“The Great History of Combat Arms” Stirs Feelings of Community Revolution and Controversy

OzDCreatte recently posted a thread on the Combat Arms Forums re-posting the history of Combat Arms as told through the Combat Arms Wikia page “The Great Hacker War” This telling of the history of Combat Arms and OzDCreatte’s claim that “the 3rd Great War has been started with the last week non-ceasing hacking wave, we need the community unite as we did before, BUT THE COMMUNITY NEEDS A LEADER AND THAT’S NEXON” has received mixed reactions from the community at large.

One Wikia Contributor commented “This is like EVERYONE’s rant about the game. If ONLY Nexon reads this, the game will be more balanced.”

Many forum contributors shared conspiracy theories regarding Nexon purposefully killing Combat Arms, allowing hackers, or even providing the hacks themselves. This echoes the comment of a Wikia Contributor: “I think that Nexon gains a profit on hackers/and noobie NX players. That´s why they will never insert an unhackable shield in the game. It won´t happend and Nexon will never learn … It is the community to start work together and make hacking boring. Stop abuse and start support each other and have fun!”

Amidst the concerns forum contributor DarkSerpent pointed out that he has “never seen a patch like the Restore patch with a lot riding on it. I think many long time players will agree with me on that statement. Many have said that if the Restore patch fails, they will quit.”

Even Kalika got in on the action. Though not directly addressing the controversy and conspiracy theories, she stated “I like this thread. I think the game would be stronger if community involvement was higher and by this, I mean on our end– us involving you more often.” Kalika mentioned several ideas for improving community/Nexon relations.

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