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Over at Guild Wars 2 PC there is a very nice detailed article concerning racial abilites. This will come in handy when a player comes into making their mind up which race they may choose to play.



The article here [Racial Abilities] – What Powers Will You Possess? | Guild Wars 2 PC by Author – Jstadragon goes into great detail about racial abilites. If you haven’t made up your mind yet or just learning about Guild Wars 2 please check out the article to help answer some of your questions.



I had already decided on starting out on a human. More for my itsy bitsy teenie weenie role-playing side I have. For some reason my first character I ever create in any game I play always has some meaning to role-playing.


Maybe it’s because the books I read but to me its more my story always with that first charcter how I want to play them.


With so many great races to choose in GW2, it was difficult choice for me but human it is.



Our Guild Wars 2 staff wants to thank GuildWars2PC and Jstadragon for having this information up for all the fans and players of Guild Wars 2. We hope you enjoy and we appreciate all the hard work all the fans and sites do to provide the best possible information for all the Guild Wars 2 Player Nation around the world.



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[Racial Abilities] – What Powers Will You Possess? | Guild Wars 2 PC

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