French fansite GW2-Pantheon has gone international with a special charr-lenge. Are you up for it?

Over on ArenaNet Facebook they have a posting of the French fan-site GW2-Pantheon for all the plush charr owners around the world to take a picture of them in different places.


Good luck to all the Charr plush owners who enters and GW2 Stratics want to thank ArenaNet and GW2-Pantheon. Remember to use google translate when visiting their site since it is French.




Welcome everyone to the international challenge launched by the Pantheon in the community! We remind that the goal is to reach your plush charr take a picture at locations listed below (more or less accessible). We will post the top 3 for each place (understood to mean the most fun / creative / funny / pretty etc.). NB: We will post all the others in the image gallery. You can send your contributions to  with in the subject line “Charrllenge-nomdulieu” and do not forget to include your forum username Pantheon. Good luck to all!


(If your country is not listed and want to participate do not hesitate to tell us, we will establish a list of places for it).




Welcome to you all! This is the Charrlenge thread: we talk about the challenge Pantheon (our fansite) threw down to the international community of GW2! We remind You That THE AIM of this contest is to take a picture of your plush charr in the different places we listed below. We Will post here the best three pictures That We Receive For Each site (meaning-the funniest, the Most Creative, The Most Beautiful etc.). We Will post all of The Others in our screen gallery. You Can send them here:  with “Charrlenge – nameoftheplace” as your email topic. Do not forget to sign your email with your name Panthéon-signup-so We Can Identify Who feels what. Good luck everyone!


(If you do not see your country below and Would like us to add it to the challenge, Do not Hesitate to tell us, We Will gladly add it with a list of places).



  1. Cathedral of Cologne / Cologne cathedral (Köln = Cologne)
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle / Castle Neuschwanstein
  3. Elbsandsteingebirge
  4. Brandburg Gate / Brandenburger Tor / The Brandenburg Gate
  5. Mespelbrunn castle Schloss / Castle Schloss Mespelbrunn
  6. Castle Heidelberg / Heidelberg Castle
  7. Eltz Castle / Eltz ((Rhineland) Castle
  8. Schellenberger Ice Cave Eishöhle / Schellenberger ice cave’s Eishöhle
  9. Waterfalls Marienbrucke / Marienbrucke’s waterfall
  10. Viaduct Harkortsee Lake, near the small town of Herdecke in Dortmund. / Viaduct: Lake Harkortsee near a small town called Herdecke in Dortmund, Germany. Place along the Ruhrtal-Radweg, a very famous and beautiful bicycle track running along the Ruhr River.

AUSTRALIA / AUSTRALIA  (in preparation / work in progress)


  1. Lion of Waterloo / Waterloo lion’s
  2. Atomium
  3. Citadel of Dinant /’s citadel Dinant
  4. Citadel of Ghent in the park / Gent’s citadel (in the park)
  5. City Hall of Brussels / Brussels’ city hall
  6. Royal Greenhouses of Laeken / Laken’s royal greenhouses
  7. The bridge of holes in Tournai / Bridge holes in Tournai
  8. Ruins of the Abbey Villers-la-Ville / Ruins of Villers-la-Ville Abbey
  9. Bouillon Castle / Bouillon Castle
  10. Before a Belgian wind (they have particular colors) / In front of a windmill belgian (They Have a Specific color).

CANADA (in preparation / work in progress)


  1. Bridge in Ronda / Ronda’s bridge
  2. Alhambra, Granada / Alhambra, Grenada
  3. Amphitheatre of Tarragona / Tarragona Amphitheater of
  4. The lizard created by Gaudi at the entrance of the park Guel (Barcelona) / On the lizard, Guel Park entrance (Barcelona)
  5. The interior of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) / Inside the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
  6. Palace of Arts and Sciences (Valencia) in the evening or at night / City of Arts and Sciences by night / evening (Valencia)
  7. Monastery of the Escorial (Madrid) / Escorial Monastery (Madrid)
  8. Alcazar of Segovia (Madrid) / Alcázar, Segovia
  9. Roman aqueduct, Segovia / Romance acueduct, Segovia
  10. Giralda Tower view from the patio de los Naranjos (Seville) / Giralda Tower seen from the Patio de los Naranjos (Seville)


  1. Fort Boyard
  2. Tour Eiffel / Eiffel Tower
  3. Notre Dame of Paris
  4. Mont Saint Michel
  5. Arles arena / Arles arena
  6. Castle of Carcassonne / Carcassonne Castle
  7. Pont du Gard
  8. Old amphitheater in Lyon / Lyon antic amphitheater
  9. Puy de Dome
  10. Cloister of Saint Emilion / The old cloister of St Emilion


  1. Arthur’s Seat
  2. Hadrian’s Wall / Hadrian’s wall
  3. Lock Ness
  4. King’s Cross station (trolley Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4) / King’s Cross station (platform 9 3/4!)
  5. Abbey Melrose / Melrose Abbey
  6. Line of Greenwich / Greenwich meridian line
  7. Piccadilly Circus / London parliament
  8. Top of the monument of Scott (Edinburgh) / At the top of Scott Monument (Edinburgh)
  9. Stonehenge
  10. The Giant’s Causeway / The Giants Causeway

SWISS / SWITZERLAND (in preparation / work in progress)


  1. Golden Gate
  2. Before the studios of Arena Net / Net In front of Arena Studios
  3. Morning Glory Pool (Yellowstone)
  4. Niagara Falls / Niagara’s waterfall
  5. Anasazi Ruins / Anasazi Ruins, Mesa Verde, Colorado.
  6. Top of the Statue of Liberty / At the top of the Satue of Liberty ( Edit: before and not at the top, during the work / in front of it and not at the top of it-while it’s closed-will work too )
  7. Grand Canyon / Great Canyon
  8. In the giant Sequoia National Park in California / In the Sequoia National Park, California state (if possible: it was dead and fallen giant sequoia)
  9. Teaches Hollywood / Hollywood sign
  10. Road zizag Nob Hill / Russian Hill / Zigzag road of Nob Hill / Russian Hill (San Francisco)


  • Anywhere on earth as long as you can see the Northern Lights! / Anywhere you eath Where you can see a boreal aurora!


  • Take a picture of a teddy particular charr sent by Pantheon in California in the arm or shoulder of Mike O’Brien (or even playing with if he is not afraid for his reputation). / To take a foto of a Specific charr plushie Pantheon Will send to California, to Mike O’Brien: Mike’s in arms, or shoulder is history (or foolling around with it if ET Is not afraid for history class).


There is no deadline, only your imagination as the only horizon! Have fun!


There is no deadline, only your imagination’s limits! Have fun!

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