Fast Ways To Gain EXP

If you’re looking to get that new, shiny gun that you play amazingly well with but aren’t a high enough rank, have no fear. There are several ways to gain EXP relatively quick in Combat arms, allowing for an easy method to get up a few ranks whether it’s to unlock new gear or simply to show off. These are just two of the myriad of ways to rank up without toiling for weeks on end:

1) Quarantine Regen – Playing this mode is a great way to gain EXP easily and quickly. There are many rooms in all servers that are set up for hours on end because it’s been so popular since the experience increase a while ago. To maximize on EXP, join a game that is in a map you are somewhat familiar with. Knowing where you can set up traps for zombies and knowing where to go if you’re being chased by one are essential tools to surviving in Quarantine. Also, though some people may not want to… you can use a Specialist when you play Quarantine. You have an entirely new arsenal of weapons that can help you kill zombies such as the auto-turret, claymore, and M32 Grenade Launcher, because more kills equates to more EXP. Additionally if you can, use EXP passes because they make a HUGE difference, and play on the Black Market server if you have access.

2) Fireteam (Nemexis HQ) – This new Fireteam game mode gives tons of EXP upon completion on Extreme difficulty mode. The game itself is actually lots of fun, and once you know the ins and outs of how to play it, it becomes fairly easy. Having a good team is important for any Fireteam mode, especially for this one. Make sure you play with people that are not likely to leave in the middle of a game, and hopefully have some experience with the mode itself. I highly recommend bringing a Specialist into this game because having a minigun will get you tons of points, resulting in a lot more experience. Also, having medkits will allow for you to heal both yourself and your teammates. Make sure you have a few respawn tokens when you first start off because it can be easy to die even for experienced players. Playing this mode in Black Market servers with 200% + 100% EXP passes will get you a whopping 3,000+ EXP per game. The game itself should take a little over 10 minutes to complete if you have a decent team and respawn tokens, and the better score you have the more EXP you’ll get at the end.

Well, these are just two of the easy and simple ways to gain EXP fast and easy in Combat Arms. Keep in mind that Nexon does change EXP rates every once in a while so make sure you check out other game modes as well. Most importantly, have fun when you’re playing because in the end that’s what a game is all about.

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