Content Preview Announces Rural Estate–Player Made Map–Release!

Combat Arms has released a content preview featuring the long awaited player created map–Rural Estate. Rural Estate will be released in the upcoming Combat Arms content update. Rural Estate was created by player SuperPianist in Blender and Gimp and entered in the Create a Map Contest on the forums. The finalists in the Create a Map Contest were chosen by player votes. Rural Estate has been in the works for approximately 10 months with the original announcement  being made on April 25, 2011.

The SITREP for Rural Estate is as follows:

“Recently retrieved intel has revealed a terrorist encampment just outside the city limits. A palatial estate is being used as a supply depot to further terrorist advancement into urban areas. As the government’s infiltration team prepares their surprise attack on the estate, the terrorists prepare a surprise of their own. Vital documents revealing the attack plans have been leaked by a government mole and the infiltration team is headed right into a hellish trap!”

The following teaser video provides a preview glimpse into this upcoming map.


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