CBL to Host New Event in April


The Community Ban List (CBL) plans host an unspecified event in April, according to an anonymous insider.  No additional information is known.  CBL’s most recent event, Edwardo’s Revenge, proved a community favorite.  The multi-tiered tournament provided three lucky players with fabulous prizes: the first place winner, for example, received a Kindle Fire, a Combat Arms hoodie, and 50,000 NX.  The complete details of the Edwardo’s Revenge event may be viewed here.  It is unknown if the April event will at all resemble Edwardo’s Revenge, but it may be safely assumed that the event will be well worth attending.

The CBL provides Combat Arms players in North America with a resource for reporting cheating players.  CBL’s database of “dirty” players is widely used to prevent cheating players from joining clans or game rooms.  Their website may be viewed here: http://www.thecbl.net.

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