Coyote’s Howling: Every Guild Member Ever

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Guild Wars 2 Stratics staff loved this article and we feel you the fans and players will enjoy it. MMORPG columnist Coyote Sharptongue writes about our online families, the guild members.


I couldn’t help myself while reading this article from laughing. I can relate to this and have experienced such members in a variety of games and guilds I have been in. I wouldn’t be surprised some guild members may classify me in one of these analogies.


For me, being an experienced gamer how I view online friends and guilds just like a normal day with real life friends. I go out to the local pub, meet up with some friends, meet some new people, make more friends before the night is over and go home. I never really put much thought how now days when I sign on in GW1, start talking in guild chat, and meet up and play together.


When I first started playing online games meeting others I was very cautious because I really didn’t know who this person was. It’s not like a face to face meeting and getting to know somebody. All I knew I could be talking to a serial killer. Looking back at it now I didn’t realize how much of a squishy I was. Getting online and meeting up with guild mates and meeting new people is like going out with friends and going to the club in real life to me now.


As in real life how we stereotype certain people within the circle of friends, the same goes for our games. Coyote Sharptongue really hit a home run with his article.



Please enjoy the article and Guild Wars 2 Stratics staff want’s to thank MMORPG and Coyote Sharptongue for this great, enjoyable article.



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