Server Update! August 16


On August 16th, all Combat Arms servers will undergo a scheduled update. During this time, the monthly patch will be introduced and servers are scheduled to be down for around eight hours. This patch update is scheduled to start at 6:00AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) or 9:00AM Eastern Standard Time (EST), and end around 2:00PM PST or 5:00PM EST. We all look forward to returning to the battlefield so use this time to prepare!

In addition to this, the Oceanic server will also undergo patching. Players can expect their servers to go offline around 11:00 PM on August 16th and return on August 17th at 7:00 AM.

Timezones/Areas Start Times End Times
Pacific Time Zone 6:00 AM 2:00 PM
Central Time Zone 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Eastern Time Zone 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Oceanic/Sydney 11:00 PM (Aug. 16) 7:00 AM (Aug. 17)





See you on the front lines.


Further information can be found here:

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