Jackhammer Perm on Sale 2 Weeks Only

 Combat Arms’ newest gun, the Jackhammer shotgun, is now on sale for permanent duration for two weeks only. This gun has been praised for it’s high rate of fire, tight spread, and effectiveness over medium ranges compared to other shotguns. This shotgun is clip loaded as opposed to loading shell by shell like the M4 Super 90 and has an ammo capacity of 10/30.

WolfShield on the Combat Arms forums stated: “The shotgun has good damage, GREAT range, a good fire rate, and a decent mag size. If you’re into shotguns I’d suggest getting it. However, as a whole it still sadly doesn’t compare to most ARs and SMGs…It’s also a lotto machine.”

The official description reads: “The Jackhammer is a highly destructive concept shotgun. Unlike the slow firing speed of most shotguns, the Jackhammer’s gas-powered reload system allows it to fire rounds at high speed, annihilating anything in it’s path.”

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