Guild Wars 2 Sylvari and Asura Emotes from the BWE3


I came across some videos on youtube that had some of the players using the Sylvari and the Asura and trying out emotes in the BWE3. Pretty good and these will come in handy for all type of players in GW2. Role Players are probably the most excited with the emotes, since these can be used in many stories they will do in their adventures in Tyria. My opinion the WvW and the sPvP players will abuse the laugh emote the most.



GW2 Stratics would like to take time and thank   ,   ,  , and   for all their hard work and time for having these videos up for all the GW2 fans around the world to view.




This video below from  has emotes and on the screen caption of each one.


[GuildWars2] Sylvari Emotes

Published on Jul 25, 2012 by    

I’ve compiled a short clip with each animation Emote I could find during the BWE3. I’m sad to say /dance was not active during any of the BWE’s.


This video below from  has some different emotes but this one has no captions.


Guild Wars 2 Female Sylvari Emotes

Published on Jul 22, 2012 by    

BWE 3, female sylvari emotes.



This Video below from  is the Asura  emotes with captions from the BWE3.


Guild wars 2 Asura Emote BWE 3

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Here are some Asura emotes and animation.



This video below from  has no captions from the BWe3.


Guild Wars 2: Asura emotes










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