Guild Wars: GW2 Beta – Warrior Slaughterthon 3000

The Cynical Brit is back and Totalbiscuit gets into his Press Beta video with the Warrior. This profession intrigues me a lot since the many weapons they can use. One of the best developed warrior professions in many MMO’s I have seen. ArenaNet has done it right in my book.



Totalbiscuit goes into great detail with the weapons and their uses. great commentary with the video so if you are a fan of him then you already know what to expect.



Our staff here at Guild Wars 2 Stratics want to thank Totalbiscuit and his people for taking the time to provide us with such a rich video of information. High ^5 to the full team at Cynical Brit!



Guild Wars: GW2 Beta – Warrior Slaughterthon 3000


Uploaded by on Mar 1, 2012

Totalbiscuit shows you a high level warrior and its many aspects.

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