fish are in your bucket and how many beans you will get for selling them. You can choose to sell them or hang on to them, but remember you can only hold 20 fish in your bucket, so to continue fishing you must sell what you already have.

When the sale is complete your jellybeans will go into your bean jar and any extra will go into your bean bank at your estate.
Another way to sell your fish is to go directly to the Pet Shop. Walk up to a clerk and the option will pop up to sell your fish.

The same window will open showing the fish in your bucket and their value, and your beans go into your jar and bank, just like you were dealing with the Fisherman.

For every 10 new species of fish you catch you get a 1 point laff boost and a fishing trophy which is displayed in your Shticker Book.

You can also open your Shticker Book to your Fish Album to see which species you’ve caught and how many are left to catch.
There is a pond in every playground and on every street in Toontown. Each pond has 4 docks and a Fisherman. There is also a pond at your estate but it does not have a Fisherman, so to sell your fish you have to return to the playground, unless its Bingo Wednesday, which we’ll get into later.
There are 5 different rods for fishing. Twig Rod, Hardwood Rod, Steel Rod, and Gold Rod. Each rod is different from the others. When you start out, you have the Twig Rod. The Twig rod costs 1 bean per cast and can catch up to a 4 pound fish.
Four other rods will come in your Cattlelog for you to purchase.
The Bamboo rod has a Cattlelog price of 400 jellybeans. Each cast costs 2 beans and will catch up to an 8 pound fish.
The next available rod is the Hardwood. It costs 800 beans, each cast costs 3 beans, and the heaviest fish it can catch is 12 pounds.
The Steel Rod is priced at 1200 jellybeans. Each cast costs 4 beans and it will catch up to a 16 pound fish.
The last rod is the Gold Rod. It costs 2000 beans and will catch up to a 20 pound fish. Each cast costs 5 jellybeans.
Every Wednesday from midnight to midnight Pacific Time is Fish Bingo. When you step onto the dock you’ll see your Bingo card. All toons at the pond work together to win.

When you cast and catch a fish you can mark it on your card. The square on your card that corresponds to the fish you caught will flash red. You only need to mark the white squares, the squares with a gray background will not help you win. Click the square on your card that you want to mark.

When you catch a boot the whole card will flash red and you can choose any square. You should always mark the fish that are harder to catch.
If no Bingo is made the game ends and there is a short break before the next game starts.

Between some games there will be a much longer break called Intermission.
When you catch the last fish you need to complete a card the Bingo square will flash red. Click on it to turn in the card and your toon will yell out Bingo! Only one toon can click on the Bingo square but all toons will win the beans for completing the card.

There are 4 Bingo Cards you’ll see a lot. Each card has a different pattern to mark and a different amount of time to complete it. Diagonals, Three-way, Classic, and Four Corners.

Every hour on the hour, there is a special Super Blockout card. The goal is to mark every square on the card. The Super Blockout card is played not only against the clock, but against all of the other ponds in that district. Each Super Blockout starts with a 1000 jellybean jackpot. Every Super Blockout that ends without a winner will increase the jackpot by 100 jellybeans, up to 10,000 jellybeans.

Bingo Wednesday is the only time you can sell fish at your estate. When you cast with a full bucket you’ll get the message to sell. Your bucket will empty and your beans will go into your jar and bank.
There are 18 types of fish and 70 different species to catch. Click here to find a picture of each fish as well as the statistics for each species such as weight range, how often you find them, and where they most likely can be caught.

Once you catch all 70 species of fish you’ll have 7 trophies as well as 7 laff boosts.