Nerf Challenge: Stage One Winners Announced


Nexon announced the 20 winners of the first stage of the nerf gun modification challenge on Wednesday. Designs were judged on both creativity and aesthetic appeal. The 20 Stage One winners are as follows:

  • D3uceBag
  • Str1k3r117
  • Tankheadbob
  • johnrash
  • Purelized
  • provok
  • skillzrager
  • ElPunisher
  • Rayovatron
  • killafrog
  • 3xtinction-
  • Shades1
  • xGohan1366
  • ladenisdead
  • Ruhon
  • MvN-Ion
  • UziOwns
  • Emo_Taco
  • Xroan

These players will advance to Stage Two of the competition. In this stage, each player will receive a NERF N-STRIKE Longstrike C5-6 and a $20 gift card to purchase modification supplies. Upon receipt of this material, contestants will have two weeks to produce the design submitted during the first page of the competition.

For contest rules and prizes, see the official announcement.

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